Howl’s Angels

photo taken November 2009 • title thanks to Michelle

one year ago: Coyote Dare
two years ago: Oh So Coyote

So many fabulous entries! But, Michelle, I can’t resist yours.

One Howl of a Duo!
Aurora Howlealis
Echo, echo, echo
Wild thing, you make my heart sing!
Ethereal Echos
Furry Fugue
Jowls & Howls
“Sing Along li’l doggies”
Howlehemian Rhapsody
Swallowing Sunlight
Sibling Symphony
Daddy Sang Tenor and Mama Sang Bass
Simon and Grrrrrrfunkel
Be Vocal, Buy Local!  :)
Howllelujah Chorus

“Ole Shreve Stockton had a farm EEEE-I-EEEE-I-OOOOO”
…and on this farm she had a cow, E-I-E-I-Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

See, Chloe – you can make the glass shake with your voice… Bet Mom’s lens is loose after that one.

And when you sing, sing boldly.  (But you might have to know the reference – I think it was Martin Luther who said “and when you sin, sin boldly.”)

Eli:  ”You guys are SO full of hot air!”

• • • The way these two look, in this photo, is exactly how each of them sound.  It’s like the visual of the aural…. and it’s up to you to name it!  Please leave your title or caption in the comment section of this post; you’ll be in the running to win a signed copy of my book! {and I promise to record them howling soon!  click here for a recording of Charlie, Eli, and me, in the meantime!)

264 Responses to “Howl’s Angels”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Charlie teaching chloe the coyote way
    Chloe teaching Charlie the canine way

    Charlie says Howl!

  2. pika Says:

    Intense Stretch-of-Sound Facing East

  3. Leslie Says:

    Phantoms of the Opera

  4. Diana Says:

    Sing with me!
    Sing for the years, sing for the laughter and sing for the tears!
    Sing with me!
    Just for today… never tomorrow or fortune will take you away!

  5. Sandy Says:

    Sing along

  6. E.Jolie Says:

    Howllelujah Chorus

  7. Liza Lundell Says:

    The Wyoming Tabernacle Choir

  8. Kay Britton Says:

    Vaporized Howl-rizon

  9. E.Jolie Says:

    Daddy Sang Tenor and Mama Sang Bass Johnny Cash Twist

  10. Laffindog Says:

    Simon and Grrrrrrfunkel

  11. sybann Says:



    Werewolves of Wyoming!

  12. nora mills Says:

    “And I-aye-aye will always love you, a-hooo, will alwaaays love yoooooooou!”

  13. saxon Says:


  14. pika Says:

    Sound and Other Senses

  15. Janet Fate Says:

    For Howling Out Loud!

  16. Glynis Says:

    call of the wild

  17. Kristi Says:

    Dog Song

  18. Bethrusso Says:

    These are good already, but I just love “Howllelujah Chorus” – so cute and so perfect!!

  19. Gary Says:

    Surreal Serenade

  20. Cait Says:

    Calling the Wild

  21. Bethrusso Says:

    Make your own kind of music
    Sing your own kind of song
    Make your own kind of music
    Even if nobody else sings along.

  22. Mental P Mama Says:

    A duet in C(oyote) Major.

  23. Bethrusso Says:

    The one hit wonders.

  24. Tina Says:

    Born to be wi-i-i-i-ld!

  25. Bethrusso Says:

    Bay at the break of day.

  26. Dana Says:

    Spirits of the wild

    Domestication guidance

    Spirits of Domestication

    A Howling Good Time

  27. Angela Says:


  28. Angela Says:

    One Note Wonders

  29. Emily Says:

    Watch Us Howl

    Call of the Wild…Sort Of

    Howlin’ In Wyoming

  30. Krista Says:

    howlla at ya boy

  31. Kelly Says:

    Canine Chorale

  32. Skimmie Says:

    Howl do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

  33. Skimmie Says:

    Howl-dy, bay-by!!

  34. carol Says:

    A little bit country….A little bit rock-n-roll.

  35. Pam Says:

    Oh you forgot to tell us what prompted this spontaneous chorus!

  36. WendyAA Says:

    Howl YOU doin’?

    Your howling recording has sent my two dogs into fits of barking and whining. Apparently they think coyotes and cats are taking over their territory!

  37. Deena Says:

    “And then I said: what big teeth you have, Grandmother!”

    “Hahahaha! Oh, what a bad joke…”

  38. Tina Says:

    If I had a hammer
    I’d howl in the morning
    I’d howl in the evening
    All over the land

  39. Tina Says:

    By the light
    Of the silvery m-o-o-o-o-n

  40. stiffsage Says:


  41. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    (I already like “Howllelujah Chorus,” and think it and others have a good chance of winning, but I’ll try anyways, and again, I don’t need any prize. Your pictures are enough for me, and I already have a book ^.^)

    Knowing Not Who It Is By Sight, But By Their Music

    True Harmony Is Not When Everyone Sings The Same Notes; It’s When They Sing The Different Ones

    Chloe, You Have To Go “Ah,” Not “Oh,” If You Want To Howl Like Me!

    The Delight From An Elf Leg Expressed In Song

    A Canine Duet

  42. NANCY Says:

    Sing , sing a song

  43. Lis Says:

    Harmonic howls

  44. patty Says:

    Ghost Song
    Songs and Spirits
    Super Natural Songs

  45. Eve Says:

    No day but today! (from “Rent”)

  46. Alice Says:

    Howlin’ at the moon

    A howlin’ duet

  47. patty Says:

    Spirited Conversation

  48. Trisha Says:

    A Howling Good Time!

  49. Jane Stanley Says:

    Hymn to Him to Her

  50. Courtney Says:

    I have 2 for today:

    Goat Whisperers

    Two Part Howlmony

  51. DebbyS Says:

    “Oh, don’t bury meeee….
    on the lone prarieeeee”

  52. Di Says:

    Cough,Cough, I have a bug in my throat!!

  53. margini Says:

    Haunting Howling

    Dueling Duet


    Shimmering Serenade

  54. Susan Says:

    Unfenced Melody

  55. Trisha Says:

    Howling Ah Capella

  56. Dori Says:

    “Canine Cacophony”

  57. Lyn Says:

    yip and yawl (play on yin and yang)

  58. Yaara Says:

    Swallowing Sunlight


    Butte Bay Babes


    Howl’s moving thistle

  59. Barbara Says:

    Glee club

  60. mj Says:

    New Moon, New Tune.

  61. Isa Says:

    The bigger the mouth, the bigger the elk leg!

  62. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    Daily Duet

  63. Jennifer B Says:

    Wind Talkers

  64. Heather L Says:

    Hollywood Round – American Idol Tryouts

  65. Laura Says:

    Winter Storm Warning

  66. jaren Says:

    “and the hoooome of the braaaaave…….”

  67. Heather L Says:

    Wyoming Warblers

  68. cfritz Says:

    Red Rover -Red Rover – send elk legs right over!

  69. Heather L Says:

    Sibling Symphony

  70. Laura Says:

    Chloe sings bass, Charlie sings tenor……

  71. Heather L Says:

    Chloe & Charlie help remake “We Are the World”

  72. Sam Says:

    Mr. Alligator

  73. Mandy Hawkins Says:

    Tonight and tonight only: Charlie and his sidekick Chloe! Singing “Howling Good Time!” Live @ 5. Get your tickets now before they are all gone.

  74. Debra L. Says:

    Doctor, Doctor give me the news I got a bad case of loving you!

  75. Linda Lu Says:

    duo duet

  76. Heather L Says:

    Canine Cacophony

    Pure Joy

    “We Make Beautiful Music Together”

  77. Meghan Says:

    Abstract Howl

    I’ll take the high notes, you take the low notes

    Loving Wyoooooooming

    No One Sleeps In Ten Sleep When The Duo Howls

  78. Barbara S. Says:

    Sounding the deeps of nature.

    Adapted from “Call of the Wild”, Jack London

  79. Ilana Says:

    Howling Ghosts

    Spookey Duet

    eerily awesome

  80. Lydia G Says:

    Wild Duet

  81. msdramateacherlady Says:

    Morning Song

  82. Scott Says:

    Jowls & Howls

    Spinto Tenor vs. Dramatic Contralto

    vox ferox

  83. Trina Says:

    A one a and a two a…

  84. Justin Says:

    Canine Mists

  85. Siobhan Says:


  86. Stacey Says:

    Who will be the next Canine Idol?

  87. Karen Says:

    A chorus for two

  88. Sarah G. Says:

    Yip, Yip, Barooo

  89. Patti Says:

    Coyote Whisperer

  90. Theresa Says:

    Howl do I love you? Let me sing the ways . . .

  91. Connie Says:

    One more time – - – comeon now – - – everybody – - -

  92. Luci Says:

    Singing His praises

  93. Cin Says:

    CURSE YOU LYN!! She beat me to it!! However, I would say it:

    “Yap ‘n Yowl”

  94. Heather L Says:

    A Cappalla Coyote & Canine

  95. Heather L Says:

    They’ve Got Chops!

  96. Cheryl Says:

    Singers in the mist

  97. KRae Says:

    The Howling Jokers

  98. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Howl-elujah Chorus

  99. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Motown West

  100. Angie Says:

    Sing, sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong.

  101. penny Says:

    The Sopranos

  102. Trebor Says:

    The Wyoming Warblers

  103. cathy Says:

    Sing Like No One’s Listening!

  104. Jeska Says:

    Ghostly Duet

  105. Nicole Says:

    (2nd try… I don’t see the one I tried to submit a little while ago.)

    Yowdeling Competition Finalists

  106. Trebor Says:

    Wyoming Wind Symphony

    Canis Chorus

    Howl Y’all Doing

    Ki Yi Yippie Yi Yo

  107. Mickey Says:

    And when you sing, sing boldly. (But you might have to know the reference – I think it was Martin Luther who said “and when you sin, sin boldly.”

  108. Becky Says:

    Just howling along
    Singing a song
    Side By Side.

  109. Christina Says:

    Not a caption just wanted to say that your photos are beautiful. Just found your blog today after a bookstore salesperson recommended your book. My 5 year old has a coyote obsession and loves the photos in your book.

  110. Karie Says:

    Angels We Have Heard On High

  111. Bruce Says:

    “Their” master’s voice.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Blues Legend Howlin’ Wolf and his Band

  113. Robin Says:


  114. Derrick Says:

    “Blues Legend Howlin’ Wolf and his Band”

  115. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    E.Jolie was the first to submit a variation on the Hallelujah Chorus, shown below. It’s the winner in my humble opinion. I LOVE IT!
    (I’m not submitting today – already have a book.)

    E.Jolie Says:
    February 15th, 2010 at 8:40 am

    Howllelujah Chorus

  116. Karie Says:

    Or…..for some reason when I look at this picture I think of the song by Travis called “Sing.” So maybe:
    “For the love you bring won’t mean a thing, Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing……..”

  117. Heather L Says:

    Belting Out the Blues….

  118. Heather L Says:

    Prairie Song


    Prairie Song Companions

  119. Heather L Says:

    White Sound

  120. Doug Says:

    Yap and Yowl

  121. quinn Says:

    Tenor and Bass: an Ensemble Piece.

  122. Isobel Says:

    Howl’s that?

  123. Terran Says:

    Yip & Howl

    This photo is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  124. mlaiuppa Says:

    Me and my Shadow.

    Prairie Duet.

    Winter Duet.

    White noise.

    Canine Counterpoint

  125. Diane Says:

    Western revelrie

    Wild thing, you make my heart sing!

    Make a joyful sound

  126. Kristi in Ohio Says:

    A Howling Good time.


    My Heart Howls for you.

  127. Sarah Says:

    Black and White Howlmony

  128. Janet M Says:

    Howl together now!

  129. Jess Says:

    Howl-o! I wuff you!

  130. bonnie Says:

    Doo wop Duo

  131. Heather L Says:

    Makin Mountain Music….

  132. Holly Dare Says:

    Two part harmony OR
    Two hearts sing as one OR
    Unison OR
    Harmonic convergence

  133. Angela Says:

    Be Vocal, Buy Local! :)

  134. Angela Says:

    Yippee Yowl Yay

  135. Lynne R. Says:

    Canine Cadence

  136. CarolC Says:

    Howl a deux

  137. Ali Says:

    Joyful Harmonies

    haha i love the difference in their howling styles :)

  138. Teresa Says:

    Ghost Whisperers

  139. Betsy Says:

    calling in harmony

  140. Heather L Says:

    Singing for their Supper!

  141. Desiree Says:

    Ethereal Choir

    Auras of Song

    Blur the Lines

    Blur, Song 2

  142. Heather Says:

    Yips and Howls

  143. Pat Says:

    Snow Patrol

  144. Richard Says:

    “Ole Shreve Stocton had a farm EEEE-I-EEEE-I- OOOOO”

  145. CatScott Says:

    We’ve had the coyotes singing with accompaniment by some local dogs. It’s amazing and beautiful and wild. Sometimes they’re close and it feels like the air is vibrating. Sometimes it’s distance – more like a wild whisper.

    My entries..

    And every breath we drew was hallelujah
    ~Leonard Cohen

    I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah
    ~Leonard Cohen

    Love Leonard Cohen, he’s a genius. k.d. Lang’s version speaks to my soul.

  146. katie Says:

    Howl at the Human
    Charlie’ll catch more snowflakes that way
    “Loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo!” (Charlie Brown Christmas)
    Charlie and the Snowflake Factory

  147. CatScott Says:

    *distant – not distance. ugh!

  148. Richard Says:

    I’ll try this again with the proper spelling(sorry Shreve)
    “Ole Shreve Stockton had a farm EEEE-I-EEEE-I-OOOOO”

  149. D Says:


  150. Michelle Says:

    Howl’s Angels

  151. Eija Says:

    ‘Mist’ical howling partners

    Canine minstrel

    Misty howl-harmonizers

    The joy of howl

    The simple pleasure of tandem howling

  152. Caroline Says:


  153. Todd James Says:

    distant brother in song

  154. Biff Says:


  155. Sandy G. Says:

    Having a Howl of a good time!

  156. Angela Says:

    Two-Pet Harmony

  157. Ady Says:

    Dynamic Duet

  158. belle Says:

    DO YOU do you

    HEAR WHAT hear what

    I HEAR i hear?

    (as in an echo in a canyon – i am sure you know the exact sound of which i am writing)

  159. Stacey Says:

    Now in fabulous stereo surround sound!

  160. Sarah Says:

    1. Calling into the mystic
    2. Answering the wild
    3. Reading the text that nature renders
    4. The Wild is Calling

  161. Karissa Says:

    The hills are alive with the sound of music!

  162. Jess Says:

    The hills are alive with the HOWL of music!

  163. Maegan Says:

    Singin’ the Awooos

    I’ll take the High Raowwed, You take the Low Raowwed

    “From the back of your throat, use your diaphragm, you’ll hit my note eventually, Chloe.”

  164. Kathryn Says:

    Wild White lightning

  165. Trudy Says:

    Symphony of the soul

  166. Lisa K. Says:

    Eli: “You guys are SO full of hot air!”

  167. Sally Says:

    Ancestral Harmony

    Ethereal Duet

  168. Martha D. Says:

    Charlie: Oh Sol-e …

    Chloe: Mio (or in her case, Mia)

  169. Jay Says:

    The prairie wolf will be our friends
    We’ll stay up late and howl,
    At the moon, till nighttime ends,
    Before going on the prowl

    -Calvin and Hobbes, prairie was inserted before wolf :3

    Hope you all are well!

  170. mARTHA d. Says:

    i lovded angie’s response 9 sing, sing a song….) . only i’d slightly alter it as follows for fun:

    Sing, sing a sooooong

    Sing out looooooowd

    Sing out strooooooong

  171. yvonne Says:

    Aural Aura

  172. Lynne R Says:

    Canine Revelry

  173. Laurie Says:

    I can sing better than you
    No you can
    Yes I Can
    Yes I Can

  174. clark Says:

    Yip and Yowl

    Why the cow jumps over the moon

  175. Dotty Says:

    1. Howl, howl on the range where the deer and the antelope play…..

    2. Do you howl like I howl?

  176. Clark Says:

    just thought of another:

    ancient melody

  177. karen hanson Says:

    Canine Karaoke, at ‘ Club 10 Sleep’

  178. Rhedrose Says:


  179. Erika Says:

    Ghosts in the Wind.

  180. Amelia Says:

    Ghost riders in full cry

    Cheers Shreve

  181. Tess Says:

    Charlie and Chloe perform Johann Sebastian Bark’s “Canine Cantata”

  182. Rhedrose Says:

    Bipartisan consensus

  183. kathy Says:

    Yip and yap

  184. Rhedrose Says:

    and, to support the troops, how about:


    (the Canine Cadence Call)

  185. carrie Says:

    resounding radiance

  186. Claudia Says:

    And this is Thriller……………

    Shout out to MJ

  187. Carlene Says:

    Calling all coyotes!

  188. Kelly Says:

    Sing Choirs of Canines!

  189. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Yip and Yodel”

  190. ChrisB Says:

    I’ve got you under my skin

  191. Kim Says:

    Canines in the Mist

  192. Chakolate Says:

    Happy Trails to you! Roy and Dale sing the show out. :-)

  193. Joan Says:

    “When I’m calling you000, oooh, ooohh!”

  194. Ava Says:

    Howlehemian Rhapsody

    (with apologies to Queen and the late, great Freddie Mercury. The canine’s pose just reminds me of singing along with that “for meeeeeeee!”)

    I love caption Mondays! So many great entries; it’s always so much fun to read them.

  195. Emily Says:

    I Am Charlie See Me Howl

    Chloe, Silly, You Don’t Do That, You Howl, Not Bark!

    I See the Light!

    Chorus of the Wild

    Wild Choir

  196. Chris Says:

    Voices of Season

  197. mjk Says:

    One good howl deserves another

  198. Janie Says:

    “On Top of Spaghetti …..!!!”

  199. Rhedrose Says:

    Wyoming Throat Singing

  200. mlaiuppa Says:

    Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong.

  201. Rhedrose Says:

    A fur-throated rendition

    (Y’all are all brilliant – and hysterically funny. Mondays have never been so entertaining. Thanks, Shreve!)

  202. mlaiuppa Says:

    Ode to JOY!

  203. Jay Says:

    I’m lame for entering again but

    “Sing Along li’l doggies”

  204. mlaiuppa Says:

    Furry fugue

  205. Diane Says:

    In perfect unison

  206. ursula Says:


    coyote-hound sound off

  207. Barbara Says:

    Telling you howl we are

  208. Sandra Says:

    Calls of the Wild

    Casting their Choruses

    Projecting Pleasure

  209. Sea Witch Says:

    I only have “howls” for you.

  210. Denise Says:

    Remembering our roots

    Wild Harmony

    Shades of grey with sounds of soul

  211. Cristina S. Says:

    Aurora’s hazy howl

    A harmonic howl in the haze

    A hazy morning’s howl

  212. Robin Says:

    Canine Caraoke Competition

  213. astro-horse Says:

    Howling in a Hazy Daze

    Charlie – “Canine Smanine Chloe, Everybody Knows that I Can HOWL!”
    Charlie – “Chloe, Just Face it, You Can’t Own Me!”



  214. astro-horse Says:

    (oh sorry just thought of one right now!) :)

    Charlie-”Ha Ha Ha, you call that a howl!?”
    (kinda looks like he’s laughing!:) )

  215. Pam Says:

    “Friendship, Friendship, just the perfect friendship….”

    It’s an old song that “Lucy” and “Ethel” sung once on the I Love Lucy show . But you’re much too young to remember that.
    Charlie and Chloe remind me of those 2…one always leading the other into one adventure or another.

  216. Debi Says:

    Ancestors long past speak once more…

  217. Ernie Says:

    Oh Howly Night

    Hark, the Howly Angels Sing

    (I’m in a Christmas frame of mind for some reason)

  218. Rebecca Says:

    Ethereal Echos

    …and on this farm she had a cow, E-I-E-I-Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  219. Allie Says:

    Full Moon Madness

  220. Holly Says:

    One Howl of a Duo!

  221. Mary Says:

    Coming unhinged!

  222. Cynthia Says:

    Howl with me, Charlie!

  223. debra Says:

    Ghostly Duet

  224. Rhedrose Says:

    Two-Heart Harmony
    (in honor of Valentine’s Day)

    His & Hers Howls
    (…can you get those monogrammed?)

  225. Lynne R Says:

    No, but if you howl a few bars…

  226. Joe Tribby Says:

    See the sound of beauty. Silently…

  227. Mimi Says:

    Howl… lacious

  228. Suzy Says:

    Punk Rock

  229. Colleen Greco Says:

    Canine Opera

  230. Patr Says:

    See, Chloe – you can make the glass shake with your voice… Bet Mom’s lens is loose after that one.

  231. Rick Says:

    “Anything you can do, I can do better…”

  232. mlaiuppa Says:

    Acapella fellas.

  233. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Look Ma, no cavities.”

  234. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Yip yip” “Woof” “Ah-oooo” “Ruff”.

  235. Ladyfox Says:

    “Daddy sang bass,
    Momma sang Tenor,
    Me and little sister would join right in there…”

  236. Sue Says:

    Dos Il Devos

  237. Danielson Says:

    Dog who catch fly with incisors…accomplish anything.

  238. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Maestro and the Diva.

  239. Shannon S. Says:

    Echo, echo, echo

  240. Amy Nahirny Says:

    “The timber wolves will be our friends.
    We’ll stay up late and howl,
    At the moon, till nighttime ends,
    Before going on the prowl.”

    Bill Watterson

  241. Suzy Says:

    And they called it puppy l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-v-e-e-e-e

  242. Erin Eloise Says:

    Sing like no one’s listening

    Neither seem to be afraid of the dentist

    If music be the food of love, howl on

    Ghosts of Harmony and Melody

    Vocal Technique : Singing from the Soul

  243. Robert Says:

    “You’re flat!” “No, you’re sharp!”


    The Wyoming Omni-Canis Choir

  244. E.Jolie Says:

    All God’s Critters Got A Place in the Choir. folk song

  245. katie Says:

    Catching some rays

  246. Janie Says:

    Canines in D

    Coyote Glee Club

  247. Diane Says:

    Dueling Duet

    Howl, Yowl & Prowl

    Charlie: “Don’t go breakin’ my heart….”
    Chloe: “I couldn’t if I tried…”

  248. Chris Coyote Says:

    twilight howl

  249. Carol Says:

    Ike & Tina

  250. Carol Says:

    Yip, Yip, hoooowl-ray!
    (submitted on behalf of the Sunday Night Howlers, a New Mexico suburban coyote pack )

  251. Bess Says:

    Aurora Howlealis

  252. Shanin Says:

    Music to my ears !

  253. James Says:

    Hairball Symphony

  254. Linda Lu Says:

    Whisker Lullabye

  255. ellen Says:


  256. Julie Says:

    Mouth is alive with juices like wine, and I’m hungry like the wolf…(Duran Duran)

  257. Steph Stewart Says:


  258. Feral Boy Says:

    “Chuck and Chloe,
    They go: YI YI YI!!!!”

    – with a nod to Frankie Valli

  259. Steph Stewart Says:

    Vocal Yocals

  260. Steph Stewart Says:

    oops…spelled it wrong….

    Vocal Yokels

  261. Steph Stewart Says:

    Keepin’ it Real…

  262. Eija Says:

    Hazy Howling Hounds

    Howl Duel

    Duet or Duel?

    These hazy mazy days of howling

  263. Farmer John Says:

    Sing! Sing! Sing! …We ought to be in Carnegie Hall, like it was in 1938 when the king of swing was on stage in concert.

  264. Brenda Says:

    you aint nuthin but a hound dog criiiiiing all the time

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