Lamb Chomp!

photo taken February 2010 • title thanks to Martha Parks Johnson

one year ago: Cornball
two years ago: Indy Each Other

How doth ye DO it?
Your captions are so great.
Hilarious & humbling.  Fantastic & fantastical.
Thank you as always for sharing
Ewe feeling lucky?
Cotton Mouth
Is there something in my teeth?
Serious fun
‘Ewe make me feel like a natural….’
“You’re right, this dipping sauce is really good!”
Red Clay Prey
And the Coyote shall lie down with the Lamb…
“If chewin’ stuffed animals is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”
Just Practice.
Squirrely Burly
I dream of a world where lambs and squirrels can live as one…I mean, really live as one. Squirrelambs, if you will.
A lamb-arama ding dong
Heads or Tails, it’s still MINE!
“Comma on over, I promise It won’t hurt…” *chomp*
Ewe make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
Baa baa baa bad to the bone
Propensity for Intensity.
Falafel coyote style

• • • This is Charlie immediately after getting a new toy.
Which became his favorite toy.
Although it’s kind of easy to forget it’s a toy ~ Charlie makes it look like prey……
Can’t wait to see what you do with this picture.  Leave your title, caption, or thought-bubble in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running to WIN!  This week’s prize is a signed copy of my book ~ your choice of hardback, paperback, or gluten-free cookbook!

172 Responses to “Lamb Chomp!”

  1. Kieron Says:

    A Coyote Among the Sheep

  2. Suzy Says:

    U turn with the U sheep

    U wouldn’t take my sheep, would U?

    Pause with the Comma

  3. Suzy Says:

    Ewe feeling lucky?

  4. Kit.e Says:

    Wyoming boomerang.

    Off on a hair raising adventure.

  5. Kit.e Says:

    Indian giver.

    Not exactly what I meant when I said “gives you the warm fuzzies.”

  6. valerie Says:

    Come and get it if you want it

  7. Isobel Says:

    Sprung Lamb

  8. Maary Says:

    So hurry up with the camera already!

  9. belle Says:

    Don’t Even Think About It!!!!!!!!!

  10. Meredith Says:


  11. Holly Says:

    When I’m holding ewe……

    I wouldn’t if I were you!

    Not gonna share.

  12. Kim Says:

    Lambchop meets Charlie.

  13. Shawn Says:

    Coyote catches Sheepsnake!

  14. saxon Says:

    say cheese!

  15. Steph in Oregon Says:

    It’s mine…..all miiinnnnee

  16. Patr Says:

    That is one strange looking stuffed animal….1/2 sheep, 1/2 what???

    But you know Charlie didn’t care – it was prey and he loved it….

    Caption: Pondering his Prey

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Keeping the world safe from stuffed animals.

  18. kelly planer Says:

    You MUST be lookin’ at me – cause I don’t see anybody else…

  19. Denise Says:

    pointy boy meets pointy toy

  20. Tina Says:

    Is there something in my teeth?

  21. Mol Says:

    I may LOOK tough – but I’m just a CUDDLEBUG at heart!~

  22. Diana Says:

    no skin deep sheep

  23. Ava Says:

    Toy ‘R His

    Serious fun
    (Charlie looks so *intently* happy)

    Fuzzy faces

  24. Tessa Minnie Says:

    I got ewe Babe!

  25. Tina Says:

    Heads or Tails?

  26. Richard Says:

    Coyote Contradiction

  27. Ursula Says:

    Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hide

  28. hannah Says:

    ‘Everything is completely normal! Nothing to see here….’

    Or maybe a little:

    ‘Ewe make me feel like a natural….’

  29. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    “Shreve…. I LUV Ewe!”

  30. Ava Says:

    Coyote predation of rare Wyoming plush beastie
    (what *is* that thing? It looks like a fuzzy comma with ears)

  31. schatze Says:

    Plush Predator

  32. Jamie Says:

    Boomerang lambie you came back!

  33. Dave Robatcek Says:

    The Eyes Say Thank You

  34. Rick Pikul Says:

    “You’re right, this dipping sauce is really good!”

  35. sybann Says:

    A predator that makes the hair on the back of his OWN neck stand up.

  36. Penny Says:

    Thank you. Now go away :)

  37. Rhedrose Says:


  38. Susie Says:

    Tough Guy with Bunny Slippers

  39. Eve Says:

    Nobunny loves me.

  40. Kim Campbell Says:

    I wish I could be more creative because I really want your cookbook! But, all I can think of is:




  41. Cheryl Says:

    Is this what got Mom and Dad in trouble?

    I can’t help it, its in my blood.

    This doesn’t taste like Elk.

    I’m no fool, it was never alive.

    Don’t watch this.

  42. Patti Says:

    Prey for Charlie

  43. moondoggie Says:

    Red Clay Prey

  44. NeptuneGirl Says:

    Thank Ewe!

  45. Milaka Says:

    (As a disclaimer – I never read the other captions before I post so if I duplicate, I apologize. And then say that great minds think alike!)

    “Go ahead. Make my day.”
    “Do you feel lucky?”
    (Can you tell I’m on a Clint Eastwood kick?)

  46. Caroline Says:

    “it’s what I do”

  47. JaneofTrades Says:

    Fearless hunter of plush-beasts.

    Charl E. Coyote finally catches his prey.

    Behold! The triumphant hunter returns!

    Fluff and plush in the plains.

    Ewe’re my one and only.

    Boomerang baa is caught again.

    Baaa-ad to the baa.

    I love ewe a bushel and a peck…

  48. Mickey Says:

    President of the local chapter of Stuffed Toys Anonymous

  49. Lucky Says:

    my eyes adore ewe

  50. laura Says:

    Well well well you (ooh ooh ooh ooh) oh yeah you make my dreams come true

    hall n oates

  51. Natalie Says:

    And the Coyote shall lie down with the Lamb…

  52. Dan Says:

    “If chewin’ stuffed animals is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”

  53. Laura Says:

    plush size dream

    ewe send me

    Ewe belong to me

  54. Lindsay P. Says:

    “One, two, three, four…I declare plush war!”

    (Like the thumb wrestling theme song.)

  55. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    Not Quite An Elk/Elf Leg, But It’ll Do.

    The Predator And The Plush

    Looking Like A Wolf

    Om nom nom.


    The Big Bad Coyote Finally Blew Down The Brick House.

    Just Practice.

  56. Amy Says:

    I was absent the day they taught “Sharing.”

  57. Chris Says:

    Ruthlessly culling the unfit plushies.

  58. Lynne R Says:

    Got Plush?

  59. Lynne R Says:

    Toy: “Mercy”
    C harlie: “Sorry, fresh out”

    Also Clint Eastwood

  60. bonnie Says:


  61. Lynne R Says:

    Anger Management – Take Two

  62. Lynne R Says:

    Plush Paradise Pondered

  63. Lisa Says:

    In like a lamb, out like a coyote!

  64. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Thanks…you’re dismissed.

  65. Dave Robatcek Says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I sense this is the beginning of something wonderful.

  66. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Don’t get any ideas…

  67. Carol K. Says:

    I’ve got the world by the tail!!!

  68. Dave Robatcek Says:

    The stuff(ed) dreams are made of.

  69. Angela Says:

    Remembering the Fallen Stuffed Animals

  70. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Happiness is a Warm Gum

  71. Dave Robatcek Says:


  72. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Beat it, Chloe.

  73. Andrea Says:

    My Nature.

  74. Tessa Says:

    Squirrely Burly

  75. Dave Robatcek Says:

    New Toy = Happy Boy

  76. Jodith Says:

    “You can have my toy when you pry it out of my cold, dead mouth.”

  77. Liza Lundell Says:

    Got sheepies?

  78. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Twofer One

  79. Chris Coyote Says:

    Prairie Preydator

  80. Teresa D Says:

    I’m planning on serving it with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  81. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Wish Sandwich

  82. taffy Says:

    Two Toned Squirrel Trouble

    Squirrel Eats Dirt

    Worn Out Squirrel gets a Coyote Lift

    “i won’t hurt the squirrel….
    just helping him look for his arms and legs!”

  83. Farmer Lady Says:

    Charlie says in a low, growly voice…

    “You want some of this?”

    or…. as he’s happily leaping about…

    Toy! Toy! I Got A New Toy!
    Shreve’s the Best, I Got a New Toy!!!

  84. bonnie Says:

    It was the last anyone saw of the elusive Lamberang….

  85. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Munch of the Month

  86. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Two Plush One Equals Glee

  87. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Haute Cuisine

  88. Nic Says:

    This doesn’t concern you, just look away.

  89. E.Jolie Says:

    Stuffed Squirrel Does Taste Just Like Stuffed Chicken

  90. Lary Says:

    Lamb Chomp…….. like the old kids tv show with a coyote’s twist

  91. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Why yes, thank you, a glass of wine would be wonderful with this.

  92. Mari Says:

    “Yeah, that’s right. I’m starting a new trend in coyote behavior.”

  93. E.Jolie Says:

    Charlie Pretending to Move His Pup to the New Den or Maybe Not

  94. Tanya V. Says:

    Don’t move or the squirrel gets it!

  95. Dave Robatcek Says:


  96. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Morphs in your mouth, not in your paw

  97. Dave Robatcek Says:

    What’s this called again?

  98. Darrell Says:

    Try it and you’ll draw back a nub.

    Fetch? What’s that?

  99. Dave Robatcek Says:

    There’s a million gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf every day and you expect me to be happy about a new toy?

  100. Darrell Says:

    What?…I’m just taking out the sick, the weak and the plush.

  101. Helioprogenus Says:

    The tale of a toy tail.


    “If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? Five? No, calling a tail a leg don’t make it a leg.
    –Abe Lincoln

  102. Dave Robatcek Says:

    You got this at the “factory seconds” outlet, didn’t you?

  103. Cindy Says:

    coyote in sheep’s chothing!

  104. Dave Robatcek Says:

    I dream of a world where lambs and squirrels can live as one…I mean, really live as one. Squirrelambs, if you will.

  105. Mich Says:

    Having a fake-fur ball

  106. Marcia Says:

    “Nobody move or the sheep gets it”

  107. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Genetic Engineering Gone Horribly Wrong

    (ok, I’ll stop, now)

  108. Diana Says:


  109. Ilana Says:

    Wyoming’s version of the outback

  110. Jess Says:


  111. MaryK Says:

    Rescuing a plushie from the Wyoming dirt spill

  112. Maggie Y. Says:

    Lamb Chop’s Play Along

  113. Yaara Says:

    Comma Chameleon


    A lamb-arama ding dong

  114. Siobhan Says:

    Yeah, it’s great! I love it! What IS it???

  115. Debi Says:

    Heads or Tails, it’s still MINE!

  116. Michelle R Says:

    “Comma on over, I promise It won’t hurt…” *chomp*

    “Charlie, this is why we don’t have nice things…”

    ‘Yote Choke Hold.

  117. Diane Says:

    Just step away and nobody gets hurt……heh heh heh

  118. Shannon S. Says:

    Is mine.

  119. Janus Says:


  120. sue from NZ Says:

    Pray (prey) tell me ~ what shall I do with this ?

  121. Sophie Says:

    “The Boomerang Gang”

  122. Frannie Says:

    Baa baa baa bad to the bone

  123. pansypoo Says:

    killer instinct-sorta

  124. D'Ann Says:

    Just try it….

  125. Georgia Says:

    My boy and his stuffed toy

    Don’t even think of taking sh**p from me!

  126. Martha Parks Johnson Says:

    Lamb Chomp!

  127. Dana Says:

    Serta Sheep meet Coyote

    A coyote in sheeps clothing

  128. Sim Says:

    Grabbing life by the tail

  129. Lydia G Says:

    How Now, Prey Toy

  130. Alice Says:

    I’m makin’ Chloe think I’ve only got 1 new toy, but it’s really 2. I’ve just swallowed half of each!

  131. Heather L Says:

    Wooly Bully…………

  132. Heather L Says:

    The Silence of the Lamb…

    The Lamb to the Slaughter

  133. Birdcage Says:

    Propensity for Intensity.

  134. Pamela Taub Says:


  135. Heather L Says:

    Charlie Had a Little Lamb….

  136. kathleen Says:

    I don’t care what it is, it’s mine!

  137. Heather L Says:


    Charlie comma

  138. James Says:

    Boys and Their Toys

  139. Jenny C Says:

    Charlie has a good grip on the sheep round-up… er… down…

    (All of these are so great!!!
    Really laughed at these two:
    Rick Pikul says: “You’re right, this dipping sauce is really good!”
    bonnie says: It was the last anyone saw of the elusive Lamberang….)

  140. Maegan Says:

    Chewin’ the ewemarang
    This is mine, ewe don’t want it.

  141. Meg Says:

    Really, another picture? *sigh*

    (Love all of the captions! Mine stems from the look of exasperation in his eyes!)

  142. Emily Says:

    Lethal Lamb


    Coyote Guard

  143. Evan Says:

    Falafel coyote style

  144. Deb Says:

    “I’m a ‘gluten’ for sheep’s stew!”

  145. Darrell Says:

    “Lamb Chop” never looked or tasted this good! Who’s Shari Lewis?

  146. Ryan Says:

    Charlie’s finding his boomerang doesn’t come back to him nearly as reliably now that Chloe’s all grown up-He doesn’t want to let it go.

  147. Amy Nahirny Says:

    go on make my day

  148. carmel Says:

    ” what you lookin’ at ?”

  149. Lesley Says:

    Please play nice, Mr. Coyote.

    (Ok, I can’ t help thinking the toy is saying that.)

  150. Carrie Says:

    See Ewe!

  151. Gigi Says:

    i AM smiling !

  152. Kris Says:

    Ewe make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

  153. carolh Says:

    Sheep eatin grin!

  154. Dianne Says:

    “Resistance is Futile”

  155. robbi Says:

    “honestly, i don’t know who repainted the floor brown…”

  156. Clare Says:

    OK I promise to look after it, what happened to the other one was an accident!

  157. maria Says:


  158. lynsey Says:

    Nom, nom, nom

    Cotton Mouth

    Master of the Wooly Chew

  159. Kirby Says:

    Charlie needs to call his Predators Anonymous sponsor….

  160. Di Says:

    I couldn’t help it, it the wild coming out inme.

  161. Colleen Says:

    Channeling Clint Eastwood

  162. Kelly Says:

    Kid At Heart

  163. Anna Says:

    The Big, the Bad, and the Fluffy

  164. Amanda Says:

    . . . wherein Lamb Chop learns that the song has, indeed, ended.

  165. ForeverLearning Says:

    “You wanna piece of this?”

  166. nacy Says:

    i’m going to love it and squeeze it and tear it to shreds.

  167. Scioneer Says:

    You mind telling me just WHAT THE HECK THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE?

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