Faux No

photo taken November 2009 • title thanks to cfritz

one year ago: The Hideout
two years ago: Naps

It is an agony to choose just one… or even just twenty!
I told you, pilgrim – it’s MY elf leg!
Behind Eli’s Back
I said NO little red riding hood jokes!!!
White…er…Sepia Fang
Hairy McScary
I saw where you called me “roly-poly”!
A sheep in coyote’s clothing.
A face only a Mother could love
When you see the mailman, Chloe, do this.
Wild Fang…I think I love you!
This …. is…. TENSLEEP!
Tyra told me to practice my “fierce” look!
Don’t get between Charlie and his nap-time.
OUCH Chloe, that’s my tail, not a stuffed toy!
How Charlie took the suggestion of going vegan.
Kill Grill
“Thou shalt not worship false Billy Idols.”

• • • Wake up! There’s a psychotic coyote staring at you!
I call this Extreme Yawn: Coyote Sociopath Edition.  In real life, it was just Charlie at the tail end of a yawn, totally benign.  But on first glance, the photo tells a different story.  Leave your title, caption, or commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running to win a Wyoming care package that will include petrified squid, antler, arrowhead, and rocks you will either consider lovely (as do I) or think, “why is that crazy girl sending rocks in the mail?”

298 Responses to “Faux No”

  1. Lauren H Says:

    “I’m not snarling, Yawnest!!”

  2. kris Says:

    Whisker Weeble

  3. Teaspoon Says:

    Bad day? No, my day’s been just FINE, thankyouverymuch!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Barking Orders

    Snarlie (instead of charlie) :)

    “See Chloe? I can easily get what I want!”

  5. Audra Says:

    An American Werewolf In Scare-is

  6. mint Says:

    don’t you hate it when your boogers freeze? (calvin&hobbes reference)

  7. OneRepublic4Life Says:

    (((omg i just noticed that i posted as Anonymous!!! :( here – I’ll post my ideas again, just under my name. )))

    -Barking Orders

    -Snarlie (instead of Charlie) :)

    -“See Chloe? I can easily get what I want, when I want!”

  8. ChrisB Says:


  9. mjk Says:


  10. Angie P Says:

    Up to late at the “Wy”

  11. Kwalee Says:

    Snarls Barkley

  12. Lindsay Says:

    Grandma! What big sharp teeth you have!

  13. Kate Says:

    KEEP YOUR DISTANCE … or you’re lunch!

  14. Rebecca Says:

    How DARE you wake me!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Charles Barkley

  16. Jen Says:

    Charles Barkley

  17. Danielle S Says:

    Do I have something in my teeth?
    I saw where you called me “roly-poly”!
    Aggressively tired.

  18. Mary Says:

    “I came here for a party and what do I get? Nothing. Not even Ice cream.”

  19. Kathy H Says:

    Snarly Charlie

  20. cfritz Says:

    Here they come again…tourists!

  21. Lizzie Longenecker Says:

    And as the brave Atreyu set off on his quest, the Nothing summoned Gmork, a vicious wolf-like creature, to kill Atreyu and keep him from saving the Childlike Empress!

  22. Steph Says:

    What’s that MC? Right, Shrieve does look great in those jeans…

  23. Erryn Says:

    “You talkin to me?”

  24. Tanya Says:

    Snarly Charlie

  25. Sand Says:

    “Where the hell is the damned coffee?”

  26. Char Reed Says:

    Get offa my lawn!

  27. Jamie Says:

    Seriously… your morning breathing is deadly.


    This is my Glenn Beck face.

  28. Jen Says:

    “Are you lookin’ at me!?”

    “This is my good side!”

    “Can you reach in and grab that chunk of elf in my back molar?”

  29. Pamela Says:

    Unbridled Countenance

  30. Rick Says:

    Charlie imitates Dick Cheney and no one knows why . . .

  31. Country Corgi Crew Says:

    Twinkietinydog sent us over for a visit. Goodness, what a face! Looks like “Old Lady,” the coyote who lives on our hill behind our side pasture. She’s got a foul temper. Glad to hear that Charlie isn’t showing us his “mean” face!

    Mom says that if she got rocks in the mail, Dad would just say… “MORE rocks?!”

  32. jean R Says:

    Breakfast, Yes I want Breakfast NOW, Please
    Coffee is Ok, but meat would be better.
    No lady waitress ,NOW mean as soon as possible

  33. Red Wolf Says:

    You want me to do what before my morning coffee?

  34. Robert Says:

    Don’t get between Charlie and his nap-time…


    One of nature’s many faces

  35. Yaara Says:

    But, soft! what light through Yawn-der window breaks?

  36. Isa Says:

    Behold the tiger in me!

  37. Suzy Says:

    This looks like my boss at our meetings!

  38. Ladyfox Says:

    (With small apologies to C.S. Lewis,)

    “After all, he’s not a TAME coyote.”

  39. Donna Perry Says:

    “Does it LOOK like I’m smilin?!”

  40. saxon Says:

    Coyote Ugly

  41. Anita Says:

    Yawnified, Yawnrific, Yawnifying (instead of terrifying ;0), ummm I don’t like that either.

  42. MMD Says:

    It’s snack time in 3…2…1

  43. Diana Says:

    Don Charlie-eone is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse . . .

  44. Karina Says:


  45. Janel Says:

    Mean muggin it

  46. Sandra Says:

    Here’s Lookin’ At CHOO!

  47. Colorado Coyote fan Says:

    Charlie does NOT approve!

  48. Amanda Says:

    ew… I smell catfood

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