We’re Off To See The Blizzard!

photo taken October 2009 • title thanks to Belle

one year ago: Nubbin
two years ago: Climbing High

Thanks everyone!  You’re fabulous!
I’m Vim; She’s Vigor!
Powdery Pondering
Amber Shades of Grey
Blinded by the White
there’s a stronger woman behind every strong man
Snow Buddies Business
Winter: Spring & Fall (Hint: Tails)
To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn…
Head over his heels
Winter Pelts, Pelted by Winter
Hide And Go Sleet

• • • HellloOO!  I feel like this is the first time I’ve been on this site for weeks, I’ve been in a bit of a daze.  No, not a daze ~ a BOG.  I had no idea that whole seasonal depression thing was real until just a few days ago, when I realized the past three Januarys have been horrid for me.  And while I adore winter, it’s the lack of sunlight which seems to bore through my soul ~ slowly, unnoticed, over weeks and months ~ and come January I crumble.

But yesterday, the sun rose on full blast and gloried across the sky, pulsing bright and hot ~ so hot, that after milking Daisy I took a decadent milk bath and sunbathed nude for four hours while catching up on paperwork.  (It was probably 45ºF, for those wondering. But in the middle of a Wyoming winter, 45º is a reason to get naked.) Gotta maximize the Vit. D intake when you can!  And today I’m happy.

The photo above, however, is from when winter was still 100% romance.  The first snow is as magical and divine as the first reemergence of the sun’s heat was for me yesterday, and as will be the first butterflies and lilac blooms in Spring, the kneehigh pasture grass in Summer, the first fire in my woodstove in Fall.  And then the first snow………….

Y’all know the drill ~ leave your title or caption for the photo above in the comment section of this post and, since I’ve been waxing on about the seasons, this winning caption will get a 2010 Charlie calendar! (see it HERE!)

226 Responses to “We’re Off To See The Blizzard!”

  1. Ida Says:

    “Looking over property”

  2. Arcene Says:

    On the Lookout for Parson Brown

    “Chloe? Chloe! I can’t see you anywhere!”

    “Chloe’s chances of winning at hide and seek are increasing exponentially…”

    A Moment’s Pause


    Frosted Furry Friends

  3. Melissa Says:

    Frosty Paws (pause)

    Winter Wonder

    At Attention Here and Beyond

    Happy New Year Shreve! Hope the coming year brings everything good for you and yours! Love all your critters!! :)

  4. Claudia Says:

    This is a moment of Zen.

  5. Frannie Says:

    A Tail Of Two Critters

  6. Suzy Says:

    Charlie the front man decides which way to go.

  7. Mike Bailey Says:

    Two Tone Alert

  8. Yaara Says:

    Snowy days ahead.

  9. Courtney Says:


    “Almost a Gulon”
    - Yeah Charlie is a Coyote and not a fox, but still….


    - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthrus


    “Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.”
    [Montenegrin Proverb]

  10. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    (speaking for Charlie) I’m Vim; She’s Vigor! (LOL)

    Contrasted Creatures

    At Peace In The Fields Of The Lord

    Almost A 90-Degree Angle

    Sizing Up The Situation

  11. Mary Says:

    “It’s beautiful in all directions!”

    So glad you’re feeling better – January thaws were meant to do that!

  12. Lynda Says:


  13. Wendy Says:

    “Looking back”

    The sun was out over here on the west slope too–we were driving around counting swans for Fish & Game and spied a bull-cow moose couple lying in soft snow with their black coats broadside to the south. Bet they were re-charging just like you.

  14. Diane Says:

    S ‘ No Worries

  15. Mental P Mama Says:

    I got your back, bro.

  16. Angela Says:

    Tandem Treading

  17. Patr Says:

    Winters Wonder

    Powdery Pondering

    Snow, SNow, SNOW! (aka: White Christmas style)

  18. Lydia Says:

    Winter Wizards

  19. tigeron Says:

    Amber Shades of Grey.

  20. Bethrusso Says:

    Before the winter coat.

  21. Bethrusso Says:

    All snowy with Chloe.

  22. Margaret Says:

    Since this photo appears on Martin Luther King Jr Day, these quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might be appropriate…

    “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”

    “We may all have come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

    “At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.”

  23. Wo of PDX Says:

    Peak A Boo!

  24. Di Says:

    Hey Charlie,
    I think I see something over the ridge.

  25. Bethrusso Says:

    Blinded by the white.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    St.Bernard training ’10

  27. Debi Says:

    Hind Sight!

  28. June Says:

    Just leaving a public thank you for the Eagle Feather Artemis necklace….boy, do I ever love that thing!

    And, because I’m here, I’ll offer for today’s caption:
    “Get off my back, Chloe.”

  29. Bethrusso Says:

    In the snow with my bro.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    For MLKJ day,

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.

    and for fun:

    Now is the winter of our discontent

    And now for Shreve:

    Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so. ~Stanley Crawford

  31. Randomvoyeur Says:

    Sorry for the doublepost, forgot to put my name.

    Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.

    For MLKJ day,

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.

    and for fun:

    Now is the winter of our discontent

    And now for Shreve:

    Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so. ~Stanley Crawford

  32. Bethrusso Says:

    Snow White, Happy, and Bashful.

  33. Ava Says:

    ♫ “I’m looking over/Charlie’s hindquarters”♫

    Snow Angels

    (Please ignore the nastygram from “A Woman” up there. It’s a pity anyone could look at that photograph and what you wrote and only see her own resentment.)

  34. saxon Says:

    snow sculptures

  35. Wendy AA Says:

    Chlorlie: The Chloe/Charlie Hybrid

  36. Danielle Says:

    Winter Watchmen

  37. belle Says:

    We’re off to see the Blizzard!!!!

  38. Kris Says:

    Snow Sentries

  39. Suzy Says:

    Me and my shadow

  40. Alice Says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  41. Holly Says:

    Let`s pause awhile and think this out!

    Follow me Chloe, I`ll get us home.

    Mid romp!

  42. Holly Says:

    Sorry Shreve, I also wanted to say Welcome back!

  43. Phoenix Says:

    Which way did summer go?

  44. Jennifer Says:

    Easy come… easy snow

  45. ktbug ladydid Says:

    White Gang

  46. Laura Says:

    Snow Romance

  47. Heather L Says:

    Snow Police

    Flake Flagmen

  48. Lucky Says:

    If you’re not the lead dog….

    99.99% of us feel privileged that Shreve shares her country WY life and farmily with us. no negativity please!!
    to A Woman – May God Bless you & I hope you see some beauty in life around you

  49. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    The Welcome Wagon

    Winter Soul-stice

  50. Heather L Says:

    “I’ll Take the High Road, You Take the Low Road”

  51. sabrina Says:

    Hold it Charlie…mom’s still watchin’

  52. Heather L Says:

    Frozen in Time

  53. Susan Says:

    the peace of new fallen snow…

  54. Rebecca Says:

    “I think he went um, that way!” The “he” of course, being Eli.

  55. Heather L Says:

    Charlie with a Hint of Chloe “on the Rocks”

  56. Jane Says:

    Two flakey canines

  57. Heather L Says:

    “Charlie, I’ve Got Your Back”

  58. Kate Says:

    Snow Angels

  59. Isa Says:

    Hey dude, there’s a snowflake on your back!

  60. Deidre Says:

    Gotta keep lookin’ for Eli, Chloe…I think I hear him!!!

  61. LHays Says:

    Snowward Bound!

  62. Beth Says:

    Snow siblings

    Coyote fore, collie aft

    Why O why O Wyoming? (With thanks to Stephen Fry!)

  63. Elizabeth Says:

    Snow, like spirits of departed flowers

  64. Beth Says:

    One last one:

    Ready… steady… SNOW!!

  65. Heather L Says:

    Wild and Wooly

  66. pika Says:

    Leaning into the wind.

  67. Meghan Says:

    Snow Furries (like snow flurries).

    There’s No Business Like Snow Business

    Lady and the Tramp

    “Um, Charlie. You’re blocking my shot.” – Chloe

    “There’s Snow Chloe here.” – Charlie (there’s no chloe here)

  68. Robert Lovell Says:

    Winters revelation at hand.

  69. Julie Says:

    “Snow Buddies Business”

    “Hide and Snow Seek”

    Great shot!

  70. sue Says:

    there’s a stronger woman behind every strong man

  71. Laura Says:

    Heads or Tails ?


    I’ve got your back

  72. Rebecca Says:

    Snow Peek

  73. Kelly Says:

    Coyote camouflage

    Between peeking out over Charlie’s back and all that snow in the background, it looks like Chloe’s trying her best to blend in!

  74. Deb DiGiovanni Says:


  75. Jennifer Says:

    The Columbia outerwear company grandma has nothing on these two coats…

  76. Shanon Says:

    Twin Peaks

  77. Dee Says:

    Call of the Wild

  78. Pat Says:

    I’ve got my brother’s back.

  79. vick Says:

    Behind every great man there’s a strong bitch ;)

  80. Faith Says:

    Snow dreaming

  81. Alex Says:

    Lets plan some mischief.

  82. wagga Says:

    Winter: Spring & Fall.

    (Hint: Tails)

  83. Ann McGann Says:

    Hey Charlie, look at Sherve for a picture!

  84. Patti Says:

    I spy with my little eye…something WHITE!!

  85. Phyllis White Says:

    Survey crew

    They sure see something. Their alert stillness is so lovely

  86. Bobbette Devine Says:

    Charlie, you be the tinman and I’ll be the cowardly lion. We’re off to see the wizard…

  87. JoAnn Morlan Says:

    in this moment…

  88. ALYESKA Says:


  89. Kathleen O'Neil Says:

    How about “I Got Your Back” for your missing caption.

  90. Roxanne Says:

    The first thing that popped into my mind was,”Tale (tail) of Two Cities”
    I’m not very good at this! *L*

  91. Teresa Says:

    I thot I thaw a putty tat. I did, I did, see a putty tat.

    Shreve–Vitamin D supplements with also help you with SADD. I live in Southern California and I get depressed during the winter. Vitamin D really helps.

  92. Terry Says:

    Snow Sentries.

  93. Sarah Says:

    Snow Drifters

  94. Kathleen Says:

    “Charlie’s got a brand new…uh, tail!”

    “I see you, but you can’t see me”

    Frosty Pups

  95. Lana Says:

    lol was going to say Orthrus when i saw the picture but Courtney already said that one, my other thought was

    Charlie “nothing but snow as far as the eye can see!”
    Chloe: “wrong! I see Shreve!”

  96. Barbie Says:

    “You look left” “I’ll look right”

  97. Sam Says:

    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

  98. jackie Says:

    Winter of Miss Content

    Designer Winter Coats

    Romance of January Restored

  99. Joy Says:

    I know you’re there Chloe!

    OK, I’m also stupid – what’s BOG?

  100. Becki Garza Says:

    “Waiting for the Plan”

  101. Nico Says:

    White Pause

  102. Rukke Says:

    Two heads are better then one.

  103. Lisa Says:


  104. Rukke Says:

    Two heads are better than one.
    Better grammer…

  105. ellen watson Says:

    “Keepin” it real”

  106. shreve Says:

    Joy ~ bog: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog

  107. Lorelei Dacus Says:

    Mauve Glow

  108. Diana Says:

    Looking back on what was, looking forward to what might be.

  109. Penny Says:

    Snow falls for two….

  110. Lisa Says:

    Beyond the Tangible

  111. Kim Campton Says:

    …on your mark, get set…

  112. Littlebobina Says:

    “Winter Storm Watch in Effect”
    ~instituted by the National Coyote Weather Service, of course!

  113. Penny Says:

    Fall snows for two

  114. C. Carter Says:

    Yoooo hooo, I’m over HERE…just past the dang coyote fence!

  115. Lisa Says:

    Winter Seeing

  116. KRae Says:

    Hey, Charlie! Where on earth did you get all this snow?!

  117. Karyn Says:

    Snow Day Special: Two-Fur!

  118. Jenny C Says:

    “You see it yet, Chloe? Soon as we see the sun, run get Mom, and we’ll plop ‘er right here.”

    Scopin’ out the sun for Mom…

    Julie’s “Snow Buddies Business” was great!

  119. Joie Says:

    To everything, turn, turn, turn…

  120. Sara Says:

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…
    it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.

  121. mlaiuppa Says:

    “I’m looking over a snow-capped shoulder”.

  122. isobel Says:

    “The only other sound’s the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.”

    From Robert Frost’s poem
    Stopping by Woods on Snowy Evening

  123. Brandi Says:

    Through rose coloured lense

  124. schatze Says:


  125. Ava Says:


  126. Jonathan Says:

    Hmmmm…. maybe we should have listened to chicken little.

  127. Kathy Says:

    Silence comes

  128. Marquand Says:

    Wintery Daze

  129. Martha Says:

    Charlie/Chloe as “Push-me-pull-you” (from Dr. Doolittle)

    Shreve, I’ll also chime in about the benefits of D supplements for SAD. I started taking D3 in October for bone health, but I have also noticed that I am doing much better emotionally this winter. I didn’t come unglued right before Christmas as I used to do. My yoga instructor suggested that may have been a result of the D3. Love to you and the critters.

  130. Chair Says:

    Winter of Discontent.

  131. Lisa K Says:

    Charlie: “Hey Mom! How would I look with a curley tail??”

  132. Chair Says:

    D’oh! The strike-out tags didn’t work. The ‘Dis’ was to have a line-through. :)

    Oh well, limited tags FTL.

  133. Eija Says:

    Snow pals

    Hues of the oncoming winter blues

    Hey Chloe, it’s only snow!

    …for the love of winter’s first snow

  134. Steph Stewart Says:


  135. Jane Ritter Says:

    “Looking on the brighter side…”

  136. Nancy Peacock Says:

    Snow Sentries

  137. Robbie Says:

    “Which way is home? I can’t see anything for all this white stuff!”

  138. Heather L Says:


  139. Sandra Says:

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well. I’m also a sunshine person, having moved from the low desert in CA to the DC area. Vit D helps, as does physical activity and doing for others (in my experience). Ultimately, I never overcame the externals until I addressed the internal, and God has been gracious in healing and changing me from the inside out. I enjoy the tales of your farmily, and LOVED your Vespa pictures. :-)

  140. Susan Says:

    Two dogs diverged in the woods

  141. phyllis Tabler Says:

    Caption: “I’ve got your back.”

  142. ornith Says:

    I also suffer from SAD, and I’ve found a light-therapy lamp an enormous help. (My cat likes it too!) The one I have is a floor-lamp model from BlueMax; it makes a great task/reading light as well, and you can use it while doing something else instead of having to purposely sit in front of a glowing box for half an hour.

  143. novemberfoxtrot Says:


  144. Joy Says:

    Thanks Shreve – I thought BOG was an acronym for something I wasn’t aware of. I do know what an actual bog is and re-reading your post I see why you put it in there, just thought since it was all caps it meant something else. I’m amazingly naive in acronyms.

  145. lynn Says:

    Trying to figure out which way The Iceman Cometh

  146. Mark Says:

    Double Duty

  147. mlaiuppa Says:

    All clear on the right. All clear on the left.

  148. Sandy G. Says:

    Chloe: “I only have eyes for you, Shreve!”

    P.S. Shreve, T.S. Eliot famously said “April is the cruelest month.” But I have always felt that it is January .. January is the ” cruelest” month for me also.

  149. astro-horse Says:

    Choloe and Charlie, Together in Perfect Harmony!
    Snowy and Charlie, Together in Perfect Harmony!

  150. Trina Says:

    A moment frozen forever

  151. Sue in SC Says:

    Distracted Vision

  152. Alexandra E. Says:

    “Being the tail double to Charlie Clooneyote is a less glamorous gig than you all think!”

  153. Keri Says:

    Wintertide Spirits

    Powdered Hearts

    A Two-Dog night

    Frosted Affairs

    Amour of Winter

    Snow Fall Glamor

  154. Bill R Says:

    Head over heels…

  155. John Says:

    Jus’ Buds

  156. susan Says:

    Two peers.

  157. Diane Says:

    Who ARE those guys?

    Who WAS that masked man?

    This week’s picture looks like they’ve been studying something or somone in the distance, and Chloe just has that quizzical look on her face!

  158. Lisa Says:


    (from Star Wars…also known as White Hats, Snowmen, and Boys in White)

  159. pam Says:

    Shreve, I am sorry that you deleted whatever ignorant remark was made by “a woman” as I just returned from work and missed the controversy. I can only surmise that she objected to your nudity comment and wanted to say to her myself that I also enjoy walking around my home in the nude whenever I am alone and am able to with the window blinds open and I don’t care who knows it or sees it. I love the warm sun on my body and the freedom from clothing! there is nothing wrong with basking and pampering ourselves as we women hardly get a chance to do that, taking care of family, work, etc.
    So, to “a woman”, I feel very sorry for you if you blasted Shreve for her comment! I myself am now going to disrobe from my “work clothes” , take a hot bubble bath and walk around naked until I have to make dinner!

  160. Tim Says:

    Winter Suspension

    First post for me… loved your book Shreve and am jealous of those warm temps you had!

  161. Diana Says:

    Hey we’re not wearing clothes either – and it feels GOOD!

  162. Aleta Says:

    Unbearable whiteness of being

  163. Margie Says:

    I got your back!

  164. pam Says:

    I forgot to leave my comment….

    ” looking over my “4 – legged clover” ” .

    because chloe was a very lucky pup to have been adopted into Shreve’s farmily.

  165. Tina Says:

    I like that they’re looking in opposite directions, so:

    Sometimes they go both ways


    “He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.”

    - W. H. Auden

  166. Vegas Princess Says:

    Charlie: “Chloe, don’t look! Mom’s doing her snow dance in the nude again.” :)

    I think it’s awesome you sunbathe in the nude. I try to be naked as much as I can, it just feels right. But since we have had to move in with my MIL those times are few and very far between…

  167. heather em Says:

    Two Tails, One Tale.

  168. coygirl Says:

    .. a hazy shade of winter ..

    One of my favorite songs (thank you Simon & Garfunkle), and this just makes me want to walk around singing it to myself.

  169. Lary Says:

    Head over his heels

  170. Liz Says:

    One eye on autumn, one eye on spring

  171. steph in oregon Says:

    “Do you hear what I hear?”

  172. Beth Says:



    primal snow

  173. Judy Says:

    Spotting Rabbits

  174. Jan Says:

    Can we play in the snow Mom?

  175. Linda Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a picture that would capture a little of the lyrics of White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes – a great song.

    I was following the pack
    All swallowed in their coats
    With scarves of red tied ’round their throats
    To keep their little heads
    From fallin’ in the snow
    And I turned ’round and there you go
    And, Michael, you would fall
    And turn the white snow red as strawberries
    In the summertime…

  176. bonnie Says:

    Watching The Wind

    Breeze Freeze

    Winter Tails

  177. Barbara in California Says:

    A Wyoming “Push Me-Pull You” in Winter.

  178. bonnie Says:

    and thanks for reminding us about the effects of the seasonal lack of light–it’s hard to remember that little reality when it’s got you stuck in the bog. perseverence furthers….

  179. Barbara Says:

    In the land of snow

  180. Richard Says:

    “Hey Chloe, if this keeps up we can build a snowdog!”

  181. Diane Brown Says:

    I see you!

  182. karen Says:

    Snow Blown!

  183. Barbara in California Says:

    A Wyoming Pushmi-Pullyu in Winter.

    ** Spelling corrected by a Dr. Doolittle fan. **

  184. Kit C Says:

    Hide and go sleet.

    Winter pelts, pelted by winter.

  185. Yvonne Says:

    White Wonder Upon Yonder

  186. Derrick Says:

    Overlooking Winter

  187. Yvonne Says:

    Verilux HappyLite – http://www.verilux.com/light-therapy-lamps/happylite-mini-therapy-special

    I live in Seattle and with the many long dreary days without sunshine, this really works and helps. Several of my developers now have them too.

    I got mine at Costco for $25.99.

  188. Tina Says:

    Oh Charlie boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
    From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
    The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying
    ‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.
    But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
    ‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
    Oh Charlie boy, oh Charlie boy, I love you so.

  189. Margaret C. Says:

    “The Sound of Silence”

    because I LOVE that song, and because the first steady, quiet snowfall always makes me think that, if silence could have a sound, that’s what it would be.

    Thanks for everything, and glad you are feeling better–keep up the sunbathing! Although, I guess there aren’t many 45 degree days to come by!

  190. wright Says:

    The earth, the heart.

  191. Erika Says:


  192. Diane Says:

    Guess it’s not spring yet, huh?

  193. Daedree Long Says:

    A poem by Robert Frost came to mind called “Dust of Snow”

    The way a crow
    Shook down on me
    The dust of snow
    From a hemlock tree

    Has given my heart
    A change of mood
    And saved some part
    Of a day I had rued.

    So I’d suggest “Dust of Snow”. It’s moments like this, when I spot winter beauty, that gets me through my seasonal depression.

  194. Kit C Says:

    Fall behind and back to winter.

  195. A Says:

    Narnia, This Way

  196. Suzy Says:

    Stand by me

  197. Ellen Says:

    I just read your book and am fascinated with Charlie. I have always really liked Coyotes, Wolves, Foxes; any canine has my adoration. I sometimes see coyotes and foxes around my home in Mississippi but never thought to raise one, though I have always felt strongly that they should be allowed to live their lives as God intended. I really enjoyed reading how intelligent they are (when Charlie climbed the stairs to the loft) and of course learning his commands. Hats off to you, Charlie and The Daily Coyote! I guess I’m your newest fan!

  198. cfritz Says:

    Chloe – yer head’s frozen to my backside!!

  199. Therese Says:

    She’s Got His Back
    Watching Over Him

  200. Tim Says:

    In the Air

  201. Randomvoyeur Says:

    There’s no business like Snow Business!

  202. cindy Says:

    shhhhh act natural I can see mom just over yer butt…she hasnt caught us just yet

  203. sarrell Says:

    The wonders of winter

  204. Sally Says:

    Outward and Back

  205. mlaiuppa Says:

    The woods are lovely dark and deep.

  206. mlaiuppa Says:

    Mountain interval.

  207. Paul S Says:

    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

    Snow White Meets Lady and the Tramp

    Snowy Vista

  208. Michelle Says:

    Snow-Angel on his back.

  209. Michelle Says:

    A head a-butt the rest

  210. montanarose Says:

    Charlie sees his shadow . . . six weeks more of winter! (poor Shreve . . . )

  211. Andrea Says:

    Snow Daze

  212. Camille Says:

    Chilled Charlie and Chloe

    Oh, by the way, I just finished reading the last pages of ‘The Daily Coyote.’ It was an amazing book! People really do underestimate how magical Coyotes are- they’re always shocked to learn that Coyotes are my favorite animals. We always just think of them as raw, unthinking predators… Nobody really got the reasons why I love them so- and now I have Charlie as proof. They are so amazingly intelligent and mischievous- being beautiful is an added bonus =]
    I can’t get enough of Chloe and Charlie. Thank you for sharing their everyday stories with us, even though some may just be a photo of them on the look-out or playing in the tall grass. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  213. E.Jolie Says:

    Pondering the Mystery of Snow

  214. MJK Says:

    Leader of the pack

  215. Janet Fate Says:

    You take the high road and I’ll take the low road

  216. mhpr Says:

    Did you call?

  217. sybann Says:

    Out in Front/Got Your Back

  218. James Says:


  219. Bess Says:

    Coyote Buffer

  220. shari Says:

    Watching Your Back

  221. carol wiebe Says:

    Looking GOOD!

  222. Deb Says:

    Dear Shreve,

    I am enjoying your book very much – you are a great writer and photographer. I hope you write more. Congratulations on following your instincts, breaking from the norm and doing what you love in a place that you love.

    Deb Morrin

  223. Susan Parkins Says:

    Dear Shreve,

    I read your comments above with amusement about 45 degrees feeling warm in Wyoming. I also live in Wyoming, a bit farther south, well, all the way south and I relate to 45 degrees feeling like a heat wave! People were coming out from the cold temps without coats, in short sleeved shirts and shorts even!

    Sounds like a good day for a soak in the sun. :0)

    Thanks for the site. I enjoy catching up every few weeks!


  224. woodnymph Says:

    I really loved your book with its magnificent photos. Are you planning to write a sequel? I particularly liked the Salman Rushdie quote at the end. I think there are a lot of us free spirits out there…. If I were younger, I’d want to join the “commune.”

  225. Lori Edens Says:

    sigh…..just like a man .. wont ask for directions!

    Its this way charlie!

    Lets go north no.. lets go south

  226. Lori Edens Says:

    HI! I just wanted to let you know that I too read your book and ILOVEDIT! You are doing what I would love to do and should have done in my younger years. I traveled cross country twice and it was the time of my life! I lived in utah for a couple of years and had some good experiences there. I admire you for many reasons ,one is that you have not allowed fear to prevent you from following your heart. You have gone out and found what I call sugar mountain! God bless you and charlie and the rest of the gang!

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