photo taken May 2008

one year ago: Bon Ami
two years ago: Coy

Please forgive me for not posting a shortlist today ~ animals + new site + technical glitches have me wishing for a clone-for-the-day!  But THANKYOU to one and all for the AMAZING entries!  Comic relief. Love it.
ps: Dave R: Your title is like a mirrored corridor of puns and perfection!

• • • No puppies were harmed in the taking of this photo!
(nor afterward; Charlie was such an amazing big bro to baby Chlo.)
Yet herein, Charlie seems moments away from devouring Chloe while Chloe knowingly smiles at the camera.  Let your minds go wild with this one and leave your title, caption, or canine commentary in the comment section.

The prize this week: I have gathered some earthly goodies, including a few more skunk bones, delicate and bleached white, for a special someone who is perhaps in need of some skunk medicine:
“The skunk does not get out of the way of any animal.  It moves along at its own speed, with its own mind.  It is self-assured and confident in itself.  Skunks are fearless, but they are also very peaceful.  They move slowly and calmly, and they only spray as a last resort.  Skunk teaches how to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect.” ~ from Animal Speak

291 Responses to “MunchKin”

  1. Beth Says:

    Sound Bite

  2. Sophie Says:

    Puppy Nip!


    Dog Nip!

  3. Suzette Says:

    Sizing up the new pup
    Death . . . er . . . breath from above

    Love the “fava beans and chianti” line!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Chloe: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad “Coyote”–Not me!!! ha ha ha

  5. karen Says:

    Time for some TUSH!

  6. Cristina S Says:

    :::cough::: That’s funny, I don’t remember eating that.

  7. Odd Says:

    Wait for it…..

  8. mmgood Says:

    (London bridge is falling down) My Fair Lady

  9. Jamie Says:

    Foreboding Meets Moseying.

  10. Tanya Says:

    Bite sized rolly polly

  11. Rhedrose Says:

    Judging by Chloe’s expression, we’re either looking at a

    “Pointy Puppy Pleaser”

    or possibly a

    “Fun Furry Faux Foe”

  12. Sally Says:

    Sweet Faced and Oblivious

  13. Melissa Says:

    The subject for tonight’s lecture is rhythm (the beat)
    the driving force that holds our lives together…
    and so tonight we say hip hip chin chin.

    – Song, Club Des Belugas Hip Hip-Chin Chin

  14. mlaiuppa Says:

    Coughing up a fur ball.

  15. Siobhan Says:

    Sausage On the Run!
    Fast Food
    and the obligatory;

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Dare you Charlie! Don’t think I won’t telll

  17. Robert Says:

    All Bark, No B—Hey stop that!

  18. Casey Says:

    Not so long in the tooth.

  19. Ed Mackey Says:


  20. E. Jolie Says:

    Soft Bite

  21. Angela Says:

    Sometimes a babysitter has to do what a babysitter has to do!

  22. E.Jolie Says:

    I’m Gonna Get Ya

  23. E.Jolie Says:


  24. Yaara Says:

    Chomping at the bit

  25. laura h Says:

    my mind is dead this week, but i wanted to say thanks for the “ugly” keychain and necklace, i love them both! (as do my cats who won’t stop sniffing them lol)

  26. Laura Says:

    Charlie demonstrates the finer points of teeth.

    Chloe knows he’s just a pushover in wolf’s.. erm, coyote’s clothing

    “Hey kid, do you need a lift?”
    My mind is kinda numb this morning, and I’m a bit late anyway. Hope you enjoy them!

  27. John Says:

    I’m the only merchandisable critter on this blog. Beat it, shorty!

  28. Betsy Says:

    Well, Chloe, I’d say we could make you a harness this big….

  29. Eija Says:

    “He Loves Me, He Is My Brother…..Really!!

    One Smiley Puppy with One Wiley Coyote

    Hei Watch It, Charlie, You Are In Candid Camera!

  30. Trudy Says:

    I am moving as fast as I can Charlie

  31. pp Says:

    keep the skunk to your self
    No puppies were harmed in the taking of this photo!
    is a great title

  32. Ursula Says:

    March Chloe…left, right…

  33. TJ Says:

    And everyone thought I was going to eat Eli!

  34. Kaelie Says:

    She’s so small that I could eat her in one bite!

  35. CSU student Says:

    Charlie: RAWR! GLUTEN FREE DOG!!!!

  36. Lisa Graves Says:

    Charlies 5 dollar foot long!

  37. Pat D. Says:

    “Keep your eye on the birdie just a little bit longer, sweetie…”

  38. Sandra Says:

    Wanna play ‘Jonas’?

  39. Maggs Says:

    Beeee-cause I said so!

  40. Twinkie Says:

    Stop right there, pup! I see an aphid.

  41. carmel Says:

    here’s looking at you kid

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