Flower Children

photo taken May 2008 • title thanks to Lyn

one year ago: A Beautiful Light
two years ago: Meadow Meditation

Happy Happy Joy Joy (a very close second)
Tail Gait-ing
Follow the Speeder!
Charlie Chases Checkered, Chubby Chuckler
Back Seat Brothering
Putting the spring in Spring
Sister Dog / Brother Coyote
The Dynamic Duo
Spring is, and ears are, in the air!
Hehehehe – and he just keeps following me!
Joy Follows Joy

and I loved all the shoutouts to Little House on the Prairie – click here – they are nearly identical!

• • • My, Spring looks like Technicolor compared to November in Wyoming!

Please grace us with your brilliance, your wit, your goofiness, and give this picture a name.   Leave your title, caption, or commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running to win….
these weird stone balls!

Thanks to a most generous email I received from a reader (thx KDH!), who happens to be both familiar and educated re/ the geology of this part of Wyoming, I can share the fact of these stones.

These petrified spherical balls are called Dahlites, they are concretions of the mineral apatite, and they are 100 – 150 million years old.  D.A.N.G.  It feels amazing to hold something that’s been around that long….

By the way – if you happened to win any of the petrified bones I was giving away earlier this year, those are dinosaur bones!!!!  Roughly 150 million years old.

Now that we’ve had our science lesson, let’s switch to english.  Title this photo, won’t you?

365 Responses to “Flower Children”

  1. astro-horse Says:

    Dances with Daisies
    Dances with Puppies
    Dances with Coyotes (this is the closest to dances with wolves! ) :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ain’t no Puppy Fast Enough ( Charlie is saying ) :)
    Ain’t No Coyote Fast Enough ( Chloe is saying) ha ha ha

  3. astro-horse Says:

    oh wait that anonymous was me, i just forgot to put my name!

  4. Kevin Says:

    “Devil’s Golf Balls”

  5. Cristy Says:

    “Petrified Dinosaur DingleBerries! ” (Bowl of Balls picture)
    After looking at your picture of the balls in the bowl, right away I thought I was looking at “Petrified Dinosaur DingleBerries! ”

    Then I went to look at caption below the picture and had to laugh when I saw the words Dinosaur and Petrified! Wow, what a good guess in time~

  6. Karen Ray Says:

    For the balls picture:

    “Hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry?”

  7. M. Premont Says:

    Coyotes are like dahlites: hard and rough on the outsite and jagged yet beautiful at the core.

  8. Sharon Says:

    hey there,
    For the balls picture:
    “Ferrero Rocher” -though I may be infringing copyrights so…
    “Wyoming Rocher”
    “Ferrero Rocks”

  9. Tracey Jaquish Says:

    Deliteful Dahlites

  10. judiann Says:

    Thor’s Marbles

  11. Tom Says:

    I think I dropped it right around here.

  12. marnie Says:

    Charlie and Chloe are the cutest, but I want to name the ancient stones>They look just like truffles – the fungi not the chocolates. Stone Truffles

  13. Lisa in Oregon Says:

    for todays pic I will submit: “Wyoming wind in his tail”

    Love you and your sites Shreve! It is inspiring to see an intelligent, beautiful and humorous woman!

    Take care!

  14. Leap Motion Unbox Says:

    good day! , I enjoy a person’s crafting greatly! percent we keep in contact much more about ones article upon Google? I want a pro for this home in order to resolve the trouble. Could be that is you! Looking ahead of time to look an individual.

  15. Patricia Long Says:

    “Flower Children” is a great title for this photo. There is an overall feeling of Spring time in the air. Cloe and Charlie are exuberant and feeling at the top of their health. Every thing spells Spring—-especially playtime!

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