Hide And Go Sepia

photo taken November 2009 • title thanks to Karen

one year ago: Protector
two years ago: Baby With Boot

You guys are hilarious. And clever. And amazing!  But we knew that….
Wise-Eyed and Bushy Tailed
Rough and Tumbleweed
Gettin’ twiggy with it
Sticking Around
Sticks and Tones
Hokey Pokey Coyote
Shady Character
Hide and Go Sneak
Okay smile, turn, work it!
Shake Your Tail Feathers
Searching The Prairie For Sarah Frary
“Walk This Way”……..Charlie Hopes to Replace Steven Tyler

• • • Good Monday, Everyone!  You know what that means.  It’s time to title this photo!  It’s a tricky one, to get that brain workin’…. Please leave your caption, title, or commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll automatically be in the running for an Artemis Necklace which Mike has adorned with a trail of coyote tracks.  And if you’ve not seen the post below, please do scroll down for an update and a pic of Daisy & Frisco that is so darling I actually feel myself melting when I look at it.  Then come back here and give this photo a name!

238 Responses to “Hide And Go Sepia”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Stick Figure

    Sticky Situation

    Sage and go seek

  2. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Getting Ready To Intercept A Pass From Peyton Manning!
    (Sorry – couldn’t resist one silly caption, to celebrate the Saints’ super win)

    Desperately Seeking Sarah

    On The Prowl for Sarah

    Searching The Prairie For Sarah Frary

    This IS My Best Side!

    There was an elf leg here earlier – I swear it!

    Shreve, I’m HUNGRY!

    Feed Me, FEED ME – Please!

  3. Claudia Says:

    I knew the Saints would win it!
    Just knew it!

  4. Isa Says:

    Gna gna gna

  5. Jen Says:

    A Joke Only He Knew

  6. mjk Says:

    Skulking the brush

    Light sentry

  7. Eileen Says:


  8. belle Says:

    You talkin’ to me??

  9. Eve Says:

    Charles in Charge.

  10. Barb Says:

    You do the Hokey Pokey
    And you turn yourself around,
    That’s what it’s all about.

  11. Craig Says:

    Dang it! I thought I stepped around that cactus!

  12. sybann Says:

    Bisected beauty.

  13. Melinda Says:

    Come On… Let’s Play!

  14. Beth G Says:

    Come get me! Can’t catch me!

  15. Bethrusso Says:

    Smile, you’re on canid camera.

  16. Bethrusso Says:

    This isn’t a caption and I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t believe all the Beths on here!!

  17. Bethrusso Says:

    Sheepish grin.

  18. Bethrusso Says:

    A yaw of the paw.

  19. Patr Says:

    Shady Character

  20. Bethrusso Says:

    The whole world smiles with you.

  21. Evan Says:

    Smile of the Sage

  22. kelly Says:

    To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

  23. Faith Says:

    Okay, I think a little more cover will help.

    I can’t believe the Colts lost.

  24. Di Says:

    Left them in the dust, they’ll never catch up!

  25. moondoggie Says:

    Swishtail and Sagebrush

  26. Meghan Says:

    Dances with coyotes.

    You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out…

    Tail points north.

    Okay smile, turn, work it!

  27. Leffe Says:

    Coyote Passant Gardant

    (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attitude_(heraldry) )

  28. Alex Says:

    Hey were did the leaves go, this bush used to hide me.

  29. Stacey Says:

    Waiting for the coverage of spring.

  30. Kira Says:

    “Come on Shreve, put down the camera and chase me already!”

    I just want to say that I wish I could live the way you do, and I’m glad that you will have someone to help you out now. Thanks for sharing your unique life and I’m sure it’ll work out with Sarah. =)

  31. Judy Says:

    Joy of the Hunt

  32. Kim Says:

    You spin me right round, baby, right round. Like a record baby, right round round round.

  33. Becky Says:

    “Chloe, let’s do-si-do!”

  34. Alice Says:

    Swing your partner round and round. Oops, where’d Chloe go?

  35. Bess Says:

    Challenges of “hide” and seek in winter

  36. KRae Merk Says:

    I’ve Got That Slippery Roadrunner Now!

  37. karen Says:

    Hide and Go Sepia

  38. pika Says:

    The Ridge in the Sage

  39. Holly Says:

    and with a swish of his tail………..

    Congrats to you and your new helper! Loved the picture of Mom and her boy.Such a contrast in colour, and such a sweetheart

  40. saxon Says:

    Welcome Wagon here to greet the new farm hand!

  41. Scott Says:

    Hairy, Curly, Faux Cloak

  42. Scott Says:

    Hairy, C urly, Fey Toe

  43. Heather L Says:

    Tail Twister

  44. Heather L Says:

    Happy Go-Lucky

  45. JMS Says:

    Watchful Wanting

  46. Ilana Says:

    “Coyote of Proportions ”

    “Face Divided”

    “Hide and Go Seek-first attempt”

  47. Laura Says:

    Lines and Shadows

  48. Liz Says:

    Going my way, baby?

    A tail with a tail hot on the trail!

  49. Liz Says:

    *A tail with a tale hot on the trail, sorry about the typo!

  50. Steph Stewart Says:


  51. April Says:

    Yes, Charlie, we can still see you.

  52. pamelataub Says:

    catch me if you can!

  53. b Says:

    Wait… I think somebody’s been by here.

  54. Stacey Says:


  55. Rhedrose Says:


  56. Rhedrose Says:

    Invitation, with brush strokes…

  57. Megann Says:

    Did I hear you say elf leg!?

  58. Kathleen Says:

    Trick of the light

    Sage Shadow

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Time Traveler
    (He looks like he’s just landed while in rapid motion from another place, and his eyes say he knows many secrets.)

    Frisco and Daisy – ‘scuse the play on words, but that picture is just buttah!

  60. Jenny C Says:

    Oops… Time Traveler was my post…

  61. penny Says:

    Focus in the blur

  62. Kate Says:

    Here’s lookin’ at you, Shreve.

  63. Jill Says:

    Plain Dance

  64. Kathleen Says:

    Shadow dancing

  65. denise Says:

    Flash Sideways

    Sorry…too much Lost!

  66. Rebecca Ortega Says:

    “Sashay! Shante!”

  67. Angie Says:

    Elegant Turn-About

  68. Angie Says:

    Beauty Behind the Brush

  69. janet Says:

    Dances like wolves

  70. D'Ann Says:

    A moment in time

  71. Heather Says:

    Oh, no, I’m not up to anything at all…

  72. Angie Says:

    A Coyote Running Back

    (because of the super bowl and because Charlie is running back!)

  73. linda Says:

    You do the coyote-poky and you turn yourself around–thats what its all about!

  74. Tina Says:

    Traveling Trickster

  75. Angela Says:

    Mr. Brushy Tail

  76. Rebecca Says:

    Waggin’ Tale

    Prairie Dance

    Thanksgiving Time

  77. Karla Says:

    Feisty Coyote Foxtrot

  78. Richard Says:

    ” Yes, that’s right, I am one handsome coyote”

  79. Tess Says:


  80. Tia Says:


  81. ABQ Annie Says:

    Happy Tails

    Fur and Shadows

  82. schatze Says:

    Tracking Twilight

  83. Sam Says:

    Double Take

  84. ursula Says:

    looking frisky…

    who’s afrary of the prairie dog…

    all abristle

  85. Rhedrose Says:

    Gettin’ twiggy with it

  86. Lizberry Says:

    Dark Angel

  87. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Who Dat?

  88. Heather L Says:

    Elvis Has Left the Building………

  89. Lynn Says:

    - Bushy tail in the brush

  90. Heather L Says:

    Circle the Wagons………..

    Ring Around the Rosey…………

    A Spring in His Step………..

  91. D'Ann Says:

    I Sing the Body Electric

  92. Heather L Says:

    Charlie tries out for Dancing With the Stars………….

  93. Heather L Says:

    “Walk This Way”……..Charlie Hopes to Replace Steven Tyler

  94. Mary Says:

    Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!

    Red Rover, Red rover, send Charlie right over!

  95. Sarah Says:

    The Shadow knows…

  96. cuorips Says:

    Thanks for posting Cisco’s picture,more, more, more…..

  97. Rhedrose Says:

    The Lightness of Being…Charlie

  98. SheilaE Says:

    Baby, it’s COLD outside!

  99. jb Says:

    A blow dried celebrity from Ten Sleep.

  100. D'Ann Says:

    Coyote “Rollback”

  101. Sando Says:

    Sticks and Tones.

  102. Pam Deering Says:

    Now you see me, now you don’t

  103. Barbie Says:


  104. bonnie Says:

    The Happy Guy.

  105. diphi Says:

    one lean hound crouched low and smiling
    my heart fell dead before.

    (what e.e. would have written if he had known Charlie!)

  106. Maggie Y. Says:

    Anybody Gonna Twig To It?

  107. heather em Says:

    nowhere to hide

    bedroom-eyed and bushy-tailed

  108. Angelika Lynch Says:

    Are you coming or what?

  109. Cindy Says:

    I may look dangerous, but I was raised by a pussycat.

  110. Dave Z. Says:

    Not a caption , but Congratulations on your 2010 Brody Award!

  111. Kate Says:

    In the weeds.

  112. le skunk Says:

    happy prance!!

  113. bonnie Says:

    Turning Back to You.

    Doing the Twist!
    ( i’ve been doing the Time Warp for the last two weeks!)

  114. Sherri Cox Says:

    Who Dat?

  115. Angela Says:

    Raising Hacklezona!

  116. Angie Says:

    Yeah, you think you know, but you don’t know.

  117. Suzanne Says:

    Shadow in Sunlight

  118. D'Ann Says:

    Sagebrush Sashay

  119. D'Ann Says:

    Heisman Trophy Pose

  120. Tiny Tyrant Says:

    You put your left foot in…

  121. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Doing The Twist, The Bushy-Tail Twist

    Pas de Deux Paws

  122. D'Ann Says:

    OK, I got my Winter coat on; were did all the snow go?!

  123. Derrick Says:


  124. Carl Says:

    Mmmm… Chocolate covered coyote.

  125. Kelly Says:

    “Hey, that tickles!”

    Perfect pirouette

  126. Heather L Says:

    Hide and Go Sneak

  127. D'Ann Says:

    Coyote Dressage

  128. Tracy Says:

    Sticking around.

  129. tracy Says:

    Seen through the weeds.

  130. Karyn Says:

    “Oh give me a home ~
    ~where the buffalo roam~”

    He just looks like he’s lost in song!

  131. Littlebobina Says:

    “So, you come here often?”

  132. Kelly Says:

    “Prairie pirouette”

  133. Tina Says:

    Listening to his ipawd

    (the twigs around his ears look like ipod earbuds to me)

  134. Diane Says:

    Wise-Eyed and Bushy Tailed

  135. Felis Sidus Says:

    Heart Warmer

    About Daisy & Frisco: I’ve seen a fair number of tiny calves with their mothers, but the adorableness factor of these two is off the scale.

  136. phyllis Says:

    C’mon! It’s playtime!

  137. Kelly Says:

    Coyote Kisses

    It looks like he’s blowing kisses at you, with his paw raised up and him looking so happily back at the camera =)

  138. Eija Says:

    “Do you like my new winter coat?”

    Classic Charlie

    A ‘Tail” of Ten Sleep.

    A pose for the coyote ages

    The irresistable Charlie pose

  139. Karen Says:

    Sepia Stalkings

  140. Mark Says:

    Happy Tails to You! (Roy Rogers tune)

  141. Lenka Says:

    On your marks?…

  142. Lizard Says:

    Swishes, Smiles, and Sticks

    I *swear* I wasn’t just chasing my tail!

    Coyote Smile melts my heart

    Shreve – just finished your book – amazing! I won’t reveal anything to anyone who has not read it but I cried when I read about Tracy and was sooo worried when Charlie was made to get into the truck! Your patience with him and ability to trust him and let him trust you is AMAZING! (And Mike seems like a pretty good guy to keep around, too! ;) )

  143. Julie R. Says:

    Shake your tail feathers!

  144. Anna Says:

    Dark Strider.

  145. Lacey Says:

    Cutie Coy-U-te

  146. Lynn Says:

    You can’t see me now!

  147. Steph Stewart Says:

    Big Horn Beauty

  148. Alex Says:


  149. i-ching Says:

    Sepia Swirl

    Tail Brush

    Eager Light

  150. Sara Says:

    Shadow Boxer

  151. Michelle Says:

    The Wild Side

  152. Sue from New Zealand Says:

    Sparse Undergrowth ~ Shaggy Topcoat

  153. J Aldridge Says:

    “One more coyote was heard”

    can’t take full credit for it( Don Edwards lyrics for the song Coyotes)
    but the picture does remind me of the story the song tells…

  154. Connie Feighery Says:

    Simpatico in Sepia

  155. MK Ray Says:

    swishing through switches

  156. Teresa Says:

    Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake, shake your booty, shake your booty! (A salute to the Disco Era!)

  157. Amy Says:


  158. Amy Says:

    Wyoming Windshield

  159. Melissa K Says:

    Through the Looking Grass

  160. Heather L Says:

    Bad Hair Day….

    Bottle Brush Boy

  161. Aleta Says:

    “Coyote Waits.”

  162. Lydia G Says:

    In Shadow, In Life

  163. Doug Says:

    Heh heh heh, Chloe will never find me behind this bush.

  164. Anonymous Says:

    Dancer of the Sage

  165. Angie P Says:

    oops, I forgot to include my name with my suggestion” Dancer of the Sage


  166. D'Ann Says:

    In the shadows

  167. Cathy Says:

    Photo Entry for Marlboro Man Replacement

  168. Colleen in AZ Says:


  169. Kit C Says:

    Tricky sticky.

    Rough and tumbleweed.

  170. mlaiuppa Says:

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

  171. muttluver Says:



    Gentlebeast (that’s what they call them in the Redwall series. )


    With a point and a swish (because he looks almost like he’s “pointing”)

    I’m trying to get inside your head to see what you’d like, Shreve, but I can’t seem to get it…

  172. D'Ann Says:

    Captured Elegance

  173. muttluver Says:


    Through the looking Grass (someone may have already done this one)

    Beauty and the Bush (a take on something someone’s already done, I know)

    Turnabout is Fair Play

  174. Steph Says:

    I wasn’t sure what the twig looking things were so my attempts:

    Charlie, that represented all Charlies

    My ears are higher than these twigs!

  175. Mary Says:

    “Yes, I know I’m looking a little skinny in the haunch. What did you think I was doing out here in the cold? Of course I’m looking for some lunch. Of course I realize you’re waiting to shut the door. Just go on about your business, don’t I always knock when I’m ready to come in?”

  176. Rhonda P Says:

    You know you twist so fine!

    (to the tune of twist and shout)

  177. katblue Says:

    This Way, Ma

  178. Liza Lundell Says:


  179. Diana Says:

    I’m Too Sexy For Milan, New York or Japan . . . so I’ll just stay in Wyoming!

    Adapted from the song by Right Said Fred

  180. Trude Buck Says:

    “It” says “Ready or Not, Here I Come”

  181. joods Says:

    Hon, does this tail make my butt look big?

    I see you, lookin’ at me…lookin at you…lookin at me…

  182. Cindy Says:

    Let’s tango!

  183. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    Tag Time

    Catch Me If You Can

    Oooh, Lunchtime!

    Another Of Charlie’s Poses

    Just Pretending to Look at the Bush When I’m Really Looking at You…

    Time to Go Home

    Coming, Shreve!

    Another Magical Moment with Charlie

    (I don’t need the prize if by some miracle one of my titles wins, you can either keep it or give it to someone else ^.^)

  184. Cathryn Says:

    That’s Mr. Stocton to you!

  185. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    (Oh, forgot to mention that credit goes to anyone who came up with these names before me. I just noticed that someone already used Catch Me If You Can. Also came up with a couple more caption possibilities)

    Have You Seen My Elf Leg?

    Looking For More Elf Legs…

  186. Steph Stewart Says:

    Big Horn Swagger

  187. Bruce Says:

    Dosey Doe

  188. Diane Says:

    Bush Swatter

  189. Lisa K. Says:

    he just looks like “Smile E. Coyote” to me in this shot!

  190. Margini Says:

    Wound Hound


    “I SAW that Chloe!”

  191. mlaiuppa Says:

    Step to the right and swish to the left…..doing the Charlie Polka!

  192. Nancy Says:

    A brush with Charlie

  193. Steven Swanson Says:

    Doing the twist!

    Chasing the tail.

    Disco Charlie.

  194. Bev McDougal Says:

    The Trickster (From Blackfeet lore)

  195. Lynne R. Says:

    Hokey Pokey Coyote.

  196. karen hanson Says:

    ‘twig’ster What the Tall Twigs Disguise (Take on Where the Red Fern Grows)

  197. Cosmo Cat Says:

    Splendor in the twigs

  198. karen hanson Says:

    the ones before were suppose to be seperate… im computer dumb… anyway… ‘Twig’ ster

  199. karen hanson Says:

    I guess the grass really isn’t greener on the otherside.

  200. Janet H. Says:

    I don’t have a caption. Just wanted to share the link to this article because I immediately thought of you and Daisy when I read this.


    Hope the link works.

  201. patty Says:

    Comfortable in his own skin

  202. CheyTownGal Says:

    From a camouflage t-shirt of my husband’s…. “Ha! Now you can’t see me!”

  203. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Making heads or tails of it.”

  204. Lesley Says:

    Quivers down my backbone ,
    I got the shakes in the knee bones,
    Shivers down my thigh bones,
    Like I’m Shakin’ all over

  205. Susan Says:

    The Trickster ‘Twigs(xt) and Between

  206. Lesley Says:

    By the way, the above lyrics were written by The Who. The song seemed a perfect fit.

  207. mlaiuppa Says:

    Wyoming Hula.

  208. Sandra Says:

    Prance on the Ground, Prance on the Ground

  209. Sandra Says:

    Sticks & Stance

  210. Becky Says:

    Helloooooo Beautiful

  211. Mel Says:

    Wayward Son

  212. Sandra Says:

    About Face, With Smile

  213. Sandra Says:

    Did You Say a ‘Sarah’ is to Join the Pack? ;-)

  214. Sara S. Says:

    Twist & Shout! :)

  215. V Says:

    I call this one, “Magnum”

  216. Debby Ziegler Says:

    “Do you see what I see?”

  217. Sophie Says:

    Did someone say PRAM?
    (Sorry but too close to dingo)

  218. Anonymous Says:

    “Man, this whole camouflage thing worked a lot better in the summer time.”

    And the coolness of your smile…
    (a nod to e.e. cummings)

    and maybe it’s too obvious but in northern california we have a native plant…

    Coyote Bush.

  219. mmgood Says:

    ooops, that was me up there ^

  220. Serena Says:

    Little Coyote on the Prairie

  221. Mellissa Says:

    don’t worry, be happy!

  222. Linda Lu Says:

    Happy to be me

  223. Marquand Says:

    Smile and the world smiles with you.

    Smilin’ Lad

  224. Maegan Says:

    Watching You Watching Me

    Bold Eyes, Bottle Brush Tail

  225. Eve Says:

    Ears Lookin’ At You, Kid

  226. Nikki Says:

    The art of hiding in the open: attempt #54

  227. Cathy Says:

    Smiley Coyote

  228. James Says:

    I want to go…but I will stay for her.

  229. Emily Says:

    Did You Hear That?

  230. Hans-J Says:

    nature rejoices in the meaning that my presence gives to the things

  231. Anonymous Says:

    “I’m a model you know what I mean,and I shake my little tush on the catwalk” is what it looks like to me from Too sexy by Fred said.

  232. Angela Says:

    Where the Deer and the Coyote Play

  233. falnfenix Says:

    he went *that* way!

  234. Farmer John Says:

    Charlie The Chameleote .

  235. Cheryl Didrickson Says:

    I’d like to name this photo:

    ….I KNOW I just saw a plump rabbit a second ago…

  236. fdean Says:

    i’d like to name the photo

    I walk the walk

  237. Cliffe W Pickering Says:

    Two Steps Forward….Then Turn Left!

  238. Debbie Kip Says:

    “The Two Step”

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