Tones Of The Soul

photo taken April 2010 • title thanks to Abigail

one  year ago: Hungry
two years ago: Valentines

Tuesday mornings are getting difficult.
I do love your entries, one and all!
Abigail, yours fits the photographs so perfectly.
And ze runners-up are:

Song Sung Sepia

Ear Candy
And Heaven and Nature Sing
“Goodnight, Moon!”
Echos to My Soul
Got Them Ain’t Got No Elf Leg BLUUUUUUUUES!
“Word Up”
Oh, soul ‘o meeow…c’mon Eli
Toney Soprano
Celeste, Sha-reeeeeeeveh, forma divina…..
Oh say can you howl….    At the dawn’s early prowl…..
“Wild thing, I think I looooove you!”
“Synching” his teeth into it
So, who needs a moon?!  Not me!
Sage advice from Charlie:  Chin up!
Let Freedom Sing
Better than a rooster…

• • • Oh my goodness, this is my 1001th post on this blog!
To celebrate, my Soul Man is yours to title.  Well, he’d be yours to title even if this was the 57th post or the 21034th post.  This week’s winner will win a signed copy of either of my books.
And come back tomorrow for the audio version of this picture!!

212 Responses to “Tones Of The Soul”

  1. Kerri M Says:

    Home, home, on the range! Where the Dog, Cat and Coyote play! Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word and the sky is un-cloudy all day!

  2. mlaiuppa Says:

    Feral prayer.

  3. Lisa Wallace Says:

    The Song Heard Around the World

  4. Lisa Wallace Says:

    (or could be spelled:)

    The Song Heard ‘Round the World

  5. E.Jolie Says:

    I Too Sing for Pleasure

  6. Lauren Says:

    wake up call

  7. saxon Says:

    one fang wonder

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Soul Song

    The Most Ancient Song

    May My Voice Be Heard

  9. Holly Says:

    Soul Song

    The Most Ancient Song

    May My Voice Be Heard

  10. taffy Says:

    Charlie is captain of his soul!
    All our dogs howl with him on the audio!

  11. Pat D. Says:

    Thanks for the runner-up nod to my entry!! Encouragement to keep trying…

    Hey, I thought of a Whitman quote that fits Charlie:

    “I celebrate myself, and sing myself…”
    — Song of Myself / Walt Whitman

  12. Deanna Says:

    Rhapsody in WOOOOOOO

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