Apparently It’s Not Eli That Charlie Bows To, It’s The Color Orange.

photo taken November 2009 • title thanks to laura h.

one year ago: Self Expression
two years ago: Another Leg

If you have not read the comments on this post, I can only assume you are a masochist. Read them! It will make your day better and you will laugh.
PS: White is Lava! Orange is Safe!

I currently have 178 entries tied for first place and some animals that need attention so I will be posting the winner this afternoon!

I’ve been revamping my floors.  This floor is a poured concrete slab which Mike & I did ourselves and let me tell you, it was a horrible job.  Horrible both in the doing and in the end result.

For those who’ve not had the pleasure, pouring a concrete slab is a race against time, shoveling concrete madly as it shoots out of the truck (concrete is heavy!) and then trying one’s best to level it and smooth the surface before it gets tacky.  Well, my floor ended up just plain tacky.

The final result, after such wretched, strenuous labor, was a plain, unfinished concrete slab ~ ugly, uninspired, dreary… altogether yucky.  Also extremely difficult to clean, as concrete is so rough and porous.

In late Fall, Charlie’s instincts come to the fore and he gets very concerned about his territory ~ in the wild, this is the time of year when coyotes are searching for and/or defending their territory.  And so he marks it ~ a bit on his food dish, a bit on his bed ~ and while it’s not drastic, inevitably some pee gets on the floor.  I quickly became so over scrubbing bare concrete!  So I decided to paint it.

This is the floor just partway done ~ the light rust (looking orange in this pic) is not fully across the floor and the second color has not been applied (the white is just primer).  I promise to show pics of the completed floor!  It looks so fantastic.  Bonus: several coats of semi-gloss paint has created a surface layer that is a breeze to clean.

Charlie came inside once the first section I’d painted was fully dry and he became obsessed with the colored paint.  He paid no attention to the white paint but somersaulted and rubbed his body all over the colored squares.  He is weird.  Please title this photo.  You’ll be in the running for an equally weird prize.

453 Responses to “Apparently It’s Not Eli That Charlie Bows To, It’s The Color Orange.”

  1. lynn Says:

    Square Dancing

  2. belle Says:

    trying to put a round coyote in a square floor tile

  3. Diane Says:

    KING ME!

  4. lynn Says:

    Charlie answers the age old question of how the coyote got its rust color.

  5. sybann Says:

    Harlequin Charlie


    Diamond of Her Eye

  6. Chris Coyote Says:

    Charlie checkmate!?

  7. Eaglestar Says:

    Pwn to b4… Checkmate!

  8. Frannie Says:

    Ok, Chloe. Now, jump me!

  9. Heidi Littler Says:

    Trying to cover my checkered past.

  10. Diane Says:

    In Lust With The Rust

  11. Kit C Says:

    Well, this answers the question… Cash, or CHECK?

    Checkerboard Coyote.

    Interior design by canine.

  12. S Says:

    True epic loss in a game of chess

  13. Kelly Says:

    Left paw Orange

  14. Kathy Says:

    Twister – coyote style

  15. Holly Says:

    I’ll rub a little here, and leave a little there!

  16. dana Says:

    Checkers anyone!

    Put you Right paw on orange, your left pay on white, where did the other colors go.

    A ruff among diamonds.

  17. Danielle Says:

    Minimalist Coyote
    Charlie in Wonderland

  18. Bess Says:

    Checkmate Charlie
    Peyote Coyote

  19. Jane Says:

    Shape shifter

  20. James Says:

    Stop! Charlie Time!

  21. Eve Says:

    Orange you glad to see me?

  22. Bean Says:

    “As Charlie watched the 2010 Olympics, his admiration for the Norwegian Curling Team became apparent in his own fashion choices…”

    (Seriously, have you seen their pants?!)


    Cleaning the ears, cleaning the ears, bom bom…(homage to Judas Priest)

  23. Devin Says:

    Coyote, destroyer of order!

  24. Brianna Says:

    Half Awake And Half Asleep.

  25. Remy Says:

    Charlie hadn’t quite understood the concept of ‘Twister’. But he tried.

  26. Cheryl Says:

    King of Chess

  27. Tia Says:

    Charlie Checker

  28. John Says:

    Chubby Checker

  29. moondoggie Says:

    Crayola’s latest color–Coyote-Chrome

  30. Jennifer Says:

    Coloring outside the lines…

  31. Tina Says:

    Eli always said Charlie was L 7

  32. Mary Says:

    You what? You want to king me? I AM the king!, well next to Elvis.

  33. laura h Says:

    self-leveling coyote

    playing on the color theme:

    apparently it’s not eli that charlie bows to, it’s the color orange

    rust(ic) obsession

    rust tic (n):
    an involuntary, compulsive, rapid, repetitive, stereotyped movement or vocalization, experienced as irresistible and brought on in the presence of the color rust.

  34. tigeron Says:

    Paint fumes are goooooood!!!

  35. Charlene Says:

    Get down. Get down…..Jungle Boogie!
    (For those of you too young to remember disco, this was a great song to dance to.)

  36. paula Says:

    Charlie puts the “break” in breakdance moves.

    “Great. I tell her to call 911 and she gets the camera.”

  37. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    (I couldn’t tell that it was even rough before! I had no idea until I read the paragraphs! Also, I think I signed up twice for the weekly coyote….oops xD)

    Coyote Color Comparison

    Maybe It’s Warm…

    Warm Color, Warm Attitude


    “Oh, it feels so GOOD to rub on!”

    Tile Camouflage Attempt #53

    “Are these for me?”

    “Now they smell like me too!”

    More Charlie Bliss Time.

  38. Lis Says:

    Harlequin HUZZAH!

  39. Bethrusso Says:

    Coyote Twister.

  40. Lynnanne Says:

    Be damned, round pegs in square holes!

  41. Shanin Says:

    Orange Crush

  42. Charlene Teglia Says:

    Eli will not beat me at Twister this time!

  43. Meghan Says:

    Hip To Be Square

  44. Murten Saerbi Says:

    1. Checkmate Charlie

    2. Charlie the Mad Hatter

    3. Squaredance Charlie

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Still trying to get the hang of this Hokey Pokey thing…

  46. Heather Says:

    Ugh, the Hokey Pokey comment is me. *rolls eyes* I’m good at this.

  47. Steve Says:

    Wait…this isn’t dirt.

  48. Meg Says:

    Coyote Camo.

  49. Lynne Says:

    There MUST be an easier way to apply my rusty highlights….GRRRR!

  50. Lydia G Says:

    Footloose and…Colour Dazed

  51. Paul Says:

    King of Diamonds

  52. Jayne Z Says:

    Not too creative yet this morning, but as a side note — Rustoleum makes a great expoxy paint — you can get custom colors and they have a clear coat (shiny or matte) which you can also add a fine grit to while applying. Otherwise the floors can be extremely slippery when at all wet. They use this type of paint in airport hangars and professional auto body shops, etc. You can get it at Lowes or Home Depot — not too pricey and easy to apply.

  53. sara Says:

    coyote dancing –

  54. Meg Says:

    I couln’t help but think of fifties diner floors (not a bad thing!) when I first saw this. He looks like he’s having a blast..

    “Shake, Rattle n’ Roll” ? ;)

  55. Laura Says:

    “I will love it and pet it and call it Orange.”

  56. stefanie Says:

    be there…or be square!

  57. Erin Says:

    “Tile-E Coyote”

    Cool floor! I really like it!

  58. Brook Says:

    Charlie’s first shot at “Wyoming Twister” left a lot to be desired.

  59. brian Says:

    careful, the white sqaures are hot lava

  60. Claudia Says:

    I loves me some rust color!!!!

    A BIG shout out to John Bell on Z100 as I hear Charlie saying this in John Bell’s “I loves me some Friday” voice!!!

  61. Carol Says:

    I’m gonna smell like oranges… if I rub harder… this *is* scratch and sniff, right? C’mon, I wanna smell like oranges…

  62. Alice Says:

    Putting in new flooring is easy…you just ROLL it on.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    OOOOOOOOO…rust squares, I love you I love you I love you….

  64. Patty Says:

    in refernce to above, forgot to write my name! UGH.

  65. Feral Boy Says:

    Right Paw White — Left Paw Red!

  66. Suzy Says:

    After a night out with the boys

  67. patty Says:

    Charlie tries out for “Dancing with the Stars”

  68. Carmen Says:


  69. Susie Says:

    Following the “Sun Salute,” Charlie glided easily into “Down Dog,” and “Pose of the Child.”

  70. Rick's Cafe Says:

    “Awwww, mommy killed a bunch of rabbits and left all the ‘good stuff’ for me to roll in so I’ll smell pretty for Cloe!”

  71. Suzy Says:

    Rust in peace

    Charlie fell in love with the floor

  72. Eija Says:

    “…….something about this color!!!!”

    Square ecstasy!


    Rust color coded territory

    The Square Marksman

  73. SuzyS Says:

    Wait a minute – this isn’t orange marmalade! What was in that caterpillar’s hookah?

  74. Tina Says:

    Bow to your corner
    Promenade left
    then do-si-do

  75. Sloyom Says:

    “My camoflauge is foolproof!”

  76. Courtney Says:

    The Edge of Sanity


    Coyote Camouflage

  77. Carrie S. Says:

    Drop, Flop & Mop

  78. Annabelle Says:

    just a bit more color and I’ll look just like Eli!

  79. Mareike Says:


  80. Mickey Says:

    “For me? You did this all for ME?”

  81. Mol Says:

    At ONE with the FLOOR.

  82. eni Says:

    Mine, all mine!

  83. Kristian R Says:

    Square Peg

  84. bruce Says:

    Interpretive dancer

  85. Deborah Says:

    Ca-Yoga-te school of “Downward Dog”

  86. Sundar Says:

    Check Mate!

  87. Lauren H Says:

    Charlie Hits the Bottom of The Rabbit Hole
    What a Square!
    Coyote Acid Trip

  88. Jerry Tuneberg Says:

    Get it off, Get it off!

  89. Ilana Says:

    King Me!

  90. Karen Says:

    Coyote Squared

  91. Susan Says:

    Shreve — this is one of the surreal pictures I’ve ever seen. If painted, it would put Dali to shame.

  92. tiger Says:

    a lust for rust

    (orange you glad the floor wasn’t bigger? ;))

  93. Angie Says:

    Orange ya gonna break dance with me?

  94. Alicia Henderson Says:

    “Fluffer Nutter”

  95. Trudy Says:

    These are actually magic squares,but you have to rub them just right.

  96. foetle Says:

    Orange! It’s got to be orange!


    A little bit of Charlie on the floor

  97. Kathleen Says:


  98. MaggieM Says:

    Coyote Twister- Right Shoulder on Orange Square

  99. Becky Says:

    Shreve, you CAN’T redecorate without ME!

    If I lie down on just the right spot, will Chloe still see me?

    Coyote camo.

  100. Meg Says:

    One tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila …… FLOOR!!

  101. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Charlie, Going Dutch
    (I think orange is the official color of The Netherlands)

    Back to Square One

    Shreve, Orange You Glad You Took Charlie’s Photo? (LOL)

    Nobody Puts Charlie In A Corner

    My Tile, For A While

    Holding Down The Floor

  102. Jenny C Says:

    He’s just floored over the new designer color…

  103. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    ‘Kneel’ Diamond

  104. Jane Stanley Says:

    Art in the Wild

  105. Sara R Says:

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.” (Lewis Carroll)

  106. Castronaut Says:

    B-boy Charlie Busts a Move.

  107. Kathleen Says:

    “Come on baby, let’s do the twist”

  108. Robin N Says:

    I BLEND!!! I BLEND!!!!

  109. Dave Says:

    “let’s play Twister!”

  110. Nellie Says:

    Twist and Snout!

  111. David N. Says:

    At a complete loss for words!

  112. shyam nunley Says:

    I would simply title it “Unfinished”
    that is a gorgeous picture.
    You just get this wonderful sense of a hard job, a good life, a weird girl ~ all unfinished.
    Perhaps even: A Moment on the Edge of Now.

    Thank you for the visual wake up call this morning.

  113. LHays Says:

    Checkerboard Charlie


    Coyote Chess


    Coyote Twister

  114. shyam nunley Says:

    By the way, I meant “weird” in the quirky, fun, unpredictable sense of the word. I just ASSume since I always take it as a compliment that everyone else does too. ;p

  115. Betsy Says:

    “Ok – I think I’ve got it!! Quick Chloe ‘n Eli – use the staple gun before it gets away!!”

  116. Debi Says:

    Knight Charlie to L7…..

  117. Patti Says:

    Orangecicle Dreams

  118. Kat Smith Says:

    White is Lava! Orange is Safe!

  119. Lisa Says:

    Did I win Twister?

  120. Annie Says:

    Square Dancing

  121. Heather L Says:

    Concrete Coyote

  122. Amanda Says:

    Diamonds in the Rough

  123. Carrie Says:

    Party Trick! Watch me turn into Scrat the Squirrel from Ice Age!

  124. Tom Says:

    Charlie scores in Knoxville!!

  125. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie’s checkered past

  126. Heather L Says:

    Concrete Cowboy

  127. sally Says:

    just doin the twist.

  128. Heather L Says:

    “Ruff in the Diamond”

  129. Mark Says:

    Charlie performs Hamlet, Act V, scene II.

    “Must…. wipe…. up…. nasty paint… hiding my… lovely marked concrete below. Be free, my dull grey conquest!!!”

  130. Heather L Says:

    Charlie’s Out of Line


    Coloring out of the Lines

  131. Mandy Says:

    Hop-Scotch, anyone? or “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. I’m stuck to the orange floor like a peanut butter cup.”

  132. Heather L Says:

    Fool’s Gold

  133. Holly Says:

    If I lie down and rub, it will smell just like me.

  134. Heather L Says:

    Back to Square One

  135. Susan Says:

    Coyote Catnip

  136. Breane Says:

    Bread always lands butter side down, but Coyotes land butt side up.

    “I can hear the prairie!”

  137. Rebecca Says:

    Rough in the Diamond

  138. D'Ann Says:

    Home, home on the Orange….

  139. Barbara Says:

    Mine, all mine!!!

  140. Heather L Says:

    Charlie Covets the Color


    Charlie Covets the Concrete

  141. Sim Says:

    Look! I match!

  142. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie is such a square

  143. Debi Says:

    Charlie knows… “it’s hip to be square”!

  144. sybann Says:

    Argylie Coyote

  145. Joe Says:

    A wild game of Twister!

  146. Sam Says:

    Who says coyotes can’t see color? They feel it, too!

  147. Vicki Y Says:

    Missed a Box

    King of the Board

    Charlie’s Adventures in Wonderland

    Through the Looking Glass

    Down the Coyote Hole

  148. Treva Kensler Says:

    Check Mate!

  149. Christina Says:

    “all the ways about here belong to me”.

    From “Through the Looking Glass, when Alice talks to the Queen. Or:

    “turn out your toes as you walk — and remember who you are!”

    from the same scene.

  150. Hawk Says:

    Have to admit, “Orange this my territory?” came to mind first, bad as it is.

    He looks like he’s trying to mark it the way my cat marks my clean laundry – the face rubbing method, obviously not the urination method!

  151. Julie R. Says:

    Positive Spin

  152. Heather L Says:

    Eau de Paint

    Coyote Pop Art

    Paint Drunk

  153. Heather L Says:

    Coyote Wallow

  154. Michelle Says:

    Hip to be square!

  155. Kim Says:

    right shoulder orange

  156. Kate Says:

    “This picks up my highlights perfectly!”

  157. Kristan Says:


  158. Brandi Says:

    Charlie realizes too late that the orange squares are elevated, and falls flat on his face.

  159. Kelly planer Says:

    They Call Him The Diamond Dog.

  160. patty Says:

    king me

    Coyote Chameleon

  161. Liz Says:


    “You put your right side in, you put your ride side out, you put your right side in and you shake your tail about!”

  162. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Trickster Twister
    The Trickster Plays Twister

  163. Doris Says:

    Who says life in the country is boring!

  164. Anonymous Says:

    This coyote is a ‘half a bubble off plumb’ :)

  165. CarolC Says:

    coyote check

  166. Mary Says:

    Just one more square and my roll here will be done!

  167. D'Ann Says:

    He’s really feelin’ the orange

  168. Heather L Says:

    Hair & Square

  169. b Says:

    Oooohhh, smoooooth!

  170. Kimberly Says:

    …put your whole muzzle in and you shake it all about….

  171. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie, the new HGTV Design Star

  172. lynn Says:

    King of the Concrete Jungle

  173. Laura Says:

    Completely Floored

  174. Heather L Says:

    Diamonds are a Coyote’s Best Friend

  175. Emilie in HK Says:

    A Clockwork Charlie

  176. Terry Says:

    Can you see me now?

  177. pika Says:

    King Charles’ Gambit

    Paint Bristles

    Such a Square

  178. sando Says:

    Hair Brushed

  179. Lucky Says:

    Rust Removal

    Floored by Love

    Coyote Checkers

    Charlie employs a new method to figure square footage

  180. Laura Says:

    Diamond in the Ruff

    or, Ruff Cut Diamond

  181. Lynne R Says:

    Diamond Design Boogie

  182. PhotoCoyote Says:

    No Swiffer? No problem!


    Rub your hair on the square
    to lay claim to your lair.

  183. care Says:

    Shimmy Square!

    (my greyhound does this at our local park and it looks like he’s booty dancing; however, his butt is so big, he always looks like that)

  184. Pam (EvilFerret) Says:

    Must… must cover diamond….

    “No, no! I’m not getting fur in the paint!”

    Charlie On The Floor With Diamonds

  185. Mich Says:

    The Art of Getting (P)laid

  186. saxon Says:

    a rook and a hard place

  187. D'Ann Says:

    Coyote Squared

  188. pkc Says:

    Rust HimALay’em

  189. cin Says:

    Charlie In Wonderland

  190. Katie Says:

    Coyote breakdancing

    Break pad fail

    Stop and smell the floor

    Watching paint dry

  191. Kelly Says:

    Pup to E4

  192. Barbara Says:

    Come pee with me!

  193. jill Says:

    Stop, drop and roll.

  194. i-ching Says:

    “You lay down the floor; I’ll lay down the scent.”

    Coyote Primer

    Color Me Coyote

    Rust, with a twist of coyote.

  195. Martha Says:


  196. littlebobina Says:

    ” No I don’t have a square to spare, I can’t spare a square!”

    -one of the best Seinfeld episodes ever!

  197. bonnie Says:

    Layin’ down some Love.

  198. Holly Dare Says:

    It you like, you should roll on it!

  199. Mandy Says:

    Shaggin’ and a waggin’

  200. Steph Stewart Says:

    Square Love

    A Roll in the Clay

    Wyoming’s Own Terra Cotta Warrior

    or just

    Terra Cotta Warrior

  201. Shannon H. Says:

    Moves of the Bishop

  202. Mariska Says:

    Shhhhhh! Can you hear that?

  203. Anonymous Says:

    coyote to knights six.

    as for the concrete slab, just be glad you were able to chute it right off the truck. it gets way more fun if you’re running 30 ft with a wheelbarrow.

  204. Meghan Says:

    Charlie has a checkered past.

    Mine, Mine, Mine. (like the seagulls in Finding Nemo)

    Boot scootin’ bootie. (instead of boogie)

    “How am I supposed to blend in with this?”


    Step on a crack and you break your mothers back.

    Charlie’s opnion of modern art.

    Just a pawn in Eli’s kingdom.

    Rust Lust.

  205. Danny Says:

    Shhh.. I think I hear a train coming…..

  206. Greg S. Says:

    As the coyote enters his new surroundings he quickly camoflauges himself to blend in with the floor.

  207. D'Ann Says:

    Quadrate Coyote

  208. D'Ann Says:

    Square Inspector

  209. Tina Says:

    Feeling Square
    Coyote2 (make that a little ’2′, up high as in ‘squared’)

  210. Tiny Tyrant Says:

    Traction: Apparently a thing of the past.

  211. Teresa Says:

    Must rub Eli’s scent off of squares.

  212. Kathleen Says:

    The new O.C.D. – Orange Coyote Dances

  213. Sweetpea Says:


  214. AmandaH Says:

    King Me

  215. Liza Lundell Says:

    Knave of diamonds!

  216. Jia En Says:

    Hide & Seek.

  217. Nicole Says:

    “Hello, New Paint”

    (a play on the song Goodbye, Old Paint…)

  218. Skimmie Says:

    Charlie…the quicker checker-upper!

  219. Laura Says:

    a paws in the competition

    white on right

  220. D'Ann Says:

    Weirdly Coyote

  221. Laura Says:

    I saw this picture and instantly the only thing I could think was, “The schnozberries taste like schnozberries!”

  222. Karyn Says:

    I couldn’t possibly add anything to all these amazing entries – good luck to ya, Shreve in picking just ONE! What a witty bunch!

  223. D'Ann Says:

    (Thought Bubble) Anyone know of a good “slip/fall” attorney?

  224. Sandy Says:

    Oh my – I thought immediately of a weird acid trip (not that I’ve had one) but did grow up in the 60′s/70′s :-) “Charlie in the Sky with Diamonds” Heehee!!
    I love this picture!

  225. MMD Says:

    MC Escher emergence

  226. MMD Says:

    or MC Escher squared

  227. D'Ann Says:

    Shreve was re-thinking her decision on the semi-gloss paint after Charlie contacted the “slip/fall” attorney

  228. Ladyfox Says:

    “Let’s twist again, Like we did last summer…”

  229. Tinare Says:

    Charlie invents game of Coyote Checkers.

  230. David Says:

    Into the secret beauty of all things, including colored squares.

    Indulging in secrets of the universe unknown to humans.

    Indulging in meanings of life known only to Charlie and other select sages.

    Appreciating the mysteries and wonders of the world, including beloved colored squares.

  231. Sarah Lopusnikova Says:

    Coyotework Orange

  232. D'Ann Says:

    Shreve, orange you glad Charlie only rubbed his scent and didn’t pee?!

  233. D'Ann Says:

    Hang on Charlie, more orange squares are on their way!

  234. Jen Says:

    Maybe if I stay real still nobody’ll find me..

  235. Aleta Says:

    Red King’s Race

  236. jb Says:

    Oh my, Charlie has fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in Purinaland!

  237. RS Says:

    Orange You Happy for Charlie?

  238. Joan Says:

    To infinity and beyond!

  239. lynn Says:

    Coyote a l’Orange

  240. Angela Says:

    Of all of the Caption Contests I seen, these entries are the most clever yet! They were a blast to read!

  241. Big Dog Mom Says:

    Ahhh, just a little to the left, that’s the spot!!

  242. Amanda Smith Says:

    “The first Roomba prototype was not as successful as hoped.”

  243. Richard Says:

    “It’s okay Charlie, been there,done that”

  244. Layla Says:

    The Floor Show.

  245. Kathleen Says:

    Down dog with a twist (2 parts orange vodka, 1 part triple sec, 1 part OJ, with a lime garnish…shake and serve!)

  246. Suzette Says:

    Square Rooting Coyote
    Back to Square One

  247. D'Ann Says:

    Shock and Awe

  248. Ericka Says:

    Charlie on the floor with diamonds…

  249. D'Ann Says:

    Orange Paint inspector # 48

  250. Red Wolf Says:

    The Art Critic

  251. Tina Says:

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  252. michael Says:

    “orange you glad you’re not a square”

  253. mlaiuppa Says:


  254. Fellswoop Says:

    Flop & Mop


    Diamonds Aren’t Forever

  255. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Ruff in the Diamond

  256. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Square Root

  257. janet Says:

    psycho gets the square

  258. Kate Says:


  259. Karen Says:

    gravity plate malfunction…

  260. Sue from New Zealand Says:


  261. Penny Says:

    Well Chloe they were right…you CAN dig all the way to China….I hear them and they are speaking in Chinese!!!!!

  262. Erin Eloise Says:

    Charlie gettin’ down on the dance floor… literally.

    Charlie’s favorite new pastime : Body Chess

  263. labman Says:

    You once said, “As HAPPY as a coyote in a corn pile.”

    He actually seems, “As SILLY as a coyote dust-mop.”

    His pure exhilaration lit up my dark, cold, and rainy Monday.

  264. Sophie Says:

    Leukophobia! (fear of the color white)

  265. Kristi Says:

    “Hammer Time”
    “You Spin Me…”

  266. Mark Says:

    Charlie Checkers

  267. Daily Coyote Says:

    XO S.

  268. Mimi Says:

    Thru the Rabbit Hole…

  269. nancy Says:

    the outdoors indoors
    the coyote dust roll indoors

    this color reminds me of the rusty wyoming dirt. i miss that color. keeps showing lots of outdoor pictures. i need my wyoming fix

  270. mlaiuppa Says:

    Okay. Won’t speak to the pouring.

    As to painting, the concrete needs to be treated with a degreasing chemical to make sure it is absolutely clean. Primers and paints have to be specifically for concrete. Then sealed with a sealer for concrete.

    Me? If i was working with a concrete slab, I’d just buy whatever tile was on sale, thin-set and tile over it. Easier to clean and maintain. Yeah, cold on the feet, but that’s what rugs are for. And tile is easy to learn how to lay yourself. If you’re creative, you can find end lots at discount and mix and match.

  271. Jim M Says:

    Coyote Yoga

  272. Jenn Says:

    This is your brain on drugs.

  273. Marquand Says:

    “Aye, there’s the rub”

    Marking Time

    Sir Marksalot

    Too hip to be square

    Block and Tackle

    Leftward Leaning

  274. Doug Says:

    Well it LOOKS like a good ole Wyoming soil patch!

  275. Emily Says:

    RCOLF (rolling coyote on the floor laughing)

  276. TJ Says:

    Rust-coating is essential for a Wyoming winter!

  277. Laurie Says:

    Breakdancing Fool

    I saw this and it reminded me of my friends in Brooklyn who used to lay down cardboard and breakdance on the sidewalk. I can see him spinning on his head. Adorable.

  278. Jo Davis Says:

    “orane-ja just a li’l weird Charlie?” –Eli

  279. Rebecca H Says:

    Charlie Checks Out!

  280. Steph Stewart Says:

    Charlie Warhol

  281. Kit C Says:

    Charlie helps lay some barquetry flooring.

  282. SuzyQ Says:

    Diamond Jubilee

  283. Jessica! Says:

    Check Mate!

    (probably 300 people have already said this one!)

  284. ChrisB Says:

    Check Mate

  285. Siobhan Says:

    Check marks the spot!

    Twisted Trickster

    And I really have to second Marquand’s “Aye, there’s the rub”. Shakespeare references, <3!

  286. Lindsay Says:

    Charlie’s attempt at abstract art

  287. Rhonda P Says:

    And the Coyote gets the square!

  288. Suzette Says:

    Abstract Dance on Concrete Floor

  289. Django Says:

    Charlie on the Floor with Diamonds

  290. Tina Says:

    I’ll take Charlie Coyote in the center square to block

  291. Alison Says:

    “Downward Dog” on my serious new Yoga Mat

    Digital Camo’ (can you see me?)

    Intersection Inspection

  292. Stacey Says:

    If I can just fit in this square maybe she won’t see me.

  293. Jessica Says:

    No barking on the dance floor

  294. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Orange Julius”
    “Coyote-orangy” (like “Coyote Ugly”)

  295. erin Says:

    Orange Ya Glad I Painted the Floor?

  296. MJ Hampton Says:

    Charlie’s Orange Crush

  297. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Orange Crush”

  298. D'Ann Says:

    Natural Bristle Brush

  299. Ava Says:

    Creamsicle: an interpretive dance

  300. Dana Says:

    Check Mate.

  301. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Orange Peeler”

    “Orange Rind”

    “Orange Smoothie”

  302. Kym Says:

    Bartender: Charlie were closing…and your wife called about a hour ago..

  303. Heather L Says:

    X “Marks” the Spot

  304. debra Says:

    ITs an orange..thing yay!

  305. Richard Says:

    “Could somebody call me a cab?”

  306. Randi Says:

    Bishop Charlie

    (as in a chess game) only moves on diagonal squares of same color

  307. Della Says:

    Is it Eli color? Gotta wonder what goes through that head! If lovin’ you is WroOoOoOnggg, I don’t wanna be right….. lol

  308. D'Ann Says:

    Orange, how I love thee, let me count the ways…

  309. Nancy Says:

    Marma-Coyote or Marmacharlie as in (marmaduke)

    Coyote and Cream
    Coyote with Cream

    Awesome job. I once helped build a stone wall and also tinted and spun the small cement mixer. I was the gopher. I worked from 4 a.m. until 1 pm in the hot sun doing that and when my head hit my couch that night I was out. But the wall with rocks from the creek was gorgeous

  310. Ali Says:

    “What? It’s dirt, right?”

  311. K.K. Says:

    Chuckwork Orange

  312. Ashley Says:

    Take your baby by the ears and play upon his darkest fears
    We we so in phase
    In our dance hall days

  313. Matt Says:

    Saturday Night Fever

  314. Ken Says:

    An ant – that is an ant.

  315. junkshop_coyote Says:

    Your Move

  316. Ilana Says:

    nothing like a little color to brighten your day!

  317. Meredith Says:

    The Hokie Pokie!!!

  318. Randi Says:

    “Orange makes me wild!!!!!!”

  319. Melissa Says:

    O happy floor! This is thy home; there rust, and let me rub.


  320. Rhedrose Says:

    Furry, Furry Strange!!!

  321. Jen Says:

    Orange Crush

  322. lynn Says:

    Not quite grasping the concept of the sport of curling

  323. Tina Says:

    Trickster Twister

  324. Diana Says:

    Painting your floor orange and white – it’s a good thing.

    (to paraphrase Martha Stewart)

  325. sal Says:

    Coyote camouflage fail

  326. Angie P Says:

    Coyote quilt !

  327. Melissa Says:

    Oh Rusty Floor, where have you been all my life?

  328. heather em Says:

    Pattern Piledriver

  329. moondoggie Says:

    love the ‘Charlequin’ caption!
    and where’s BethRusso’s entry–hers are always outstanding!

  330. ggnoma Says:

    Floor Jam

  331. Lori Says:

    You put your whole self in, you put your whole self out, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around and that’s what it’s all about!

  332. Emily Says:

    sorry, my entry was

    RCOFL (rolling coyote on the floor laughing)

  333. Emily Says:

    PS- The RCOFL was spelled RCOLF (the F and the L were switched around)

  334. Suzy Says:

    Nap Attack!

  335. Lesley Says:

    I don’t have a caption idea (not very good at that) but wonder if Charlie likes the orange because it looks like Wyoming soil.

  336. Shelley Says:

    Coyote takes Queen – from the moment he was a baby

  337. Anonymous Says:

    Dizzy Floor

  338. carol Says:

    Vertigo Floor
    Dizzy Depth Delirium Floor
    New Floor Collapse

  339. pansypoo Says:

    say hello to my girlfriend, floor.

  340. Sim Says:

    Now you see me… now you don’t!

  341. Barbara R Says:

    Orange Square Charlie Pants

  342. Sal Says:

    Coyote tested. Coyote Approved

  343. davidray Says:

    What a square!

  344. Barbara R Says:

    Charlie in the Box

    (from the ‘ Land of Misfit Toys’ ; )

  345. stacey Says:

    Charlie – Squared.

  346. christine Says:

    ‘checkmate I win’

  347. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got it! This square isn’t going anywhere.”

  348. mlaiuppa Says:


  349. Ernie Says:

    “It’s hip to be square”

  350. Lisa K. Says:

    I can’t think of a good one either, but I, too miss BethRusso. Where are you??

    PS – Loved the video. Thanks :)

  351. wyominglover Says:

    Look Mom, I can be artistic too!!

  352. Emma_THS Says:

    Coyote Gradient
    Interior Decoration Rule #09: Match your “Furrnatures”

  353. linlah Says:

    Charlie marks the spot.

  354. Mecha Says:

    Mistaken for Eli….

  355. Eileen Greene Says:

    “Charlie Checker”
    “Rust Never Sleeps”
    “Red Dirt Dreams”

  356. Karinne B Says:

    Ice Age: Wyoming Weird – meet Scrat (squirrel/COYOTE/rat)!

  357. V Says:

    A Waking Tangerine Dream.

    (Even though you said it was rust, I couldn’t resist. The musical group Tangerine Dream makes for some blissful floor rolling music.)

  358. Keri Says:

    Twist and Shout

    Right Leg on White

    Thinking outside the Box

    All your orange base are belong to Charlie.

    Sham WOW! Now with extra charlie.

    All Natural Cleaner, Wyoming style.

    Squee!gee Coyote.

    SqueeGlee Coyote

    Who said coyotes are color blind?

    But…wheres the corn?!

    “I need to believe.
    There’s more than the eye can see
    All colors of rainbow”

    “I saw the colors too bright, not knowing that I was blind.”

    -Sonata Artica

  359. Isobel Says:

    Out on the Tiles

  360. Jen Says:

    “Uh, Mom, you said this was dry right?”

    “A Little Help Here?”

    “Fur Makes Everything Better.”

    “You Know You’ve Always Wanted a Coyote Rug…”

  361. sharon Says:

    colour me floored.

  362. Erin Says:

    “Check-ing to see how well he matches!”

  363. anita Says:

    pegged square

  364. Shannon Rose Says:

    Disco Dog Gets Down!

  365. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Can you see me now?”

  366. mlaiuppa Says:

    “If you look carefully you’ll see this line isn’t straight.”

  367. mlaiuppa Says:

    Thinking inside the box.

  368. Maegan Says:

    Hoochie Coochie Boogy Woogy

    (our dog used to do this to the carpet and we always called it the hoochie coochie back scratch)

  369. Pamela Deas Says:

    Brush-handled paint roller

  370. Kathy Says:

    All checkered out!

  371. Anonymous Says:

    “It’s Hip to Be a Square”

  372. Kris Says:

    Whoops, “It’s Hip to Be a Square” is mine! Forgot to fill in my info, sorry.

  373. E.Jolie Says:

    “Floored” by Charlie Coyote Performance Artist

  374. Leffe Says:

    Wyoming chess lesson:
    …and the coyote piece moves like this…

    If you got an itch, scratch it!

  375. E.Jolie Says:

    I’ve Got Rhythm. I’ve got paint.Who needs anything more? “

  376. carol E Says:

    I’m terrible at naming things so I won’t even try. But there must be some smell in the paint that Charlie thinks will enhance his odor-based status with the other animals around.

    We had a very butch golden retriever female, Sasha, who was obsessed with smelling up her shoulders. If something smelled just so, she was down and rubbing her shoulders in it just like Charlie on the new paint. Not very pleasant when she found a dead seal on the beach on Monterey Bay. Nasty smell to start with, and the blubber she got in her fur really helped the smell stick. Urk.

    She also loved ripping stuffed animals to bits, and rolling in their scattered remains. Does Charlie roll in his?

  377. CatScott Says:

    There are so many great captions, I don’t know how you pick a winner each week. I’ve been peeking here all day and haven’t been able to keep up with them! I decided to give it a try anyway.

    If I’m repeating someone’s then I do apologize. Here goes…

    Coyote Coin Drop

    Breakin’ 2: Coyote Boogaloo – (Charlie as Turbo while Eli played Ozone ;)

    Trickster’s Delight

    check it out, i’m the c-o-y-o-t-e
    and the rest is E-l-i

    We actually just unearthed a 12″ vinyl of Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight. Yeah, we’re cool like that ;)

  378. Melissa Says:

    Charlie’s Territorial Checkers

    So many great captions! Don’t know how you’ll ever choose one! Great pic as always of your wonderful coyote!! Love ‘em all!!!

  379. mjk Says:

    Orange Jubileeeee!

  380. Yaara Says:

    Splay Paint

    Chucky Checkers

  381. Beth Says:

    A round peg

    Coda Coyote

    Not a square

    Box step

    Castling Coyote-Style (for those who play chess!)

  382. Marina Says:

    Chubby Checker

  383. Sarah Says:

    Orange you glad to see me!

  384. Janet Fate Says:

    A Checkerd Past

  385. Jane & Tom Says:

    Thinking inside the box.

  386. Steph Stewart Says:

    Hammered or Enamored?

    : )

  387. Pam A. Says:

    “Coyote Takes a Square”

    I’m showing my age, but I’m quoting the game show, Hollywood Squares, where they would say the phrase “circle takes a square”.

    Weird, I know. But it’s all I got.

  388. Cornelia Says:

    Has anyone said Charlie Checker yet?

  389. sara Says:

    Not a caption, just a comment. My dog does this (chow mix)–and she loves it if I scratch her butt while she’s doing it. It totally iintises my other dog (husky) and he just has to get his nose in there. I’ve never seen another dog do it. Any idea what they heck they’re going for with this move?

  390. Tanya Says:

    And today’s winner of Coyote Twister is ….drum roll….CHARLIE

  391. debbi Says:

    S-Mother Orange.

  392. Elyse Says:

    Charlie is such a “Center Square.” When I was a teenager we referred to anyone who was a little offbeat as a “Center Square” since the person in the center on Hollywood squares was usually a bit unusual. This is a complement not an insult!

  393. Leslie Says:

    How low can you go?

  394. patty Says:

    …and in Vancouver tonight….Charlie failed to land his triple toe loop..but the judges gave him high marks for syle.

  395. Farmer Lady Says:

    oooooooo that smell……

  396. Shanin Says:

    A work in progress!!

  397. Dianne Says:


    Faintin’ on the Paintin’

  398. Barbara in California Says:

    A game of Coyote Twister: Three paws to the orange square.

  399. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck deciding Shreve. Looks like a record number of entries!

  400. Dawn Says:

    Gotta have my daily orange!

  401. Laura Palka Says:

    Check Mate

  402. pam Says:

    “Mom, I hope it’s shiny enough for you, this is killin my back!”

  403. Judy Says:

    Does this color make my butt look big?

  404. Jen Johnson Says:

    Be the chess piece..

  405. mlaiuppa Says:


  406. kathleen Says:

    And down the rabbit hole we go…

  407. kathleen Says:

    Curiouser and curiouser

  408. Skimmie Says:

    Invisible pin down.

  409. Skimmie Says:

    Charlie hears the beating of the tell-tale heart!!

  410. Sandra Says:

    Can’t get enough – of that color stuff!

  411. farmerjohn Says:

    Oooo ! King Charlie on the chessboard , where are the pawns ??

  412. Diane Says:

    Twitterpated & Discombobulated!!

  413. Kathy Says:

    “Coyote Twister”

  414. Kathy Says:

    Orange takes gold! Coyote Olympics!

  415. Tanya Says:

    Square dancing

  416. Mandy Says:

    Charlie’s version of “curling.”

  417. Maria Says:

    Orange ya glad I didn’t paint it all white?

  418. martha h. Says:

    be there AND be square…. as a title for charlie’s new love of the cabin floor.

  419. SuzyQ1922 Says:

    Yeah, this was a good photo and lots and lots of good etentries. One more entry:

    Checkered and Unbalanced

  420. LN Says:

    “Twistin’ the night away”

  421. Shari Says:

    Let’s play Twister!

  422. Marlene Says:

    Jumping Jacks: darn, missed it.

  423. Neena Howell Says:

    C squared or C2

  424. Anonymous Says:

    Shreve, drum roll please….. and the winner is……

  425. mlaiuppa Says:

    I find this so very interesting. I don’t know about coyotes but dogs can’t see orange or red. They can see blue and green and some of them a little yellow.

    All I can think if that while he cannot see the color, he can see the shift in shades and can see the square shape.

    It may also be a smell thing. The floor may have had his smell at one time, but not it is clean and freshly paints and has an alien chemical smell to it (even if you’re using low VOC or organic paint). And he wants to mark it with his smell.

    A very fun picture.

    (I love his toes)

  426. Stacey Says:

    Coyote Twister: Right paw to Orange Square

  427. carrie Says:

    I admit that my (unfortunate) first thought was, “Rabies!” – keep in mind that I study wildlife infectious diseases for a living, and this picture reminded me of one I took of a rabid jackal in Namibia:

    Please forgive me!

  428. Suzette Says:

    Oooh! I can’t stand the suspense!

    Hope there isn’t any problems with the animals.

  429. Linda D. Says:

    I know I am late for the caption contest, but I just had to my two cents’ worth in. In honor of Lina, a resident at a wildlife rehabilitation center I volunteer at, “Ooh, ooh, that smell. Can’t you smell that smell.” The picture reminds me of her reaction to some trout I gave her once – she proceeded to dump the fish on the ground and then rub and roll all over it! And, such rapture on her pretty coyote face!

  430. Marlene Sewake Says:

    doggyoga: downward facing dog

  431. sybann Says:

    I just wanted to add that Charlie is adorable in this pic! And Shreve, it may have been a major pain but that floor is jealous-making.

  432. Susan (Puck's Mom) Says:

    Sometimes my arms bend back

    (It reminds me of something from David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”.)

  433. Darlene Says:

    Rolie Polie

  434. E.Jolie Says:

    Proper Form For Bowing to Eli

  435. Daily Coyote Says:

    Linda D. ~ Charlie did that, too, the one time I gave him fish! And because of that, I’ll never offer him fish again!

    Sybann ~ Thankyou! The painting part was really quite easy and fun ~ I’ll put up a tutorial soon…..

    Suzette, et al ~ Animals are all fine and happy ~ we had two new early baby calves! All is well, they are so tiny and cuuuuuuuutttee!!!! Beautiful Springtimey day so I could not, with good conscious, sit at the computer while the sun was out. But I’m here now!

    ~ S

  436. sal Says:

    Coyote version of the limbo

  437. SuzieQ Says:

    Orange you gonna ask whyI’m so giddy?

  438. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    I just thought of it now, but maybe it’s not that he loves Eli and the floor because they’re orange, maybe it’s that he loves the floor because it’s the color of Eli! xDD

  439. amity Says:

    agent orange

    orange county square

    coyote and orange

  440. Angela Says:

    Shreve- Don’t you ever feel guilty for not being on the website when you have babies of all sizes and shapes to attend to! We totally understand.

  441. Angela Says:

    BTW Shreve, did you almost have a nervous breakdown trying to pick the best caption for this week’s Charlie pic? ;)

  442. jackie beck Says:

    Just had to tell you I love the floor and coyote FURniture!!!

  443. Phyllis Says:

    He is so funny….wonder what the color is triggering?? Interesting about the fall behavior.

    I’m glad you let him come inside; I’ve always wondered about that.

    I wish you all nothing but the best and so enjoy visiting you daily.

  444. Karen Says:

    I think these are the funniest comments I’ve evah read on your site!!!!!! Hilarious– and your coyote is funny, too.

  445. Tom C Says:

    Red white and Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  446. Boots Says:

    This fresh paint smell is sooooo good!

  447. Basil Says:

    Oh that silly animal :-)
    I wonder how he reacts to perfume, sprayed on the ground. Our dogs go silly in just the same way over such. Wont you test that, Shreve?

  448. Christine Says:

    I’m lovin’ your terra cotta!
    Orange you glad I’m here?

  449. Tia Says:

    I have to wonder, what is that uniquely “fresh” paint scent Charlie wants to bathe in and bring home to his pack? Does it say on the orange can label?
    I hate that our own sense of scent is so miserable, I feel like I miss out on so much.

  450. connie Says:

    CHECK MATE!!!!

  451. Adrienne Says:

    Dust Bath

  452. Shawn Gibbons Says:

    Coyoteflage! Now you can’t see me!

  453. Kim Says:

    I know this is years old, but I didn’t see it back then, and I just can’t help it…I have to add a tiny drop to the bucket of hilarious wisdom that is this list of possible titles. Shouldn’t it be called: “We’re all mad here…”?

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