See. Sharp.

photo taken December 2009 • title thanks to Tina

one year ago: Temptation
two years ago: There’s Something There

You are all amazing. I feel like a broken record saying this every week but it’s soooo truuue!  And I am so grateful you share your wit and weirdness with me each week.  Tina, I love the way you used the elements of Chloe’s stance and Charlie’s crazy canines and boiled them down to a nugget of pure brilliance.

These are but a few of the others which made me laugh out loud:
“Chloe, can you hear that? I swear I hear a clock ticking…”

Widely Coyote
Rocky Mountain Choppers
The Wides of March
“Go on, Chloe. Stick your head in here. I swear. You can hear the ocean.”
Ranger’s voice could be heard in the background.., “walk away from the hay, and nobody gets hurt!”
Yep, I see a piece of cork stuck in there.
Playing Charades:  Chloe hides her eyes for the first clue. Charlie opens his mouth for the second.  (And the movie, for those who can’t wait for the third clue…  Eyes Wide Shut, of course!)

• • • Hello!  Welcome back to Monday.
I’m not even going to speak about this photo ~ I’ll leave the words to YOU. Please leave your title, caption, or commentary for this photo in the comment section of this post and you’ll automatically be in the running to win an 11×14 print of one of my favorite images… it is so Wyoming. Click HERE to see it.

Also, yesterday I was on the radio with The Renegade Farmer chatting about the Farmily, etcetera. You can listen to the recorded show, at your leisure, HERE!

251 Responses to “See. Sharp.”

  1. lenje Says:

    Channeling Trololo!

  2. Ida Says:

    “They look like new, don’t you think?”

  3. Claudia Says:

    I don’t care what you say Charlie. I am NOT putting my head in there!

  4. Suzy Says:

    Land Shark!

  5. Annemiek Says:

    You’re tonsils are fine!

    That picture of Charlie looking out over the land is one of my favorites too. The colors are perfect!

  6. Steven Swanson Says:

    My what big teeth you have.

    Time for a cleaning and check up.

    Open wide, the dentist will see you now.

    Close your mouth, I feel like I’ve wandered into a fairy tale.

    Don’t yawn, it makes me yawn, too.

    Yawning makes me sleepy.

  7. Suzy Says:

    Charlie mouthing off

  8. belle Says:

    Chloe says, “Ummmm… I am not sure Charlie – what did you say you swallowed???”

  9. Eve Says:

    Uh, breath mint, Charlie?

  10. Diana Says:

    damn, chloe.. what the hell is tongue rolling good for?

  11. Sandy Says:

    “I’m crushing your head!”

  12. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    While watching our two BIG Great Dane pups play yesterday, this paraphrasing of a carton character came into my head; fits here, I think … Mighty Mouth!


    Chloe, I can’t hear you when my mouth is open!

    I am saying “Cheese”!

    Getting ready to swallow an elf leg

  13. Stacey Says:

    Ok, you win that bet. You can put more than 3 billiard balls in there.

  14. Dana Says:

    I found a recent vintage atari lately that still works…my kids have been having a blast with it…Charlies mouth reminds me of Pac Man so..

    Pac Man Impersonator

    Pac Man

    “Chloe, you be the ghost and I will be Pac Man”

  15. Michelle Says:

    I’ll eat you up I love you so! (From Where the Wild Things Are)

  16. Mary Says:

    OK, now I see why my dish is always empty!

  17. Derrick Says:

    Hairballs are nothing…..check out the haybail!

  18. Brianna Says:

    Open Wide!!

    Open Wide!! : )

    Open Wide

  19. Paul Anderson Says:

    Looks like a piece of Brocolli

  20. Lana Says:

    Yawning, its contagious!

    (just wanted to let you know I enjoyed listening to the radio show last night!)

  21. Jane Says:

    tongue in cheek
    cheek in tongue

  22. Kit C Says:

    Charlie, that’s not what Mom meant when she said “A-cute angle…”

    90 degrees of canines before the canine.

    Charlie is about to learn that hay is not a delicious snack.

  23. Angela Sego Says:

    Time to come home Eli!

  24. Angela Sego Says:

    The Picture Of Good Oral Hygiene.

  25. schatze Says:

    She Was Framed

  26. nancy Says:


  27. Meghan Says:

    90 degrees

    Say “aaahhh”

  28. Robert (Yuma, AZ) Says:

    “Talk Radio” Let me say a word or two !

  29. Tracy Says:

    Canine sharp

  30. Tina Says:

    C Sharp



  31. Meg Says:

    Now open up and say ‘aaaah’

  32. Courtney Says:

    “My what Big Teeth you have, Charlie!…. All the better to tear apart my stuffed Moose with, Chloe!”

    or simply..
    “All the better to tear apart Stuffed Moose toys with, Chloe!”

  33. Jiwa Says:

    You’ll be the oxpecker, I’ll be the hippo

  34. jarerocks Says:

    Speak Easy

  35. Tessa Says:

    “Looking through the jaws of love”

  36. Yaara Says:

    “Chloe, can you hear that? I swear I hear a clock ticking…”


    Into The Great Wide Open

  37. Nancy Peacock Says:


  38. Steph Stewart Says:

    Charlie Takes The Dare

  39. Sarah Lopusnikova Says:

    I am squishing your head!

  40. Jayne Z Says:

    Just say no to fiber!

    Okay — 4 inches down, 4 ahead and you’ve got it!


  41. Eija Says:

    “How Do You Do That, Charlie?

    The Triangles Connection


    Still in Awe of That Coyote Yawn

  42. Rhedrose Says:

    “Chloe, I caught an elk thiiiiiiiiiiis big!”

  43. Colleen Greco Says:

    Do I have food in between my teeth?

    Chloe can you check to see if my bicuspid is coming loose?

  44. Erica Says:

    No cavities!

  45. Alice Says:

    No cavities here!

    Fly fishin’

  46. Jennifer Says:

    Charlie, you are SUCH a big mouth!

  47. Kelly Says:

    Open wide and say “aaaaaaoooooo!!!!!!”

    (my impression of a coyote howl =)

  48. JMS Says:




  49. Heather L Says:

    “See Chloe…I can fit this much in here”

    Practicing for the Circus…………Chloe prepares to put her head in the coyote’s mouth………………………….

    The Jaws of Life

  50. Nichole C Says:

    >Greater than? or Less than???<

  51. Heather L Says:

    Lesson Time: “This is the Letter C for Chloe & Charlie and cow, cat, corn, chase me & Come and get it…………..

  52. Heather L Says:

    Chloe Divided by Charlie

  53. Faith Says:

    Daylight Savings, yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Chloe: “No, Charlie, there’s no spinach stuck in your teeth….”

  55. Heather L Says:

    “Chloe, are you sure that this hairball is edible?”

  56. Ava Says:

    A Canine Named The Cryer

  57. Zenta Says:

    Yes – I see the problem. You haven’t been flossing, have you? Tsk.

  58. Kathleen Says:

    “I spy, with my little puppy eye…”

    “So I huffed, and I puffed, and I blew the house down!”

  59. Liz Says:

    The Sound and the Fury

  60. Trudy Says:

    Chloe to Charlie “how do you unhinge your jaws like that?

  61. Deb D. Says:

    “Watch carefully, Chloe. This is how you huff, and you puff…..”

  62. Emily Says:

    This is Ten Sleep-y Coyote!

    Move it, Chloe! I’m trying to try some hay, gosh!”


  63. Barbara S. Says:

    Chloe thought bubble: I need a bigger mouth!

  64. Jill Says:

    In the spirit of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland…

    “How doth the little coyocodile
    Improve his bushy tail
    And pour the waters of Nowood
    On every shining wail
    How cheerfully he seems to grin
    How neatly spreads his claws
    And he welcomes little farm dogs in
    With gently smiling jaws.”

  65. Siobhan Says:

    All right, Chloe, you can practice being a dentist on me, but if you come at me with a drill, I’m leaving!

  66. MJ Hampton Says:

    “The Measure of a good friend.”

    “Calving! I don’t know nothing about calving no babies!” (Rephrasing Prissy, Butterfly McQueen, from Gone With The Wind)

  67. Karen Says:

    Looking through the jaws of life

  68. Farmer Lady Says:

    “It is important to floss.”

    Cloe says to Charlie

  69. Karen Says:

    Chloe, admit it–you’re secretly jealous of my new black lipstick.

  70. Carlene Says:

    Yawn… Mondays are boring….

  71. Lana Says:


  72. Susie Says:

    Mmm, minty fresh. NOT!

  73. Heather L Says:

    “See Mom, I didn’t steal her elk leg”

  74. Debi Says:

    Coaster Tongue!

  75. Kathy Says:

    “Open mouth, insert face”

  76. Heather L Says:

    yakkety yak….

  77. Heather L Says:

    “I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing”

  78. Heather L Says:

    Angling for a Bird

  79. saxon Says:

    wide open spaces

  80. lynn Says:

    Black and white snapshut

  81. Richard Says:

    “Wyoming-It’s jawdropping.”

  82. Heather L Says:


    “I told you that I didn’t bite off more than I could chew”

    Out of the Mouth of Babes

    Charlie Opens a Can of Worms

  83. Heather L Says:

    Charlie Practices his Dinner Prayer………Over the Teeth, Pass the Gums, Look
    Out Stomach…HERE IT COMES!

  84. Patti Says:

    Don’t worry I’m just squishing your head. (Kids in the hall reference)

  85. Wendy Says:

    Oh, no! I finally had one and someone stole it! *off muttering about squishing your head….*

  86. Dena Says:

    Angled Angels

  87. Julia Says:

    In honour of Magda Puntzmann:

    “Jawning is catching.”

    (She was a lovely German lady who told me that the first sentence she had ever learned in English was “Jawning is catching” and then as soon as she said it, she realized that she had said it incorrectly.)

  88. Pete Yandell Says:

    “I swear, Eli, the elk leg was this big!”

    “Eli tells funniest joke ever.”


  89. Carol D Says:

    “Look, Cloe! No cavities!”

  90. cfritz Says:

    Snout Shout!

  91. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Charlie and Chloe practicing their circus act–the death-defying head in the mouth of the coyote.

  92. Scott Says:

    The Charles Academy Visits the Home of the First Little Pig

  93. Pat D. Says:

    “All right, troops, listen up! We’re going to march over hill and dale until you want to drop, but you will not drop, and know why? We’re COYOTES!”

  94. Ashley Says:

    Widley Coyote

  95. Carrie Says:

    It’s too early!

    (because of daylight savings time) :-)

  96. Aleta Says:

    Yawn Coyote has a lean and hungry look.

  97. Mary Says:

    I can too pick this hay bale up in my mouth!

  98. Cheryl Says:

    It’s right there, can you get it?

    Chloe, my jaw is stuck, do something.

    I bet you can’t do this.

    I didn’t eat your toy – see?

  99. Joe Says:

    Look Mom, no cavities!

  100. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    Chloe (Wyoming’s 1st 4-legged Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor) promises a treat for good behavior. The choice? Lollypop or ElF leg.

  101. Kathleen Says:

    Yodel Yo-Yo-Ho-Ho!
    Yodeling Howl
    Howling Yodel Contest!


  102. Sophie Says:

    Dog Nip

  103. Caroline Says:

    Do I need a toothpick?

  104. Christina Says:

    Go on, see if you can fit your head in.

    I promise, I don’t bite.

  105. Erika Says:

    Eye in Maw

  106. Martha Says:

    That ol’ sheep musta been this big!

  107. Lucky Says:

    West Coast Choppers

    …okay since you aren’t that far west, how about
    Rocky Mountain Choppers

  108. Richard Says:

    “Ha,ha That wa s great Chloe. Tell me another one about the coyote who walks into a bar.”

  109. Laura Says:

    Charlie proves to Chloe it was an open and shut case

  110. cfritz Says:

    Jaws with Paws

  111. bonnie Says:


  112. Stacey Says:

    Hey Charlie, I can see all the way to China in there!

  113. Zanna Says:

    Chloe, do I have any elf in my teeth?

  114. Evelien Says:

    “I told you your head would fit in between Chloe”

  115. sistercoyote Says:

    “I’m kreshing your head, kresh kresh.”

  116. Anonymous Says:

    Hay-Bale-Eating-Coyote Contest – Entertainment for the whole farmily!

  117. Isobel Says:

    Charlie using his crop tool on Chloe

  118. Judy Says:

    Mom….Chloe won’t let me play
    (If you have kids, you know just what tone of whiney voice this is said in!!)

  119. Ryota Says:

    “A case of the Monday’s.”

  120. D'Ann Says:

    39, 40, 41, and 42. OK, that’s all I count. Sorry Charlie, no wisdom yet for you! (on Chloe looking for Charlie’s wisdom teeth)

  121. Becky Says:

    Nom nom nom!!!

  122. Tina Says:

    See. Sharp.

  123. Marva Felchlin Says:

    Giving Chloe a mouthful!

  124. Tina Says:

    The Wides of March.

  125. D'Ann Says:

    T.M.J. trouble or just plain unhinged?!

  126. Angela Sego Says:

    It’s a Yawnday morning.

  127. Penny Says:

    Chloe laments “Charlie that is a baleful yawn”..

    great interview yesterday Shreve…I heard you live…we had fun in the chat room :)

  128. D'Ann Says:

    WOW! Even Charlie had to admit that Altoids are “curiously strong mints”

  129. Cecilia Says:

    “I know a coyote who swallow a fly…I don’t know he swallowed a fly…”

    Ack…hair ball…how does Eli do that!?!?!

  130. Sara Says:

    Et tu, Chloe?

  131. RS Says:

    Observing the Call of the Wild!

  132. Ren Says:

    And for my next trick…I will place my head in the mouth of this coyote!

  133. Jackie Says:

    Charlie’s always been a PacMan

  134. Rebecca Says:

    Hay there!

    My, what big teeth you have.

  135. Devin Says:

    Charlie seeks out the needle in the haystack with the power of sonar.

    Chloe! I think I’m stuck like this!

    Out here, you can sing as loud as you want.

    (I adore the “On the Mountain”… what a breathtaking view!)

  136. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Chloe, THIS is why I’m the TenSleep Mascot and you’re not.


    BRIE !! (Cheddar / Colby / Muenster don’t have the same effect ….)

  137. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    You can’t handle the tooth!


    The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth … all of them!

  138. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe looks on in wonder as Charlie attempts to eat a bale of hay in one chomp

  139. jannycat Says:

    “Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!”

  140. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Go on, Chloe. Stick your head in here. I swear. You can hear the ocean.”

  141. Lydia G Says:

    hmmmm… looks good, no cavities

  142. Amanda Baird Says:

    “I told you I didn’t eat your elf leg, Chloe! See for yourself!”

  143. Rebekah Says:

    Hay Fever
    The Elf Leg Was THIS Big …

  144. meadow Says:

    yaw the jaw maw

  145. katie Says:

    Chloe checks Charlie’s cavities
    Chloe nom
    Charlie bet an elf leg he could eat the hay barrel
    Charlie noms Chloe
    Charlie noms hay: news at 11.

  146. Mindy Says:

    “I can open my mouth THIS WIDE”

    “Watch me put my fist in!”

    “I told you I could put your head in my mouth.”

    “Say Ahhhhhhh”

  147. sherri Says:

    what a big mouth you have
    all the better to eat you my dear!

  148. Motorshooter Says:

    No Chloe!…….it’s this tooth that hurts!
    Ahhhhhhh….Chloe do you see the antler anywhere?
    Look, I just had my teeth polished

  149. Tinare Says:

    Morning breath.

  150. Teresa D Says:

    The yawning of a new day

  151. Schadenfreude Says:

    I’m crushing your head!

  152. Kathleen Says:

    Washakie County Chompers

  153. lynn Says:

    Playing Charades. Chloe hides her eyes for the first clue. Charlie opens his mouth for the second. (And the movie, for those who can’t wait for the third clue… Eyes Wide Shut, of course!)

  154. Stephanie Says:

    “I bet you an “elf” leg that you can’t fit that whole bale of hay in your mouth, Charlie…”

  155. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe… “Charlie, tic tac please”

  156. V Says:

    “I crush your head!”

    (Head crusher guy from Kids in the Hall)

  157. Fabia Says:

    Wyoming Toothline

  158. jessie Says:

    And, Scene!

  159. Chris Says:


  160. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    (It would be neat to see a picture from Charlie’s view. I don’t know whether coyotes are colorblind or not, but if dogs are, maybe they are too)

    Charlie’s Mouth May Be Big, But Not Big Enough To Swallow A Tumbleweed…

    “What is THAT thing?!?”

    It’s SPRING!

    Daylight Savings Time’s Effect On Everyone

    ((Hard to come up with good names for me, but maybe I’m just tired))

  161. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie modeling for Shreve’s Etsy Shop Elk Antler Chew Toy; that it truly does clean tarter from your teeth!

  162. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe- “Charlie, are you sick”?
    Charlie- “No, just Spring Fever”!

  163. pogonip Says:

    “Watch, Chloe…I’ll huff and I’ll puff…”

  164. Mark Says:


  165. Sarah Says:

    Chloe to Charlie: All clear, no cavities here!

  166. Amy Says:

    The Kid is All Right Angles

  167. Amy Says:

    Angling for the Foreground

  168. di Says:

    Wild Opening

  169. Desiree Says:

    Staring Into The Mouth Of Madness

    Into the Mouth of Madness

    Dentist Apprentice

  170. Chris P Says:

    Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat… must’ve grabbed the wrong hat!

    (Am I the only one who thought of Rocky & Bullwinkle?)

  171. Treva Kensler Says:

    1. Good Morning America!
    2. Live from Wyoming…..
    3. Can you hear me now?

  172. Liz Says:


    (couldn’t resist the pun)

  173. KayO Says:

    Never eat anything bigger than your head.

  174. Lynne R Says:

    It’s true Chloe – I fit Eli’s entire head in here!

  175. Kathy McGuffee Says:

    1. Tongue Curling
    2. Open mouth, insert Elf leg!!!
    3. Chloe: “Show Off”

  176. Maggie Y. Says:

    Always Acute, Never Obtuse

  177. D'Ann Says:

    Silly coyote, hay is for horses!

  178. Kaelie Says:

    Chloe, you’re head is THIS BIG!

  179. Kaelie Says:

    Oops, slight mistype …

    *Chloe, your head is THIS BIG!

  180. Ruchi Says:

    I am crushing your tiny head in my jaws, better watch out (in the best Kids in the Hall accent)

  181. Anonymous Says:

    Where the wild things yawn.

    Oh give me a hoooooome, where they coyotes roooooaaammm…….

  182. Laura H. Says:

    Whoops that was mine above (wild things)!

  183. Feral Boy Says:

    Step right up, little lady, and

  184. Creekhiker Says:

    You put the elf leg in
    You take the elf leg out
    You put the elf leg in
    and I’ll shake it all about

  185. Karyn Says:

    She framed me!!

  186. Judy Says:

    Look Ma! No cavities!!

  187. Pat D. Says:

    Charlie saw the picture of the howling wolf on the cover of this month’s issue of “National Geographic” and is trying to recreate it from memory. Chloe is suitably impressed…

  188. CJ Says:

    Don’t look a gift Coyote in the mouth!

  189. D'Ann Says:

    Ranger’s voice could be heard in the background..; “walk away from the hay, and nobody gets hurts”!

  190. D'Ann Says:

    Baleful Yawn

  191. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe looks on in amazement

  192. Devin Says:

    (sorry, couldn’t resist…!)

    And this, kids, is why you don’t build houses out of straw.

  193. Rhedrose Says:

    Points of View

  194. Yvonne Says:

    Ode to the wonders of the day after daylight savings time.

  195. Matt Says:

    Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?…


    A photo from days yawn gone.

  196. John Says:


    “Aaoow! It’s been a long day, and I’m gonna have some fun tonight”

  197. D'Ann Says:

    (as in a film clapper)

  198. Kimi Says:

    Nasty case of hay fever.

  199. Laffindog Says:

    Yep, I see a piece of cork stuck in there.

  200. Barbara Says:

    Have a mouth!

  201. Alex Says:

    Cavity Search

  202. Jamie Says:

    Starfish of Fur.

  203. Erika Says:

    The dentist said to open more, this is as big a I can open.

    Look ma, no cavities.

  204. lynsey Says:


    “If I do this, she’ll give me treats!”


  205. Michele Says:


  206. laura Says:

    the pearly white teeth
    the gleam in his eyes
    intrigued her some
    as Charlie waltzed by

  207. patr Says:

    Practicing for the Wyoming Circus – Chloe now put your head in here like the lion tamer does.

  208. Angela Sego Says:

    The Yawn of a New Day.

  209. Suzy Says:


  210. robbi Says:

    chloe, my elf leg was THIS big!!!!!

  211. D'Ann Says:

    Oh Charlie, put a cork in it!

  212. karen hanson Says:

    Ahh! Haa! Haa! Ahh! Haa! Haa! That was sooo funny.. Chloe.

  213. Meredith Says:


  214. Sarah K. Says:

    I’m pretty sure I can fit your whole head in my mouth…

  215. jarerocks Says:

    Hay is for horses!

  216. big dog Says:

    Wanna see how smart I am?
    Check out these wisdom teeth!

  217. Lindsay Says:

    Yes, definitely an a”cute” angle…

  218. mary jane Says:

    “I can sing louder than you can–yes, I can! YES, I can!! YES, I CAN!!!”

  219. Rebecca Says:

    Alfalfa Shouts

    Newsflash: Deep Throat is finally revealed

  220. angie Says:

    chloe’s closeup, take 1 *snap*

  221. Tom C Says:

    caption Yawn, look around. Lets Play Again Chloe!

  222. Aimee Says:

    It’s okay… Just put your nose in for a minute!

  223. Lindsay Says:

    “See? I can totally fit your head in my mouth!”

    Chloe gives dentistry a try, with Charlie’s help

  224. Maegan Says:

    Hey Hay!

    You better not bale out now, Chloe. Fiber is good for you.

  225. Julie Says:

    take two!

  226. Mimi Says:

    ” TIME OUT !!!”

  227. Thomas Says:

    You are going to need a filling in that molar.

  228. mlaiuppa Says:

    “You’ll wonder where the yellow went / when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!”

  229. mlaiuppa Says:

    Elf breath.

  230. MaggieMNM Says:

    ” Ahem, … mi, mi, mi, mi, ….. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………!”

  231. Diane Says:

    Framed by a Yawn

  232. Cathryn Says:


  233. Mark Says:

    “Oooooh, dem Jalapenos was HOT!”

  234. Robert Says:

    “Your breath is fine, Charlie, stop worrying.”

  235. velocibadgergirl Says:

    “Do I have something in my teeth?”

  236. Liz Says:

    Nice “Canines”

  237. Barbara Says:

    In a cavern in a canyon
    Looky! (that game kids play with chewed up food)

  238. mlaiuppa Says:

    “No gum. See?”

  239. E. Jolie Says:

    OpenYour Mouth, Boy Show Me Your Teeth Show Me What You Got Lady GaGa

  240. E.Jolie Says:

    Armed to the Teeth

  241. Jamie Says:

    Chloe D.D.S.

  242. stephanie Says:

    “Mom, we’re over here!!’

  243. sybann Says:

    Chloe Checks the Angles

  244. James Says:

    Do I Haff Sumfing In My Teef?

  245. r marino Says:


  246. sb Says:

    Get in mah belly

  247. Julie Says:

    Rhythm (Charlie) & Blues (Chloe)

  248. Gina Boger-Haney Says:


  249. Ursula Says:

    Nice tonsils!

  250. Judy Says:

    Bet you can’t make your tongue curl like this!

  251. Staci Says:


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