Glam Rock Climber

photo taken July 2009 • title thanks to Scott

Well, this week’s winning caption was as hard to decide as last week’s!  I even brought MC down to help me but then we couldn’t agree and it got even more confusing.  Scott, yours made me laugh when it first came in yesterday and I love the play on words and nod to Charlie’s eyeliner.  You got yourself a book!

The debate raged over:
Handsome Devil
Land Rover
You  ”aarrhh”… so busted!!!
Up Pup and Away We Go!
Quick Draw Coyote
Springing forward, while we Fall back.
“Hill Bent”
Bounding for Glory!
Get off my lawn!
No, really I need that basket little girl!
“Joy of the mountain.” This is coincidentally, also the literal translation of oregano!

• • • Is it possible to top last week’s contest?  I’m not sure, but I’ve got a personalized and never-been-seen-before prize for incentive.  Leave your title or caption for this photo in the comment section of this post and you’re automatically in the running for……drumroll…

a signed copy of The Daily Coyote which has just come out in paperback!  I must admit I’m having a bit of a difficult time staring at myself staring back at myself (the publisher decides on the book cover), but I like the paperback edition even more than the original!  It’s BEAUTIFULLY done ~ french flaps (swoon!), and all the full-color photographs that were in the hardbound edition.  A lovely and affordable holiday gift ($10.88 on amazon ~ click HERE!)

330 Responses to “Glam Rock Climber”

  1. Gem Says:

    Best foot forward

    Eyes on the prize

    Running up that hill (Kate Bush)

  2. Claudia Says:

    Marathon – Coyote Style

  3. Judith Says:

    Because It’s There

  4. Melissa Says:

    Up Hill Battle

  5. Melissa Says:


  6. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Those eyes are just mesmorizing, so I have to come up with something for them.

    “Intense Love”


    “The Eyes Have It”

    “Eyes Only for You”

  7. Suzy Says:

    I am king of the mountain

  8. MJK Says:

    The eyes have it



  9. Dave Says:

    Eye caught Ya!

  10. mjk Says:

    sorry, i didn’t see my first entry was already taken! (the eyes have it)

    how about….

    The Jokester

  11. Suzy Says:

    Whew! I am out of breath, I have to paws for a minute.

  12. Amy Says:

    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

    I Think I Can, I Think I Can!

    “The Little Coyote That Could”

  13. Anna Grace Says:

    I think I can!

  14. J. Bo Says:

    “The better to eat you with, my dear!”

  15. Craig Says:

    Coyote Funglee (for all the Coyotee Ugly phrase haters) :)

  16. Tovah Says:

    “It’s the eye of the tiger…er…coyote”

  17. Brianna Says:

    “Cuz I can.”

  18. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m gonna gitcha!

  19. JE Says:

    A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words.

  20. saxon Says:

    slanting pursuit

  21. Nancy Latimer Says:

    The little Coyote that KNOWS he can..

  22. Derrick Says:

    Summit Bound

  23. Tina Says:

    Climb Ev’ry Mountain!

  24. Bekkie MK ULTRA Says:

    “I Need More Eye Liner Please!!”

  25. deb lyons Says:

    “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough To Keep Me Away From You Babe!”

  26. Holly Says:

    -it`s always tougher going up this side!

    In hot pursuit.

  27. Debi Says:

    No, really I need that basket little girl!

  28. Kirk Says:

    Elf legs!

  29. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    (The first caption entry, from Danny, made me LOL, as did the one from Kirk.)

    I spy MY LUNCH!

    Here’s looking at you, kid! (lamb, calf, rabbit …)

    Yes, it’s my lean and hungry look!

  30. Ava Says:

    “The hills are alive!” (in all senses but Charlie looks like he’s doing that sprint-up-an-Alp-to-sing scene too)

    In the moment momentum

  31. Diane Says:

    No Where To Go But To The Top

    “It’s All About The Climb”

    Feelin’ On Top Of The World

  32. Cindy Says:

    I’m published! TWICE!!

  33. Danielle Says:


    “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you.”

  34. Patr Says:

    Over the Hill and through the woods

    King of the Mountain
    And Shreve – the cover of the new book is beautiful. You and Charlie are such kindred spritis and it shows in the photograph.

    Happy November!

  35. Susan Says:

    Over hill, over trail

  36. Susan Says:

    AAAAAAARGH…did I scare you?

  37. Angela Says:

    The T-Rex of Wyoming

  38. moondoggie Says:

    Mountain Marathoner

    And Shreve, you and Charlie share the same eyes in the paperback cover–stunning!

  39. Tina Says:

    Slant E. Coyote

  40. Tess Says:

    Next, Kilimanjaro

  41. Heather L Says:


  42. Heather L Says:

    The Tip of the Ice Berg

  43. Heather L Says:

    Widow’s Peak

  44. Jocelyn Says:

    Wiley Agilely Coyote

  45. Glynis Says:

    can’t catch me~~

    let’s wrestle~~

  46. carol Says:

    They put MOM on the cover of MY book?!

  47. Julia Says:

    “Joy of the mountain.”

    This is coincidentally, also the literal translation of oregano!

  48. Ingrid King Says:

    I’m coming up dry on the caption for now, but wanted to congratulate you on the paperback – the cover is beautiful! It’s going on my holiday gift list for sure.

  49. robbi Says:

    i’ll get you my pretty……and then we can play!!

  50. Simone Says:

    “up ‘n coming”

    untamed joy

  51. Joe Says:

    Worth the climb every time.

    That pic conveys such a sense of happiness to me, like Charlie just climbed a hill for some kind of reward but was still amazed that you gave him something so nice at the top.

  52. Kristan Says:

    I don’t have a caption entry, but I just wanted to say I think the paperback cover is GORGEOUS! Honestly, yes, better than the hardback. You look beautiful, and Charlie adorable as ever. :) I hope it sells great!

  53. Patricia Says:

    I’m Coming

    Awesome picture, congradulations on your book.

  54. Linda Says:

    Caption: “Wow! I’ve gotta have the paperback edition!”

  55. Alice Says:

    Defender of the Dune

  56. Sherri Says:

    Go ahead, make my day!

  57. CJ Says:

    Bounding for Glory!

  58. Linda D. Says:

    Laughing ‘Yote

    Awesome looking new calendar. It must have been SO difficult to pick out pictures to go in the calendar. I am glad you included Chloe.
    Stay warm!

  59. Isa Says:

    Get of my lawn!

  60. Penny Says:

    I can never think of anything very creative as far as captions go, but this time I’ll think very hard cause the prize is so great! Excellent job on the paperback…great cover too…I love it. Hopefully the cover will really help sell it! Congrats! I’ll post a caption after I put my thinking cap on…LOL

  61. Clare Says:

    Charlie is saying – ‘You really don’t want to make me angry’

  62. Laura H Says:

    i just watched star wars (and yes i have a crush on han solo) so pardon the theme…

    Laugh it up, fuzzball

    Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.

  63. Suzy Says:

    Has anyone seen my canteen?

  64. Kerry Says:

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

  65. Dawn Says:

    “Fearless and Focused” (Boy, is he ever!!)

    “Coyote Cavalry Charge”

    “Arise, go forth and conquer!”

    Congratulations on the paperback version of your awesome book, Shreve! The cover of you and your little blue-eyed boy is beautiful!

  66. dawn Says:

    Joy on the Rise

    (rise is a very weird word if you stare at it too long…:)

  67. Charlie believes he can because you give him wings. Says:

    ” I believe I can fly”

  68. Juliene Says:

    Four-Wheel Drive
    Four-Paw Drive

  69. Barbara R Says:


  70. AL Says:

    I am going to be a little silly. That face says to me “Bacon!”.

  71. Heather L Says:

    ATV – All Terrain Voyager

  72. JayneZ Says:

    Inclined to laugh


    45 degrees of coyote

    PS — Amazing that you and Charlie had the same blue eyes when he was a baby! I’m sure that’s why the publisher chose that picture.

  73. Heather L Says:

    Stepping Up in the World

    Blazing A Trail

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Running With Wild Abandon

  75. Sarah Says:

    Elfish Antics

  76. Angie Says:

    “Hey Youuuu Guyyyys”

    From “The Electric Company” when I was a kid

  77. Scott Says:

    Glam Rock Climber

  78. Amy G. Says:

    The Hills Have Eyes

  79. Patti Says:

    Catch me if you can.

    I’m King of the world!

    Where the wild things are.

  80. Chris P Says:

    This looks like the games I’d play with my brother and sister, where some natural barrier was used for defense. As such:

    Can’t Touch This!

  81. Sally Watt Says:

    “Hill Bent”

  82. Bethrusso Says:

    Climb every mountain

  83. Bethrusso Says:

    Uphill both ways!

  84. Barbara Says:

    Kiss me if you can!

  85. Tina Says:

    Wyoming Pointer – a very rare breed

  86. Ida Says:

    Everything I dooo… I dooo it fooor youuuuuu……

    (imagine singing the Brian Adams song)

  87. Donna Says:

    When I was your age I had to climb up hill BOTH ways!

    Beautiful cover!

  88. Bethrusso Says:

    Fangs for the memories

  89. Bethrusso Says:

    Nice bridgework

  90. Bethrusso Says:

    New heights and pearly whites

  91. Deidre Says:

    I’m A Scramblin’ Man…

  92. Luci Says:

    It’s the Climb!

  93. Audra Says:

    Eye of the Tiger, Thrill of the Fight

  94. Bess Says:

    “Fun Run”
    “Unlimited happiness”
    “Happy trails”

  95. Heather L Says:

    Over the Top

    Finding your Feet

    High & Dry

    Scaling a Mountain

  96. Kathleen Says:

    Mountain goats can’t have ALL the fun….

    Able to leap small buttes in a single bound!

    And like that other photo, where instead of a caption I hear a “theme” song, I now can’t get the Bonanza tune out of my head, so

    “Da da na na da na naaa na…”

  97. karla Says:

    This isn’t very creative, but the first thing I thought was,
    “Aha! I FOUND you!!!”

  98. LHays Says:

    “Don’t Worry; Be happy!”

  99. Michelle R Says:

    Wiley Smiley Coyote

    [It would be cool if you could have caught his ears in the photo, too! :)]

  100. john Says:

    “The hills are alive with” . . . . . . . . and I’m gonna get some !

  101. angie Says:

    said with his best Robert DeNiro voice, “you lookin at me?”

  102. Siobhan Says:

    Oh, no, you DON’T!

  103. Bruce Says:

    I Can Dig It

    Dig This!

    Diggen for Gold

    I Can Read Your Mind

    Digging a Hole for the Champagne Corks

  104. thefop Says:

    “on the rise”

    The Coyote went over the mountain to see what he could see

  105. Kris Says:

    Wild Child

  106. Heather L Says:

    Foot Loose & Fancy Free

  107. Erin Eloise Says:

    “I’m ready for my close up, Ms. Stockton.”

    The best run of all: the run home.

  108. Heather L Says:

    Mr Bright Eyes

    Not a Care in the World

    Happy Go Lucky

  109. Heather L Says:

    The Happy Wanderer

  110. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie doing his best Rowdy Yates impersonation

    (ode to “Rawhide”)

  111. Suzette Says:


  112. Melody W Says:

    Something simple – “Up the Hill I Go!”

  113. tigeron Says:

    Not So Fast My Friend!!

  114. Siobhan Says:

    “I think I can, I think I can…”

    “Be running up that hill” (Kate Bush)

  115. bonnie Says:

    Here I Come, Ready Or Not!

  116. Erika Says:

    Intense Intent

  117. Jaimie Says:

    Fierce Folly

  118. meadow Says:

    I am coyote, hear me roar!

  119. Marquand Says:

    - Element of Surprise.
    - You can run, but you can’t hide!
    - Hill Rise (…also as in “he’ll rise”)

  120. Karen Says:

    Here I come, ready or not!

  121. Kristina S. Says:

    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

  122. WendyD Says:

    The first thing that sprang to mind was “Oh!”

  123. Arielle Says:

    Smile for the camera!

    Say cheese! “Can I say ‘elk leg’ instead?”
    (or ‘elf leg’ if you prefer :)

    An up and coming celebrity

  124. WaveWalker Says:

    “You rang?”

  125. tigeron Says:

    Over a year ago I first commented on looking into Charlie’s eyes. The cover of the paper-back is so reminiscent of what I saw then; two sets of eyes, one common heart, one kindred soul. God doesn’t make mistakes. His plan is perfect. Perfect for you and perfect for Charlie. One tame, one wild, One Destiny!

  126. Susan Says:

    here’s another one similar to my last title suggestion.. (I think I’m humming that marine tune now)

    “Over hill, over trail
    followed by my tail!”

  127. Sandy Says:

    Instead of “The new phonebook’s here…the new phonebook’s here” from the movie The Jerk, maybe “The new paperback’s here…the new paperback’s here”! LOVE the cover!

  128. Barbara S. Says:

    Leapin’ Lizards!

  129. Alyssa Says:

    “I swear this hill was a lot easier three months ago, phew”

  130. Taja Says:

    Clambering Coyote

  131. JON Says:



  132. Taja Says:

    woops.. posted the wrong email. :P

  133. Shannon H. Says:

    Pep in his step.

    Springing forward, while we Fall back.

  134. sha Says:

    OK, so a coyote walks into a bar and says “Bartender, may I have a drink?”

    the Bartender says…

  135. Danielle Says:

    “If you’re happy and you know it stomp your paws!”

  136. Simon Says:

    Eyes, mouth, heart…all these things wide open.

  137. b Says:

    “Today is your day ! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.” — Dr. Seuss (1904—1991)

  138. b Says:

    “Going to touch the sky! BRB”

  139. Rhedrose Says:

    Full Tilt Boogie!

  140. Evelien Says:

    “Wild Heart”

  141. JON Says:


  142. Heather L Says:

    Charlie Stockton = Goof Ball

  143. WendyAA Says:

    My ears! My ears! Has anyone seen my ears?

    BTW: My dogs are loving their elk antler chew. I hope to get another one soon so that I don’t have to monitor their sharing.

  144. steph Says:

    Awwwwwwwwww…Chloe, I’m tellin’!

  145. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie checking out his Pie Hole

  146. D'Ann Says:


  147. michelle Says:

    Happiness is a direction

  148. Motorshooter Says:

    Veneration for velocity

  149. Wo Says:


  150. Tracy Bessire Says:


  151. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Making a mountian out of a mole hill.

  152. RS Says:

    Happy Scramble!

  153. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Keeping eyes on prize.

  154. JON Says:


  155. Tracy Bessire Says:

    No ordinary street corner.

  156. MHA Says:

    That’s a great photo of you and Charlie, but I’m going to grab the hardcover, which is just $9.20.

    And for the caption contest: “What do you MEAN you haven’t bought our book yet?!”


  157. Sando Says:

    South Paw

  158. Dawn Says:

    My, what big eyes you have.


    My, what big teeth you have.

  159. steph Says:

    Take my breath away….

  160. Trebor Says:

    Aaaaaargh, Eli this is my cork stash, not your litterbox!

  161. tinare Says:

    I saw this picture and immediately running through my head was Ziggy Pop, so my caption is “I’m a Wild One.”

  162. Nancy Peacock Says:

    It’s all downhill from here!

  163. Kathy F. Says:

    Quick Draw Coyote

  164. Evan Says:

    A new spin to “agile”

  165. Teresa Says:

    Arrrh, Matey. Let’s dig for the treasure here!

  166. D'Ann Says:

    Making his way up the draw

  167. D'Ann Says:

    Putting it in 4 wheel-drive

  168. Rhonda P Says:

    Make it good and tasty this time!

    (the caption that is….)

  169. Lary Says:

    Rebel Yell
    Vocal local yocal (sp)
    Breathless in Wyoming

  170. Daedree Says:

    Up, up, and away!

    Can’t go around it, can’t go through it, must go OVER it!

  171. Red Hamster Says:

    I’m fierce – in the most fabulous way!

    Congrats on the paperback. Love the picture. “tigeron” is so right.

  172. Rhonda P Says:



  173. Rhonda P Says:

    One more,,, cause I really want a signed copy of yer book!

    “Ready or not Chloe, here I come!!”

  174. D'Ann Says:


  175. spicyapple Says:

    The Farmily Jewels

    Charlie’s Penis Exposed

    King of the Hills

  176. Kelli Says:

    Jaw-Dropping Pursuit

    “Oh. My. God. Is that elk leg I see?!?”

  177. Barbie Says:

    Almost “On Top of Old Smokey”

  178. Fabia Says:

    Onwards, to victory!

  179. Feral Boy Says:


  180. lynn Says:

    “Hey, wait a second! She said on the count of 3!”

  181. Daniel Says:

    “The Hills Have Coyote Eyes” – I’d be amazed if this hasn’t been used somewhere before.

    P.S. Holy schmoly, you look like you’re thirteen in that cover pic. Thirteen I say! :P

  182. V Says:

    Keeping in stride with your soul.

    Always right beside you.

    No friend better than a furry friend.

  183. Inga Says:

    Would you mind repeating that…..?

    Please back away from the picnic basket.

  184. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Happy Wanderer.

    Fal de ree, fal de rah, fal de ree, fal de ra ha ha ha ha ha.

  185. Sandy G. Says:


  186. nancy Says:

    coyote switchbacks

  187. pam Says:

    That’s right baby, all this and a bag of chips!

  188. Penny Says:

    Bounding up the butte….woo hoo!

  189. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Super ‘Yote flies to the rescue.

  190. Karyn Says:

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coyote Daily now in paperback!

  191. Helioprogenus Says:

    Angling for a treat

  192. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Happy Wanderer

    I love to go a-wandering,
    Along the mountain track,
    And as I go, I love to sing,
    My knapsack on my back.

    My knapsack on my back.

    I love to wander by the stream
    That dances in the sun,
    So joyously it calls to me,
    “Come! Join my happy song!”

    I wave my hat to all I meet,
    And they wave back to me,
    And blackbirds call so loud and sweet
    From ev’ry green wood tree.

    High overhead, the skylarks wing,
    They never rest at home
    But just like me, they love to sing,
    As o’er the world we roam.

    Oh, may I go a-wandering
    Until the day I die!
    Oh, may I always laugh and sing,
    Beneath God’s clear blue sky!

  193. Joanne Says:

    Legging It

    Hoofing It

    Prancing on the Precipice

    Slope Sashay

    Slope Scramble

    Slope Shimmy

    Bookstore Bound

    So You Think You Can Dance

    Two-Step Scamp

  194. Patr Says:

    Eddie Munster has come back as a Coyote!

  195. mlaiuppa Says:

    Was ist der jodl?

  196. Julie Says:

    Does my breath smell like onion?

  197. D'Ann Says:

    Purchase Pursuit

  198. Eija Says:

    …up and out of the draw!

    Draw Climbing

    This Darn’ Draw Hill

    Charlie, the Coyote Caboose

    Huffing & Puffing

    Focused on Climbing

  199. Chris Says:


  200. Randi Says:

    “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!”
    (The Big, Bad Coyote)

  201. Linda Says:

    I’m taking the high side of life!

  202. B Says:

    Phew, should’ve brought my climbing gear!

  203. Lydia G Says:

    Love, Happiness, Family = Life worth Living for

  204. Robin Says:

    Mr. Enthusiasm

  205. MMD Says:

    I put a spell on you, because you’re mine…

  206. Darryl Says:

    Tricks or treats!

    A little late for Halloween, but oh well. Charlie just has that look of mischief in his eyes in this picture.

  207. kallimao Says:

    On the up and up

    “Hah! I AM king of this mountain!”

    Chargin’ up that hill

  208. Ann Says:

    If I were king of the fore-e-e-est
    Not queen, not duke, not prince
    My regal robes of the fore-e-e-est
    Would be satin, not cotton, not chintz
    I’d command each thing, whether fish or fowl
    With a r-r-ruff and a r-r-ruff, and a royal growl – R-R-Ruff!
    As I race through the fields
    All the trees would kneel
    And the mountains bow
    And Daisy kowtow
    And the sparrow would take wing
    If I, if I were ki-i-i-i-ng!
    The rabbits would show respect to me
    Chloe would genuflect to me
    Though my tail would lash
    I would show compash
    For every underling
    If I, if I were king
    Just ki-i-i-i-ing!

    Ely’s not around right now is he? He didn’t hear that did he?

    (“adapted” from the movie — Cowardly Lion from Wizard of OZ)
    sorry its so long, I just had to post this though!

  209. Sherri Says:

    “I am gonna get ya.. and I am gonna eat ya… well or smother you with kisses!!”

  210. Rhedrose Says:


    (When my Ridgeback, Henna Moon, is fixing to cause as much happy trouble as her play partners can handle, she gets a similar wicked expression that I’ve always called her “Coyote Grin.” Now I can refer people to this photo of Charlie when they ask me why!)

  211. jon Says:

    Worth the effort.

    The eyes have it.

  212. hpmama Says:

    He climbs toward…

  213. Liz Says:

    Coyote glee!

  214. D'Ann Says:

    Bluffer up the bluff

  215. SaltCitySpinner Says:

    True Grit

  216. heather em Says:

    “Lively, lithely”

    “Tell it on the mountain”

  217. Lisette Says:

    All I can think of is a lovely interview with Bill Shatner… “Why do I climb the mountain? To hug the mountain. Because I’m in love.”

  218. Suzy Says:

    You come here often?

    No matter where I go, the paparazzi still find me!

  219. Anonymous Says:

    I will NOT fall back!

  220. Brad in Texas Says:

    Crazed look?!? What are y’all talkin’ about?!?

  221. Isobel Says:

    LOL Charlie

  222. Dave in Ohio Says:

    Eyes on (of) the prize !

  223. dru Says:

    Hot! hot! hot! hot! hot!.

  224. Julia Says:

    Unrestrained exhilaration.

  225. Nico Says:

    Not So Coy Conqueror

  226. cfritz Says:

    Free Climbing

  227. Cathryn Says:


  228. Iris Says:

    Yes…dinner is served!

    Chloe! Get out of my haystack.

    Oh goody…someone just left another hammer out.

  229. karen hanson Says:

    Working a lung and showing the tongue

  230. Brandi Says:

    Welcome Home!

  231. karen hanson Says:

    Whew!! I’m sure glad I only have to ‘PRETEND” to hunt for my food

  232. Peter Says:

    “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”

  233. Sophie Says:

    “If you don’t scale the mountain, you can’t view the plain” (Chinese proverb)

  234. Dianne Says:


    Feeling Gradient

  235. Sue (puck's mom) Says:

    Happy Feet!

    Hill Prancing

    Coyote Levitation

    Charlie’s Ascension

    Coyote Catapult! (Coyotepult?)

    Nimble Joy

  236. Daisy Says:

    Ain’t no mountain high enough!

  237. D'Ann Says:

    Coyote Cardio

  238. Dianne Says:


    Ascending Master

  239. Diane Says:

    ♪ Just keep digging, just keep diggin… ♪

  240. Jean Says:

    “You shall not pass!”

  241. Penni Says:

    I’m King of The Mountain!!!!

  242. Stacy Hurt Says:

    “Hey Chloe!!!?? Come look what I found!”

  243. C&V Says:

    Hey! Whadda dat?

    Hungry eyes perceive a prize.

    Obi-Wan Charlie says, “You will come to me. You will not run away.”

    Take 5 Shreve—- it’s lunchtime.

    Exit – stage right – droolin’ all the way!

  244. Lindsay Says:

    Eye on the prize

  245. debs mctavish Says:

    Ha-Ha my darlin’ I see you now…

  246. Diana Says:

    Heart Against the Wind

    From Urban Cowboy – Linda Ronstadt / J. D. Souther

  247. JMS Says:

    “happy happy, joy joy”


    …Must ..dig.. more.. squid…! (voice of william schatner.. C’ptn Kirk)

  248. J in OK Says:

    Scrabble, coyote-style.

  249. Dawn Says:


    Beauty of the buttes

  250. mlaiuppa Says:


  251. mjk Says:

    pleasure bounding

  252. mlaiuppa Says:

    Climb every mountain…..

  253. mlaiuppa Says:

    High on a hill was a tasty goatherd….


  254. mlaiuppa Says:

    Charlie’s impression of Sir Edmund Hillary.

  255. KA Says:

    Ha! Anything you can do I can do better!

  256. Karen Says:

    Working toward bipedalism

  257. Astro-Horse Says:

    Where His Imagination Takes Him…

    Curiosity Killed the Coyote

    Look! It’s a Bermese Moutain Coyote!

    Charlie – “I Know the Rabbit Went Up Here!”

    Coyote Charades! (i dont know if i spelled that right! :) )

    The Hiker of the Coyote World
    The John Mur of the Coyote World

    Charlie Only Knows What’s Up There!

    Yip-a-Lay-ee-Whooo!!! (like yodel, but a yip like a coyote does!)

  258. Pam Says:

    Scrambled Egg

  259. Beth Says:

    Grinsplittin’ Highsteppin’ Fastmovin’ Everlovin’ Life.

    “Shake and Bake”

  260. Craig Says:

    The Duchenne smile, as demonstrated by Charlie, a smile so genuine it pushes up into the eyes.

  261. Maggie Y. Says:

    So Close He Can Almost Taste It!

    PS – I love the new book cover – it’s lovely how you and baby Charlie have the same colored eyes! Kind of amazing, really. Kindred spirits? I think so.

  262. D'Ann Says:

    Homeward bound

  263. Craig Says:

    Jack may be The Joker, but Charlie is The Prankster.

  264. Craig Says:

    Some say the coyote is God’s dog. You can easily imagine that to be true looking at this picture. Charlie seems to be making his ascent back home to the heavens here! *wink*

  265. Carley Says:

    “It’s all uphill from here”

  266. Edal Says:

    Invisible bone!

  267. Craig Says:

    LOOK MA! No Cavities!!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist, I’m a dentist. Floss em if ya got em!)

  268. jarebear Says:

    There goes that blasted road runner!

  269. Astro-Horse Says:

    Side Steppin’ :)

    Off the Beaten Path :)

    Laugh Out Loud Charlie
    LOL Charlie
    (sorry, i thought of some new ones!)

  270. jarebear Says:

    Coyote or Bear?

  271. Carissa Says:

    Boy Howdy!

    Yapping It Up

  272. Amy Says:

    “Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at me, Mom!”

    Also, a Dr. Horrible reference:
    “Rapture Inside of Me Is on the Rise”

  273. jarebear Says:

    If looks could kill!

  274. Christy Says:

    Hey, Mama! Look at me!

    Not very creative, so I guess I’ll have to go buy a copy. Charlie gives me a smile everyday.

    Thank you!

  275. Barbara R Says:

    Scrambled Legs and Ham

  276. Sheila G Says:

    I am the best!! Let’s race!

  277. Mere Says:

    Camera Silly

  278. Barbara R Says:

    On Dasher! On Dancer! On Prancer!

  279. ursula Says:


  280. Barbara R Says:

    Rational Exuberance

  281. Ursula Says:


    I still got it….

    look Ma no ears??

  282. Cyn Says:

    Up and at ‘em!

  283. E. Jolie Says:

    Hubba Hubba

  284. beth Says:

    Once more unto the breach…

    The joy of battle was upon him…


  285. Lucky Says:

    Scaling back

  286. Laura Says:

    Kneading earth

  287. Linda in NC Says:

    Fury Of The Attack

  288. Jenn Says:

    Up Pup and Away We Go!

  289. Mimi Says:

    You “aarrhh” … so busted!!!

  290. Meegan Says:

    “On The Growl!”

  291. Jenny C Says:

    “Ready or not, here I come!”


    “Which way did he go, which way did he go?”

  292. Chris B Says:


    Okay, for this to make sense, you have to understand that Walter Payton (aka Sweetness), Hall of Fame running back for the Chicago Bears, would regularly run “The Hill” in suburban Chicago as part of his workout:

    …and that’s immediately what came to mind seeing this picture. The 10th anniversary of Payton’s death was yesterday, so maybe it’s just the timing.

  293. stephanie in oregon Says:

    Hill schmill…
    LET’S GO!

  294. Maegan Says:

    Going Over Yonder

    Those Smiling Eyes

  295. Roxie Says:

    No Shortcuts to the Top

  296. Kitty Says:

    pain is weakness leaving the body.

  297. Anonymous Says:

    up and away

  298. Marilyn Says:

    Track Star!

  299. Marilyn Says:

    Track Shoes? No Way!

  300. Marilyn Says:

    Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

  301. Marilyn Says:

    Hey, that power drink really works!

  302. Marilyn Says:

    “Somewhere…out there.”

    (song from “American Tale”

  303. Marilyn Says:

    “Runner’s High”

  304. Marilyn Says:

    “I Spy”

  305. Marilyn Says:

    “I spy with my little eye…”

  306. Marilyn Says:

    “From a Distance”

  307. Marilyn Says:

    “Love at first sight”

    (Charlie spying his true mate)

  308. Marilyn Says:

    “It’s Amore!”

  309. Shannon S. Says:

    Life is good!

  310. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Laughing Coyote.

  311. Nancy in UT Says:

    My suggestions:

    Long-legged Leap

    Awesome Velocity

    Coyote Catapult

    Chloe will never find me up here!

    did I see that someone already suggested this next one?

    Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

    I love coming to your site Shreve, it is always great to see the new pictures. Congrats on the paperback version of the book! The photo is fantastic.

    Nancy and the GSD crew

  312. mlaiuppa Says:

    El Carlitos Grande

    I love to roam out yonder
    Out where the coyotes wander
    Free up the mountain hiking
    I’m howling to my liking
    I’m howling to my liking.
    Give me my ranch and my Daisy
    Where Chloe runs full out crazy
    Give me my Shreve and D’s baby
    An elf leg to gnaw on maybe.

  313. Janus Says:

    “Coming Out of the Rough”

  314. CatScott Says:

    Recently heard on Oprah by a man in the audience:

    Joy Rising. <—LOVE THAT!


    Livin’ the Dream.

    Win, Lose or Draw.

    Land Rover.

    Off Roadin’ With My Land Rover.

    That’s what I gots to give this time ’round :) The new cover is beautiful!
    You guys are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  315. E. Jolie Says:

    Joyful Fellow Traveler

  316. belle Says:

    Handsome Devil

  317. E.Jolie Says:

    Giving Pleasure With His Happiness

  318. Evelien Says:


    It’s like he’s craving for something

  319. Brianna Says:

    “Come here little elf leg.”

  320. maria Says:

    1, 2, 3….go!

  321. Holly Says:

    “Endless Energy”

    “Taking Off”

  322. Karen Says:

    Hiking ain’t for sissies!

  323. Elyse Says:

    Charlies “Ah Ha Moment”

  324. carol wiebe Says:

    wild with intention

  325. Kathy F. Says:

    Bipity Bop’in, Jaws are droppin’ up the good Ol’ Draw

  326. Judah Says:

    “Evolution, even Coyote walks on their hind- Coyote Erectus!”

    My my, I’ve missed the closing date, but I’m still gonna post this. Haha! Hope you’ll take a look still=D

  327. Bob in Sunny QLD Says:

    Goddamn hills

  328. Torchy Hunter Says:

    Blue Eyed Blondes

  329. Rose Beers Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! You, Charlie and the cover. I absolutely won’t be able to resist this book, even though I’ve read it.

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