Posing For Picasso

photo taken February 2010 • title thanks to Carol

one year ago: He Was Fond Of Cement
two years ago: Song

It was reeeealllly hard to narrow it down this week!
I love seeing how differently different people see the same picture.
So wondrous.  So interesting.  And you’re all so funny and amazing.  Below is a smattering of the range, but do treat yourself to reading all the entries!
And thank you one and all for sharing yourselves….

“We’re all mad here” ~ Alice in Wonderland
Trickster Plays the Fool
Meep, meep.
Charlie Attempts to Find Himself
Whoa – that’s the last time I steal Eli’s cat nip!
At Empathy Class, Charlie Gets Paired With A Stuffed Moose.
I can’t believe my ears!
That was a bee I just ate, wasn’t it?
Sometimes you feel like a nut….
It’s Another Tequila Sunrise
Salvador Chalì
Getting These Marbles Out is Tough!
Charlie after hitting the champagne corks again
Chloe I promise – If you cross your eyes just right you’ll see the sailboat!
Deranged on De Range
Mind Boggling
I don’t do drugs. I am drugs. ~ Salvador Dali

• • • Seriously. Pictures like this, and words fail me.
But I know you shall not succumb to such!
Leave your caption/title/commentary in the comment section and you will:
A) make me laugh, for which I will love you, and
B) be in the running for an awesome Wyoming care package ~
Mike’s been lugging home bunches of awesome rocks and gizzard stones
and I’m going to be generous and share.
(it’s going to be hard)

320 Responses to “Posing For Picasso”

  1. WendyAA Says:

    The mystical coyote/unicorn! I just knew it exhisted!

  2. Suzy Says:

    Help! My face is sliding!

    googly eyes

    Shaken, not stirred

    cock eyed coyote

  3. Gem Says:

    Craze E. Coyote

  4. Steven Swanson Says:

    Bad ear day

    or Charlie says, “I’m having a bad ear day!”

  5. GD Says:


  6. E.Jolie Says:

    Where’s My GPS ?

  7. sybann Says:

    Coyote Barrel Roll Begins

  8. Mary Says:

    “The better to hear you with”

  9. sybann Says:

    This is the direction the water goes down the toilet in Australia!

  10. belle Says:

    That was a hell of a sneeze – God Bless Me!!

    Excuse me while I unscrew my eyes!!

  11. Dana Says:

    I am trying to make my ears go down Chloe, but everytime I get one down my eyes cross!!!

    Charlie’s impersonation of a booble head dog.

  12. Sandy Says:

    the ill effects of too much butter as a pup…

  13. E.Jolie Says:

    I do not have a bug on my nose.

  14. Tina Says:

    Twist and Snout

  15. E.Jolie Says:

    All Shook Up

  16. Gindy51 Says:

    Shake it like a Polaroid picture, baby. SHAKE IT!

  17. Kit.e Says:

    Peyote Coyote.

    … And then the wind changed.

    Charlie takes the whole ‘Wild West’ thing a little too far…

  18. Holly Says:


    What’s that you say?????

    Chloe, stand still!

  19. Stacey Says:

    After looking at a Picasso painting

  20. kelly Says:

    Wile E. Coyote – SOOOOOPA Genius!

  21. moondoggie Says:

    “I’m only a cockeyed optimist…”
    (sung to South Pacific aka ‘West Pacific’ soundtrack)

  22. moondoggie Says:

    “Whooooooo are you, who, who, who who?”
    (can’t you just hear this from the CSI opening music?)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Cross-eyed clown in the octopus garden

  24. Maria Says:

    Chloe’s secret ‘run in circles to get Charlie dizzy’ move has been a success!

  25. James Says:

    Tangled Up in Blue

  26. Claudia Says:

    Kingda Ka!!!
    Whoo Hoo!

  27. Denise Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have gone down the rabbit hole…….

  28. Scarlet Seraph Says:

    Cleared For Takeoff / Coyote Semaphore

    Charlie: The Last Earbender

    You put your right ear in, you take your left ear out…

  29. Karen Says:

    I can’t believe my ears!

  30. Eve Says:

    A face only a mother could love.

  31. Rhonda Says:

    Eli has how many lives?

  32. Heidi Littler Says:

    Let’s do the time warp again…..

  33. Di Says:

    I should have listened to Shreve when she told I would get dizzy if I continued to chase my tail. Dizzy Coyote.

  34. karen Says:

    Shake it up baby….Twist & Shout!

  35. hilllady Says:

    Meep, meep.

  36. MP Says:

    “Shreve, I’m tired of saying ‘cheese’. You always point that thing at me, and I never get any cheese!”


    “Wait, no – it’s all Chloe’s fault!”


    “You want me to do WHAT?!”

  37. Denise Says:

    “we’re all mad here”
    I am on a Alice in Wonderland roll.

  38. Debbie Says:

    I LOVE CHARLIE! Thank you for publishing these great pictures. I so much look forward to seeing a new picture of him every day.

  39. Bob Ketay Says:

    You shake it to the left.

    You shake it to the right.

    You shake it too much.

    You wind up like this!

  40. carol Says:

    Posing for Picasso

  41. Feral Boy Says:

    It’s Another Tequila Sunrise

  42. Phoenix Says:

    Spin Cycle!

  43. Karen Says:

    Cockeyed over Chloe!

  44. julie Says:

    Shake it, shake it, baby!

  45. Donna Says:

    I should of listened to Mom when she said my face would stay that way!

  46. Ava Says:

    Charlie after hitting the champagne corks again

  47. Debi Says:

    Whoa… that was a funny tasting shroom!

  48. Ilana Says:

    googly eyes


    “uh oh, I think I knocked something loose”


    newly discovered Picasso art “The Coyote”

  49. Scott Says:

    I don’t do drugs. I am drugs. -Salvador Dali

  50. Kelly Says:

    Cross-eyed and Cross-eared.

  51. E.Jolie Says:

    “You are driving me crazy!”

  52. Kelly Says:

    Charlie Google With the Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes

  53. SuzyS Says:

    Squiggly face

  54. Alice Says:

    It’s so hot my face & ears are sliding right off my head!

  55. Heather L Says:

    “Charlie Coyote” by Picasso

  56. Kim Says:

    boogedy boogedy boo.

  57. Heather L Says:


  58. Ian Says:

    Charlie still can’t figure out why the Acme anvil first falls slower than him but eventually always catches up and hits his head.

  59. Isa Says:

    How does this smiley work? ;-)

  60. eni Says:

    That was a bee I just ate, wasn’t it?

  61. Heather L Says:

    “He Went Thata Way”

  62. motorshooter Says:

    Canine craziness
    Canine face follies
    “There’s a bee in my head!”
    It’s Monday
    Too much caffeine
    Oh, to be a Coyote
    Coyote childishness
    “That Coyote is really a crazy clown!”
    Will. E Coyote-Genius
    Coyote convulsion

  63. treva kensler Says:

    Did someone say elk leg?

  64. Heather L Says:

    Excedrin Headache No. 6 -

  65. Heather L Says:

    Charlie’s Audition for a role in “The Hangover”

  66. Simone Says:

    that last drink was bad!

    Startin’ the week one shake at a time

  67. Deborah Says:

    Doink! What the heck????

  68. Len Johnaon Says:

    “I’ve just GOTTA get a new plastic surgeon.”

  69. Lis Says:


  70. Heather L Says:

    “Made You Laugh”

  71. Shanin Says:

    Hypnotized !

    Under Eli”s Spell

  72. Shanin Says:

    Under Eli’s Spell

  73. Jia En Says:

    Don’t pull that face, if the wind changes it’ll stay that way!

  74. Kristan Says:

    Wibble Wobble Whoa!

  75. ln Says:

    Mr. Picassohead

  76. Sue Says:


  77. Becky Says:

    Eli has a WICKED left hook!

  78. Chris P Says:

    Charlie learns that bees don’t taste as good as honey.

  79. Heather L Says:

    A Blessing in Disguise!

  80. Heather L Says:

    Inhabitant 0f the Funny Farm

  81. ursula Says:

    It’s all a blurr….

  82. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Picasso Pose

  83. Melissa Says:


    (shout out to Cute Overload, where I first ever heard of Charlie years ago)

  84. Heather L Says:

    Wild and Wooly

  85. Beth Says:

    Mom said that if you cross your eyes, they will stay like that!!

  86. SuzyS Says:

    Wild and Untamed Thing

    Monster Mash

  87. Heather L Says:

    CRACKPOT Charlie…….

  88. Rick Says:

    Shake, Rattle, Roll

  89. Liana Says:

    You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in and then. . . . . .

  90. Heather L Says:

    “Look What the Cat Dragged In!”

  91. Shannon H. Says:

    (4 minutes ago Rick (above) and I had the same thought…)

    For lack of sound effects – “goyngoyngoyngoyng” (it’s like a bouncy sound, such as a springy door stopper)

  92. Carla C Says:

    Oh Kitty!

  93. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Double Take

  94. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Gnat Watcher

  95. cheryl Says:

    “Let’s see you do this Chloe.”

    “Mom was right, my face froze.”

    “Now, take one banana split step.”

    “I have a kink in my neck.”

  96. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Say What?

  97. Heather L Says:

    Coyote Out of Character………….

  98. Peter Says:

    Not spamming, I promise; Someone posted this to Reddit and the internet likes it!


    “That’s what happens when you fall off a cliff one too many times.”

  99. Heather L Says:

    Mr. Coyote Head by Hasbro

  100. Joe Says:

    “Chloe, is Eli watching?”
    “Hey look, I’m Eli after a bath!”

  101. Dale E. Says:

    “You want me to do what!?!”

  102. Dave Robatcek Says:


  103. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Great Googly Moogly

  104. pika Says:

    The Acme™ Towel Wringer Gets Results.

  105. Barbara Says:

    Stuffed Toy

  106. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Never Swallow a Live Grasshopper

  107. Dave Robatcek Says:


  108. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Sure is Windy Today

  109. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Timothy Leary

  110. schatze Says:

    Next, my impression of a coyote on tumble dry.

  111. Kate Says:

    Shake, rattle and roll!

  112. Heather L Says:

    Crooked Canis

    Lopsided Latrans

    Preposterous Prairie Wolf

    Good Time Charlie…

  113. bonnie Says:

    Loosening Up!

    Lettin’ it all hang out.

    Mind Boggled!

  114. Eija Says:

    Funny Face

    Camera-caught in mid-shake

    Coyote Cubism

    Shake asymmetry

    So cute and funny in his shake vulnerability

  115. Heather L Says:

    Blue Skies…Smiling at Me
    (Blue Skies – Irvine Berlin)

  116. ElizabethZ Says:

    Say what?

    Flop E. Coyote

    Spin Cycle

  117. Caroline Says:

    Too much information!!!

  118. nini Says:

    He’s special…

  119. nini Says:

    “This is you when you wake up!’

  120. jessie Says:

    Quick Charlie! Do your best Joan Rivers impression!

  121. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Gesundheit !

  122. ElizabethZ Says:

    Just noticed Phoenix already suggested Spin Cycle, scratch that one….sorry.

  123. Dave Robatcek Says:

    I’m Melllll-tingggg…

  124. Sara M Says:

    Pin the ears on the coyote

  125. MJ Says:

    Coyote Hypnosis

    Where’s an exorsist when you need one?

    It’s to the right, no it’s to the left, no it’s…wait, I’m confused! Let me see if a good head shake straightens things out.

    No way Chloe, uhn ah…no…no…nooooooo!

  126. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Koyote Kaleidoscope

  127. Karen Says:

    Monday, when all the world goes awry!

  128. Rhonda P Says:

    Hey Chloe, if I cross my eyes and point my ears just so, you look just like a bunny rabbit!

  129. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Windmill Watching

  130. Sarah Says:

    Topsy-turvy tete.

  131. Barbara Says:


  132. b Says:

    “There’s nothing wrong with me-wrong with me-wrong with me-wrong with….”

    “I hate it when I get a gnat in my ear!”

  133. jb Says:

    One too many elf legs Charlie?

  134. D Says:


  135. marsha Says:


  136. Suzette Says:

    Proof that gizzard stones don’t work for coyotes!

  137. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Reefer Madness

  138. sha Says:

    Sometimes you feel like a nut….

  139. Mickey Says:

    “Put your right ear in, put your right ear out,
    Put your right ear in and shake it all about…
    Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around
    and that’s what it’s all about”

  140. Sandy Says:

    “Curiouser and Curiouser…”

  141. Sarah Maloney Says:

    Chole I promise – If you cross your eyes just right you’ll see the sailboat!

  142. taffy Says:

    Dog Daze of Winter

  143. Lynne R Says:

    Charlie’s Ear Wink

  144. Janey Says:

    Swimmer’s ear.

  145. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Shaken, Not Stirred

  146. MJ Says:

    Coyote Conundrum

  147. Lydia G Says:

    The Fair’s Here….The Crazy Kitchen was Awwwweesome

  148. Nismo Says:

    His very best Taz impression

  149. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Got Gas?

  150. Linden Says:


  151. Heidi Says:

    Say WHAT?

  152. i-ching Says:

    For Heaven’s Shake! (I imagine this said in Sean Connery’s voice)

    Shaken AND Stirred

    Charlie having a Scooby moment

    Kooky Coyote

  153. motorshooter Says:

    “THERE’S A BEEEEEEEEEEEE ON MY NOSE GET IT OFF….HURRY….HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  154. vanou Says:


    It’s a new dance called The marble shuffling :)

  155. Katie Says:

    Salvador Chalì

  156. motorshooter Says:

    Cock-eyed Coyote

  157. Robert Says:

    Brain Freeze!

  158. Tinare Says:

    Charlie, the Cross-Eyed Coyote.

  159. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Charlie Attempts to Find Himself

  160. Robert Says:


    “So that’s funderwhacking.”

  161. Shelley Says:

    I should have listened when Grandma said not to cross my eyes or they’d get stuck!

  162. Connie Says:

    Momentary Lapse of Reason

    Pink Floyd song

  163. Kathleen Says:

    Getting These Marbles Out is Tough!

  164. Kathy Says:

    “Which way did Chloe go, Charlie? “She went that-a-way.”

  165. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie trying to “Smize” with his eyes

  166. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie ready for take-off

  167. Anonymous Says:

    Charlie vowed never again to enter the Bucking Bronco championships.

  168. robbi Says:

    “bitter beer face”

  169. Bess Says:

    “I bet I can make you laugh!”

  170. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Psychotic Reaction

  171. Kieron Says:

    Gah, sorry, that one about the Bucking Bronco was me, forgot to enter a name :p

  172. D'Ann Says:

    “Here’s the wind-up, and the pitch is good…, strike one!” Charlie at Winter Baseball training camp.

  173. Heidi Littler Says:

    Warped in Wyoming

  174. Joanne Says:

    Bobble Head Wobble

    Shake, Rattle, and Roil

    In a Flap

  175. Carrie Says:

    Flip – Flop
    Oh Nose!

  176. David Says:

    “If you keep doing that, your face is going to stay that way!”

  177. Tanya V. Says:

    Whoa – that’s the last time I steal Eli’s cat nip!

  178. Jude Says:

    Sing this one to the same tune as There was an old woman who swallowed a fly…
    There was a little coyote with a fly on his eye.
    Oh why oh why won’t he fly off of my eye.

  179. Evan Says:

    Champagne Cork High

  180. Joanne Says:

    Fur In A Flap

    Dizzy Tizzy

    All Stirred Up

    Deranged on De Range

  181. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    (crazy wolf in Spanish)

    Or, “Chloe, you drive me crazy, see?”

  182. Angie p Says:

    Wow, that Eli packs quite a punch!

  183. Felis Sidus Says:

    Wind E. Coyote

  184. Ava Says:

    (the sound of canine ears and lips flapping during a really GOOD headshake)

    Predator’s Death Stare Goes Hilariously A-wry

    Paparrazi catch another celebrity in an awkward moment

  185. Sheryl Says:

    Chloe: “Charlie, Mom told you not to eat the locoweed.”

  186. Mamba 1-0 Says:

    Oooh, wowwww. Ya know those button thingies growin’ on cactuseses? Well….just sayin’. Woooowwww.

  187. Isobel Says:


  188. Barbie Says:

    “Is that my Moose in the dryer?”

  189. Connie Says:

    Dazed and Confused

    Yeah, I’m an ole Pink Floyd fan!

  190. Di Says:

    When I went to bed my ears were on straight.

  191. Lisa Says:

    Nuttier Than a Fruitcake

  192. Susan Says:

    Momma never told me it would be like this!

  193. Rebecca Says:

    Shake, rattle and whoa, what happened to my eyeballs?!?!?!!?!

    I’ve been told I have an ‘eary’ disposition? What do you think?

  194. Tracy Lee Says:

    Are you kidding me?

  195. Mona Michaels Says:

    Alright already. I heard you. Stop blowing that whistle.

  196. Maggie Y. Says:

    Tangled Up In Blue

  197. Siobhan Says:

    I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning; like a whirlpool it never ends …

  198. Della Says:

    “Mom…. I don’t feel so good…”

    “Wildwood weed”

  199. Pam A. Says:

    Rhapsody in Blue

  200. Paula Says:

    “…and then Mom looked at Mike and her face went like this:
    That’s how I knew it was love.”

    Signals and Carnivores

    Charlie works on his “Mom, I’d like an elf leg please” sign.

  201. MJK Says:

    Here’s a couple:

    Ears to you


  202. Alex Says:

    Trickster Plays the Fool

  203. Ava Says:

    Snerk. Fell sideways laughing at Barbie’s “Is that my moose in the dryer?”

  204. Schadenfreude Says:

    Which way did’e go, George? Which way did’e go?

  205. Richard Says:

    Whoa, that’s farmout!

  206. Lynne R Says:

    Charlie decides to be different and winks with his ear.

  207. Matt Says:

    The Charlie Shuffle

  208. Sophie Says:

    “Twisted Blue Velvet”

  209. mlaiuppa Says:

    Still Crazy After All These Years.

    Paul Simon.

  210. mlaiuppa Says:

    Loco Local

  211. D'Ann Says:

    The cross-eyed coyote of Washakie County

  212. Julie Says:

    Head Games

  213. johnny Says:

    Silly Shake

    Charlie is a very cute coyote
    Charlie is a awesome coyote :)

  214. Penny Says:

    Shake, rattle and rollll those eyes!!

  215. Penny Says:

    Shake, Rattle and Roll (Charlie tries to re-create the dance to the Bill Haley and the Comets version but merely gets dizzy)

  216. Holly Says:

    What a goof!!!!!!!

    Just goofen’ around!

    Look into my eyes!!

  217. Jenny C Says:

    (WOW!!! Once again, so very many excellent entries!)

    Charlie’s homage to Dr. Seuss…

    “Man, that Ricardo has a bill and knows how to use it!”

    “Never, ever walk behind a horse… they’ll kick you right into tomorrow…”

  218. Pat D. Says:

    “Looney Tunes, am I? I’ll show you who’s a Looney Tunes!”


    Charlie demonstrates how to clean out one’s ears (if they’re semi-floppy) and why crossing one’s eyes helps in the process.

    ASIDE: This picture made me laugh out loud (no, really!) Thanks so much for sharing it.

  219. mackennzie Says:

    This is what happens when you don’t take him out of the dryer promptly.

  220. lynn Says:

    Charlie joins in the new Shake Weight exercise craze.

  221. Cynthia Says:

    Wonk-ie Coyote

  222. Theresa Szpila Says:

    “Mom, there’s a bee buzzing in my ear and I can’t shake him out!”

  223. Jessica Says:

    “Derp Derp” was my first thought, but Peter already linked to the reddit post that says that (that’s where I first found out about Charlie, too).

    “I…do not…like Merry-Go-Rounds.”

  224. Sue Says:

    Waaaaay Too Much Anger Management Therapy

  225. Debi Says:

    Wheeeeee… chased my tail one time too many!

  226. Aldyth Says:

    Didn’t your momma warn you that your face could stick like that?

    How long does a typical stuffed toy last once Charlie’s got hold of it?

  227. sue Says:


  228. kathy Says:

    Ohwow, psychedelic man.

  229. kathy Says:

    Come on everyone, let’s do the twist.

  230. stacy Says:

    OMG, please put your clothes back on!

  231. Tanya Says:

    This is my thinking face.

    Shake it real funky, shake it real low
    Shake it ’til you can’t shake it no more

    -Neal McCoy

    I’m famous???!!!

  232. dani Says:

    Wild E.(ye) Coyote at your service!

  233. julie Says:

    Whirble whirble whirble.

  234. PATR Says:

    Do the Hokey Pokey and shake it all about.

  235. mlaiuppa Says:

    I feel dizzy my head is spinnin’

  236. mlaiuppa Says:

    Try to see it from my point of view.

  237. mlaiuppa Says:

    Chloe: “You better stop or your face will freeze like that.”

  238. mlaiuppa Says:

    Charlie’s best impression of Chubby Checkers.

  239. Rhonda Says:

    Ricardo thinks he’s a COW!? HUH?

  240. anonymous coward Says:

    Charlie’s version of a monday morning twisted jacket (or shirt) collar.

  241. Rhonda Says:

    Yep, the fence is on!

  242. Margaret Says:

    Oooooooooo! That was a sour mouse!

  243. Tina Says:

    Could have been the whiskey, might have been the gin.
    Could have been three or four six-packs,
    I don’t know, but look at the mess I’m in,
    My head is like a football, I think I’m gonna die,
    Tell me, me oh me oh my,
    Wasn’t that a party?

  244. Rhonda Says:

    Eeewwww! Chloe gave me a wet willy!

    Fur Flounce

    Flea Flick

  245. Shari Brunell Says:

    I love scrambled brains for breakfast!

  246. V Says:

    I’m melting!

    Charlie finds out about his Chloe allergy.

  247. Cory Says:

    Charlie tries to bend a spoon with his mind…

  248. Emily Says:

    Charlie After Using Google

    And This is Why Sheep Get Killed By Coyotes

    How’s This Pose?

    Blue Skies…. They Make Charlie Go NUTS!

    Scramble Eyes

    Come Here, Chloe! I Finally Figured Out How to Make My Ears Flop Down Like Yours!

    Charlie Doing the Twist

    Man, I Still Can’t See My Forehead!

    That’s The LAST Time I Try to Sniff a Skunk’s Butt!

  249. Emily Says:

    Oggle boggle!

  250. Lindsay P. Says:

    Wiggle Waggle

  251. karen Says:

    I’m soooooo confused!

  252. CeeBee Says:

    Sensory Calisthenics

    “Will they really get stuck if I do this?”

    Shreve — Please take another (this time a “blowupable”) long-distance shot of the distant, lone figure of Charlie behind the fence, sitting and patiently waiting for your return. That’s my all-time favorite photo. (I want to frame it to hang on my “picture wall” in my living room and also to use it as inspiration for my writing group.)

  253. Lindsay Says:

    The result of Charlie’s first (and last) ride on the Vortex at the state fair

    Now this here, kids, is what happens when we drink mama’s “grape juice”!

  254. Karen Hanson Says:

    Kaleidoscope Charlie

  255. Rhedrose Says:

    Dr. Frankenstein’s Coyote

  256. Karen Hanson Says:

    ‘Day Tripper’

  257. karen hanson Says:

    Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey’s main attraction featuring,”Contortionist Charlie”

  258. Diana Says:

    Wasting away in margaritaville . . . .

  259. Ashley Says:

    Charlies reaction to the new Arizona immigration laws.

  260. torre Says:

    wow – you have a great, creative audience – so many laughs and smiles! Good luck picking one Shreve!!

    I am always amazed at the photos you capture – brings to life the meaning of always have you’re camera with you – you just never know what you’ll find!

    He almost looks like he’s ready for takeoff or bracing against the almighty Wyoming wind!

  261. Nicole Says:

    Spin Cycle!

  262. MD Says:

    Excuse me, I’m having a golden retriever moment…

  263. Cathryn Says:

    Eli, You promised me your wouldn’t turn the little wheel on the Tilting Teacups.

  264. Carissa Says:

    You spin me right round, baby, right round

  265. Teresa D Says:

    Wow! I could’ve had a V8!

  266. Lindsay Says:

    Chloe! You said you put away all the mousetraps!!! OUCH!!!!!

    Charlie samples Wasabi for the first time.

  267. Tanya Says:

    I don’t think I have it on right. Don’t BOTH ears go on top?

  268. Tina Says:

    Peyote Coyote


    Coyote on Peyote

  269. Tina Says:

    Tangled up in blue

  270. kayelle Says:


  271. Liza Lundell Says:

    Goo goo googley eyes! and ears

  272. Erryn J Says:

    “Mom said it would stick this way but I just didn’t believe her”

  273. robyn Says:


  274. Ava Says:

    From Charlie’s Driver’s License
    (DMV photos make even attractive people look catatonic, deranged or mildly criminal)

    “The lights, the colors!”

  275. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    “Zoinks!” – - – Scooby-Doo!!

  276. Scott Says:

    At Empathy Class, Charlie Gets Paired With A Stuffed Moose.

  277. Trudy Says:

    love the salvador dali quote. charlie is so photogenic

  278. SaltCitySpinner Says:


  279. KT Says:

    Shoulda listened to Shreve. I crossed my eyes too often, and now they’re STAYIN’ that way! But she never said anything about that messin’ up my EAR, too!

  280. Patia Says:


  281. Kali Says:

    Coyote Twist

  282. watchergryph Says:

    Did anybody get the license plate of that hound??

  283. Lucky Says:

    Charlie you are now cleared for take-off

  284. laura Says:

    North Wind

  285. Cathy Says:

    Peyote Coyoute

  286. Cathy Says:

    Peyote Coyote

    (can’t believe I spelled it wrong above!)

  287. Jenny C Says:

    Mind Boggling

    (Sorry if someone’s already posted this.)

  288. Sara Says:

    green light…RED LIGHT!!

  289. Cynthia Says:

    Charlie, just moments after a coconut fell out of the tamarisk and bonked him on the head. (think Gilligan’s Island)

  290. Barbara Says:

    Hi! I’m Charlie Beanbag!

  291. Margaret C Says:

    “Charlie exhibits proper operation of that seemingly useless tilted-towards-the-face-setting of bathroom hand dryers.”

    Great picture Shreve! What a moment to catch :)

  292. Robert Says:

    Ruh roh!


    The Day Charlie Got A Fake ID

  293. Shannon H. Says:

    Just one of those days where your ears slide off your head.

    The Day Charlie Tried a New Brand of “Moose”.

  294. Shannon H. Says:

    The Day Charlie Ran Out of “Moose”.

  295. Diane Says:

    Tipsy Turvy

    Wiley Coyote Impression

  296. Sweetpea Says:

    “MOM! slept too long on this side!!”

  297. Sue Says:

    What a screwball!

  298. Yaara Says:


  299. Yaara Says:

    Also –

    Turn that frown upside down!


  300. Suzy Z Says:

    frozen in time

    confounded hound


    what’s the secret hound-shake?

    vogue – strike a pose!

  301. Ladyfox Says:

    Wile E. Coyote didn’t like to talk about his northern cousin, Craze E. Coyote- all that much…
    He was the black sheep of the family.

  302. Siobhan Kay Says:

    That Face!


    Seriously, that’s all I can think when I see this picture. Sentient creatures are so weird.

  303. June Says:

    The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowin’ in the…Ears

    That’s the Last Time I Let Chloe Iron My Ears!

  304. June Says:

    Cubist Coyote


    Coyote by Picasso

  305. MP Says:

    “Anger Management – pah! I’ll show you what happens when I don’t get my moose…!”


    “You moosen’t tease a poor coyote like that!”

  306. carolh Says:

    So, that’s what happens when I chase my tail!

  307. pika Says:

    The side effects of being The Doctor’s companion

  308. janice Says:

    mr. coyote head gone wrong

  309. Cindy Says:

    I dunno, doc, whatever I do, it always points due north.

  310. Gregg Says:

    That’s my favorite picture of Charlie!

  311. Sandy Says:

    I knew I should’a skipped the Tilt-a-Whirl!

  312. Dave Z. Says:

    “I dunno what Eli sees in this catnip, doesn’t do a thing for me!”

    Coyote Cartwheel

    “Quick, hit me on the other side. Maybe it’ll straighten out.”

  313. Susan Says:


  314. Pellegrina Says:

    Coyotes in Art #18: Cubism

  315. Pat D. Says:

    Pika, I love yours! Another Whovian here, and I agree!

  316. Thomas Says:

    Gelding..who…? You cut off what??!!??

  317. Farmer John Says:

    Mom, help !! … Eli spiked my drink !!!!!!!!

  318. Evan Says:

    It looks like Charlie got an early start “posing for Picasso”: http://www.dailycoyote.net/?p=28

  319. shreve Says:

    NICE EYE EVAN!!! Yes!

  320. Patricia Long Says:

    “Not sure but I think I might be losing it!!”

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