Sunny Side Up & Over Easy!

photo taken February 2010 • title thanks to Sam

one year ago: It’s A Big Game
two years ago: Master Of His Morning

Captions were so INCREDIBLE!  So funny & diverse.
I loved them all.  ALL!
Tied for second place:
The Hole in the Wall Gang
Salvador Dahlings
Vintage Vantage
Charlie being a Pane
Up With The Sun
Pose and Repose
Chillin’ and sillin’
Ledger and lounger
Cornered & Framed
The Surreal World….
Hello Dali
Sill-y Charlie
The floor is lava.
Chloe: “I don’t do windows”
Charlie hogs the spotlight

• • • Good Monday to you all!
I artificially inseminated my dear darling dairy cow, Daisy, this morning
(I’m typing this on Sunday eve) and am distracted.  And can’t think of anything to say except, isn’t this a strange picture?  Aren’t they strange little animals?  Won’t you please give this picture a title?
{ze prize is an elk antler chew toy / paperweight and an Artemis necklace and some other goodies thrown in, in case ya wanted to know!}

271 Responses to “Sunny Side Up & Over Easy!”

  1. carol Says:

    Chloe says, “Charley, you floor me!”

  2. mel Says:

    Loving Life on the Edge

    The Inbetweens

  3. taffy Says:

    Corner Comforts

    Cozy Corners

    “And in the right corner weighing in at 35 pounds….”

    (Just LOVE Charlie’s face…looking at you so sweetly!)

  4. muttluver Says:

    This reminds of the scene in the Lassie movie (the one where the family picks her up on their road trip when moving from the city to the country and Tim is a moody teen) when she escapes the shed the mean boys have imprisoned her in by the window.

    Does Whatever A Kitty Can…..

    He Does This All The Time

    What Else Can You Expect From a Coyote Raised by a Cat?

    “/I’m/ Not The One Who Thinks He’s a Cat.”

    Still Thinks He’s a Cat (Reference to this pic:

    Charlie’s Adoration of the Cat Has Led Him to New Heights

    Copying Eli All Those Years Has Paid Off

    I’ve Climbed a Ladder, a Woodpile, and a Hill of Manure–This Is Nothing!

    (Same thing, without the cow poo mountain reference.)

    Chloe’s Not Scared–Charlie’s There To Save Her!

    I KNEW You Would Come For Me!

    What Took You So Long?

    With Friends Like These, Who Needs a Security System?

  5. taffy Says:

    BOTH of their faces are so sweet!
    and Charlie looks so innocent, sort of a “no one saw me do it” look!

  6. Sam Says:

    Sunny side up and over easy!

  7. marianne Says:

    I grew up in front of the camera! What did you expect?

  8. Candace Says:

    Charlie: Oh. Hi Mom.
    Chloe: What? What did I miss?

  9. Sue Says:

    I’m King of the window!!

  10. Shannon H. Says:

    Casual Corner

    “Bay” Window

    Window Bay… ing

    Windows Update

    “Bay” Area

  11. Jess (@OpenlyBalanced) Says:

    Only One Way Out

  12. dianne Says:

    ah, mais oui. Charlie est dans le carre et Chloe est dans le coin. I just wanna know how he GOT there! :O)

  13. Jamie Says:

    Free Will. On a Sill. Holding Still.

  14. QueenOfMud Says:

    Esch-skewed obfuscation.

    Escher + Skew + my favorite bumpersticker (Eschew obfuscation)

    With a nod to all the Escher references already posted.

  15. Tessa Says:

    Coyote in bas relief

  16. Bess Says:

    Chloe and Charlie in Wonderland

  17. Shanin Says:

    My kind of room decor !

  18. James Says:

    Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.

  19. motorshooter Says:

    Picassonatted Canines

  20. Katie Says:

    Peter Pan and Wendy
    Fly me to the moon
    Escape escapades

  21. Lana Says:

    What a life like painting

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