Glam Rock Climber

photo taken July 2009 • title thanks to Scott

Well, this week’s winning caption was as hard to decide as last week’s!  I even brought MC down to help me but then we couldn’t agree and it got even more confusing.  Scott, yours made me laugh when it first came in yesterday and I love the play on words and nod to Charlie’s eyeliner.  You got yourself a book!

The debate raged over:
Handsome Devil
Land Rover
You  “aarrhh”… so busted!!!
Up Pup and Away We Go!
Quick Draw Coyote
Springing forward, while we Fall back.
“Hill Bent”
Bounding for Glory!
Get off my lawn!
No, really I need that basket little girl!
“Joy of the mountain.” This is coincidentally, also the literal translation of oregano!

• • • Is it possible to top last week’s contest?  I’m not sure, but I’ve got a personalized and never-been-seen-before prize for incentive.  Leave your title or caption for this photo in the comment section of this post and you’re automatically in the running for……drumroll…

a signed copy of The Daily Coyote which has just come out in paperback!  I must admit I’m having a bit of a difficult time staring at myself staring back at myself (the publisher decides on the book cover), but I like the paperback edition even more than the original!  It’s BEAUTIFULLY done ~ french flaps (swoon!), and all the full-color photographs that were in the hardbound edition.  A lovely and affordable holiday gift ($10.88 on amazon ~ click HERE!)

330 Responses to “Glam Rock Climber”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Hey, that power drink really works!

  2. Marilyn Says:

    “Somewhere…out there.”

    (song from “American Tale”

  3. Marilyn Says:

    “Runner’s High”

  4. Marilyn Says:

    “I Spy”

  5. Marilyn Says:

    “I spy with my little eye…”

  6. Marilyn Says:

    “From a Distance”

  7. Marilyn Says:

    “Love at first sight”

    (Charlie spying his true mate)

  8. Marilyn Says:

    “It’s Amore!”

  9. Shannon S. Says:

    Life is good!

  10. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Laughing Coyote.

  11. Nancy in UT Says:

    My suggestions:

    Long-legged Leap

    Awesome Velocity

    Coyote Catapult

    Chloe will never find me up here!

    did I see that someone already suggested this next one?

    Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

    I love coming to your site Shreve, it is always great to see the new pictures. Congrats on the paperback version of the book! The photo is fantastic.

    Nancy and the GSD crew

  12. mlaiuppa Says:

    El Carlitos Grande

    I love to roam out yonder
    Out where the coyotes wander
    Free up the mountain hiking
    I’m howling to my liking
    I’m howling to my liking.
    Give me my ranch and my Daisy
    Where Chloe runs full out crazy
    Give me my Shreve and D’s baby
    An elf leg to gnaw on maybe.

  13. Janus Says:

    “Coming Out of the Rough”

  14. CatScott Says:

    Recently heard on Oprah by a man in the audience:

    Joy Rising. <—LOVE THAT!


    Livin’ the Dream.

    Win, Lose or Draw.

    Land Rover.

    Off Roadin’ With My Land Rover.

    That’s what I gots to give this time ’round :) The new cover is beautiful!
    You guys are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  15. E. Jolie Says:

    Joyful Fellow Traveler

  16. belle Says:

    Handsome Devil

  17. E.Jolie Says:

    Giving Pleasure With His Happiness

  18. Evelien Says:


    It’s like he’s craving for something

  19. Brianna Says:

    “Come here little elf leg.”

  20. maria Says:

    1, 2, 3….go!

  21. Holly Says:

    “Endless Energy”

    “Taking Off”

  22. Karen Says:

    Hiking ain’t for sissies!

  23. Elyse Says:

    Charlies “Ah Ha Moment”

  24. carol wiebe Says:

    wild with intention

  25. Kathy F. Says:

    Bipity Bop’in, Jaws are droppin’ up the good Ol’ Draw

  26. Judah Says:

    “Evolution, even Coyote walks on their hind- Coyote Erectus!”

    My my, I’ve missed the closing date, but I’m still gonna post this. Haha! Hope you’ll take a look still=D

  27. Bob in Sunny QLD Says:

    Goddamn hills

  28. Torchy Hunter Says:

    Blue Eyed Blondes

  29. Rose Beers Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! You, Charlie and the cover. I absolutely won’t be able to resist this book, even though I’ve read it.

  30. Lucy Says:

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