Tones Of The Soul

photo taken April 2010 • title thanks to Abigail

one  year ago: Hungry
two years ago: Valentines

Tuesday mornings are getting difficult.
I do love your entries, one and all!
Abigail, yours fits the photographs so perfectly.
And ze runners-up are:

Song Sung Sepia

Ear Candy
And Heaven and Nature Sing
“Goodnight, Moon!”
Echos to My Soul
Got Them Ain’t Got No Elf Leg BLUUUUUUUUES!
“Word Up”
Oh, soul ‘o meeow…c’mon Eli
Toney Soprano
Celeste, Sha-reeeeeeeveh, forma divina…..
Oh say can you howl….    At the dawn’s early prowl…..
“Wild thing, I think I looooove you!”
“Synching” his teeth into it
So, who needs a moon?!  Not me!
Sage advice from Charlie:  Chin up!
Let Freedom Sing
Better than a rooster…

• • • Oh my goodness, this is my 1001th post on this blog!
To celebrate, my Soul Man is yours to title.  Well, he’d be yours to title even if this was the 57th post or the 21034th post.  This week’s winner will win a signed copy of either of my books.
And come back tomorrow for the audio version of this picture!!

212 Responses to “Tones Of The Soul”

  1. Helioprogenus Says:

    To the heavens commenced an Earth-shattering howl.


  2. belle Says:

    O’ Soul Lo Meee OOOOOOO!!!

  3. Jiwa Says:

    Honey Rock Howl

  4. Heidi Says:

    Sepia Serenade

  5. Meredith Says:

    Celebrating 1001 post!

  6. MJ Says:

    Song Sung Sepia

    Call of the Wily Coyote

    Heralding The Day

    Singing Praises for the Day

  7. Tina Says:


  8. Bluesistheteacher Says:


  9. MJ Says:

    Coyote Lovesong

  10. sybann Says:

    When I’m Calling You-oooooo-ooooo-ooooo!

  11. Yaara Says:

    How’l I reach 10,002??


    Baroo Bayou

  12. Diana Says:

    in the right mood

  13. MaggieM Says:

    Wyooooooooming, where the wind comes sweeping down the draw.

  14. Kim Says:

    Owww. You stepped on my toe.

  15. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    Soul-FULL serenade

  16. karen Says:

    Reciting Allen Ginsberg’s Howl

  17. Di Says:

    The Call of the Wild, natures instinct

  18. Amanda Says:

    This Is the Sound of One Voice.

    [Courtesy of the awesome and magnificent (and awesomely magnificent) song 'One Voice' by the Wailin' Jennys.]

  19. Patr Says:

    Yowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllll! I feel good!

  20. Rebecca Burns Says:

    Echos to My Soul

  21. Paige Says:


  22. carol Says:

    10:20, and all’s well!

  23. Karen C Says:

    “Howlllllll Love You Baby!” from the Frankie Valli » Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

  24. moondoggie Says:

    One Canine Canine

  25. Tracy Says:

    I don’t know why I do what I do.

  26. Tracy Says:

    Natural thoughts…

  27. Feral Boy Says:

    Got Them Ain’t Got No Elf Leg BLUUUUUUUUES!

  28. schatze Says:

    Feeling His Notes

  29. saxon Says:


  30. Betsy Says:

    “Ooohhhhh home on the range!”


    Charlie gargling with elk-flavored Listerine before a night on the town.

  31. JP Says:

    An Ethereal Sage ~ An Eternal Song

  32. Angela S. Says:

    Hello- ooooo!

  33. Chris P Says:


  34. Angela S. Says:

    side note~ Charlie looks so fluffy in this picture. “HE’S SO FLUFFFEEEE!”

  35. Paula Says:

    Bye Mom! Drive safe! Come back soon. I love youuuuu!

    Charlie, singing while you were away:
    ‘My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
    your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
    You never need to carry more than you can hold,
    and while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
    I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
    Yeah, this, is my wish…” — Rascal Flatts

    On a lighter note:
    “Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
    Don’t let ‘em pick guitars and drive them old trucks
    Make ‘em be doctors and lawyers and such…” —Willie Nelson

  36. Angela S. Says:

    One Note Wonder

  37. Mary Says:

    Singin’ for his supper; hoping for elk on the prarie

  38. DebbyS Says:

    Where’s ma other teefe!

  39. Bobbie Says:

    Coyote Telephone

  40. Rhedrose Says:


  41. Debbie Says:

    Song of the Heart.

  42. lisa s Says:

    Singing to the choir.

  43. Wendi Says:

    There ain’t no cure for the summertime bluuuuues

  44. Pat D. Says:

    “Wild thing, I think I looooove you!”

  45. Dale Says:

    Wyoming Wailer


    Charlie Chat

    Howly Doody

  46. Terry Says:

    There is a song by Sam Bush that I love. There’s so much meaning in the song about how we live our life. So, this one is an easy one for me – Howlin’ at the Moon.

  47. Rhonda Says:

    Speaking the Truth!

  48. Eija Says:

    The first thing that came to my head as a title for this beautiful photo was (well, of course it’s taken already) but I enter it anyhow:

    “When I Am Calling you- ou-ou-uuuuuuuuuu”

    The Coyote Song

    The Visual Side of Howl Sound

    The Beauty of His Howl

  49. Heather L Says:


  50. Shanin Says:

    Everything else is just a blur!

  51. Bess Says:

    Happy Howl

    Serenade from the Soul

  52. Heather L Says:

    Cur in a Blur….

    Fur in a Blur….

  53. Christina Says:

    Sing Down the Moon

    Mexicali Blues

    Let Me Sing Your Blues Away

  54. Heather L Says:

    Yes to Howl….No to Growl…….

  55. Heather L Says:

    Music to His Ears……………

  56. Heather L Says:

    Calling All Coyotes………………

  57. ilana Says:

    one tooth, one tone

  58. Jane Says:

    What a beautiful crooner!
    Coyote crooner

  59. Heather L Says:

    Pure Pipes…………

    Nature’s Instrument…….

    Playing in Nature’s Band……………

  60. Liz Says:

    The Call of the Wild

    (This is the first thing that popped into my head, because Charlie looks like he could be on the cover of the Jack London novel.)

  61. Heather L Says:

    The Boy’s Noise…..

  62. Nic Says:

    …For he saw the riders comin’ hard and he heard their mournful cry.
    Yippee-yi-ay, yippee-yi-o, ghost riders in the sky.

  63. Heather L Says:

    Cock-a-Doodle Coyote…………

  64. Kathleen Says:

    Unmuted melody

  65. Diana Says:


    (after the Navajo Code Speakers from WWII)

  66. Heather L Says:

    Nosey Barker….

  67. Lisa Says:

    Spirit Song

  68. Heather L Says:

    “Word Up”

  69. Monarch Says:

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s RICARDO!

  70. Sherri Says:

    The song of love!

  71. Heather L Says:

    Free Concert……….

    Free Song….

    “Spirit in the Sky Song”

  72. treva kensler Says:

    Let Freedom Sing

  73. Derrick Says:

    “I’m a Soul Man”

  74. Holly Says:

    Havin’ a howlin’ good time!!!

  75. Tiny Tyrant Says:

    Coyote Aria

  76. Jennifer Says:

    Better than a rooster…

  77. MCJ Says:

    “Aah Woooooo! Coyotes of London…”
    ~ with apologies to W. Zevon.

  78. Karen Says:

    Killing Us Softly With His Song

  79. Jocelyn Says:

    ~coyote enRAPture~

  80. Diane Says:

    Heart and Soul

  81. Amy Says:

    Howlin’ for My Baby

  82. Cindy Says:

    Toofy Tune

  83. Suzy Says:

    A Howlin’ Good Time

  84. Lindsay Says:

    Untamed Melody.

  85. Keri Says:

    Such A Softie

    Living in the Moment

    Time somehow manages to fly by and stand still all at once. (That’s the feeling I get with this photo, I love it!)

  86. Mike Says:

    Tunes at Twilight

  87. Deidre Says:

    Oh, soul ‘o meeow…c’mon Eli

  88. Daisy the Pink Pit Bull Says:

    “Sing, Sing a song, make it simple, to last your whole life long”

  89. John Thompson Says:

    …from the heart

  90. Carolyn Says:

    Soulful Serenade

  91. magnolia Says:

    Happy Howl
    Coyote Praise
    Howl Out Loud

  92. Jackie/Montana Says:

    Coyote One Fang

  93. Carolyn Says:

    From the depths of my soul to the tip of my tongue I sing.

    Singing my wisdom… listen carefully.

  94. erica Says:

    Plains aria

  95. kathleen Says:

    Torch Song

  96. bonnie Says:

    Wyoming Warbler

  97. Farmer Lady Says:

    Heart Song
    Love Singing
    Singing Heart
    Singing to my Heart
    Howling Heart

    (what’s up with the Heart thing?? dunno…)

  98. D'Ann Says:

    Voices in the wind..

  99. D'Ann Says:

    I sing the body electric

  100. Chris Says:

    “This land is MYYY land…”

  101. Ericka Says:

    Howl at the moon

  102. Lynne R Says:

    Sunrise Serenade

  103. I-Ching Says:

    Song of the West

    Coyote Communiqué

    Long Distance Call

  104. Abigail Says:

    Tones of the soul.

  105. Tervicz Says:


  106. Analise Says:

    A Joyful Noise

  107. Karyn Says:

    Coyote Caroler

  108. ilana Says:

    sharp focus

  109. Siobhan Says:

    Dogsology (doxology)

  110. Penny Says:

    Yip yawl

  111. LISA S Says:

    Can you hear me HOWL ????

  112. Susan Says:

    Joyous Abandon

  113. Jenny C Says:

    Hoooooome, home on the range…

    In the key of bliss

  114. June Says:

    Canine Cantata


    Coyote Cantata

  115. June Says:

    Wild Aria


    Wild Aria in the Wild Air

  116. E.Jolie Says:

    Hear I Am

  117. Trisha Says:

    Oh “SOUL” A Me ohhhhh

  118. roxie Says:

    Howl-LO Mooooon! (Hello, Moon!)

  119. roxie Says:

    Calling Pavarotti

  120. Ava Says:


  121. Rae Trigg Says:

    Howling Fool

  122. Chris Matthies Says:

    Song of the Earth

  123. Chris Matthies Says:

    “Oh, love will make a coyote howl in rhyme.” ~paraphrased from Francis Beaumont

    Howling the Day into being

    Make a Joyful Noise

    Song of the Heart

    Free-dom….oh oh Free dom!!

    The Spirit and the Song

    I have a sweet tooth for song and music.~ Pope John Paul the 2nd

    Singing the Praises of Life

    Moving Melody

  124. Katie Says:

    “My Night to Howl…”

  125. Rebecca Says:

    I shall regale thee in song.
    Clarity among a muted background.
    Wilderness, I am alive, Wilderness, I am well.

  126. V. Says:

    “Goodnight, Moon!”

  127. Barbara Says:

    & Heaven and Nature Sing

  128. leskunk Says:

    thought i herd a saxaphone i got drunk on the moon…

  129. Susie Says:

    I can do Tarzan – listen!

  130. Heather Says:

    Oh solooo mio!

  131. Julie Says:

    “Synching” his teeth into it

  132. Barbara R Says:

    Toney Soprano

  133. jannycat Says:

    Born in ‘im.

  134. Leah Says:

    Wyoming Siren

  135. RS Says:

    Singin’ in Sepia

  136. JC Says:

    The tooth will set you free!

  137. Prairie Skye Says:

    ” Prairie Son Sings “

  138. Liana Says:

    Calling For The Elf Leg

  139. Barbara in California Says:

    Territorial Tweet

    Summon the Moon

  140. Suzy Says:

    Mr. Howl

  141. Lydia G Says:

    Communicating with Nature

  142. Meg Says:

    Wind Talker

    Soul Song

    Good Morning, Wyoming!

  143. Carrie Says:

    Ooohh Eli! How I love yoouuu!

  144. Patty Says:

    Ghost howl on the wind

  145. carmel Says:

    ” oh say can you see”

  146. Anonymous Says:

    Charlie showing his wild side

    The Cry of the Coyote

  147. Michelle R Says:


    Charlie utilizing the bay-as-you-go howling plan.

  148. carmel Says:

    calling for a soul mate

  149. Emily Says:

    Mystic One

    Soul Howl

    Dawn Song

  150. Liza Lundell Says:

    Celeste, Sha-reeeeeeeveh, forma divina…..

  151. carmel Says:

    and howl was your day?

  152. carmel Says:

    “i once was lost, but now i’m found”

    (from the hymn Amazing Grace)

  153. carmel Says:

    the soul of the earth

  154. Deb D. Says:

    So, who needs a moon?! Not me!

  155. Bethrusso Says:

    If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops…

  156. Paula Vanbuskirk Says:

    e…..”lonely, I’m Mister Lonely”…..

  157. D'Ann Says:

    Yap Attack

  158. D'Ann Says:

    Can you hear me now…?

  159. D'Ann Says:

    Lonesome Serenade

  160. carmel Says:

    singing for his supper

  161. Barbie Says:

    “Oh lonesome me”

  162. D'Ann Says:

    Songs in the Wind

  163. Barbie Says:


  164. mlaiuppa Says:


  165. Carmel Says:

    wherefore art thou Juliette?

  166. jessie Says:

    Coyote Geometry

  167. murck Says:

    Love Song

  168. Alice Says:

    “and we’ll be howlin’ at the moon….awooooo!”
    (unfortunately I cannot remember the more of the song or who sang it)

  169. D'Ann Says:

    Co Co Cachoo
    Co Co Cachoo, I am Coyote…!

  170. Janet Says:

    Song of the Prairie

    Singin’ My Heart Out Over You

  171. Sophie Says:

    “Keep it glowing, smoking, glowing/I’m howling at the moon” (Ramones “Howling at the Moon (Sha-La-La)”)

  172. Diane Says:

    Mo—-m!!!! Over here!!

  173. lisas Says:

    Ear Candy ( – :

  174. Sally Says:

    Oh say can you howl…. At the dawn’s early prowl…..

  175. Sally Says:

    a-wooooooo coyotes of London.

  176. lynsey Says:


  177. ursula davis Says:

    Singing his song….

    Dusk serenade….

  178. Sandee Says:


  179. MP Says:

    The first one that came to mind was Desperado, but then all these other songs started coming to mind – Charlie just has that rock star look, what can I say?!


    Blue Mooooon…

    Love bites…!

    Unchained Howl-ody

    Nights in White Satin (until Shreve chases me off the bed!)

    “The answer, my friend, is howlin’ in the wind…”

  180. carmel Says:

    glory glory alleluia

  181. Barbara R Says:

    Sage advice from Charlie: Chin up!

  182. carmel Says:

    grace before meals

  183. carmel Says:

    leader of the pack

  184. Lana Says:

    points and peaks

  185. carmel Says:

    april showers

    fresh air

    breathe breathe breathe

    a breath of fresh air

    morning glory

  186. carmel Says:

    is it a bird, or is it a plane ?

  187. carmel Says:

    aye, aye

  188. carmel Says:

    oh no, no more video

  189. Jann Jeffries Says:

    That picture says to me, “Can you hear me now?”

    I love it as I do all your photos.

  190. carmel Says:

    eye on the prize

  191. carmel Says:

    sniff sniff

  192. carmel Says:

    he nose his place

  193. Lesley Says:

    Fang Dang Doodle

  194. carmel Says:

    gimme a break

  195. carmel Says:

    oh lonesome me

  196. carmel Says:

    range of motion

  197. E.Jolie Says:

    Acapella Fella

  198. Marcella Says:

    I sing 4 u cuz i luv u.

  199. mlaiuppa Says:

    Cry to Heaven.

  200. Isobel Says:

    Sound Hound

  201. Kerri M Says:

    Home, home, on the range! Where the Dog, Cat and Coyote play! Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word and the sky is un-cloudy all day!

  202. mlaiuppa Says:

    Feral prayer.

  203. Lisa Wallace Says:

    The Song Heard Around the World

  204. Lisa Wallace Says:

    (or could be spelled:)

    The Song Heard ‘Round the World

  205. E.Jolie Says:

    I Too Sing for Pleasure

  206. Lauren Says:

    wake up call

  207. saxon Says:

    one fang wonder

  208. Anonymous Says:

    Soul Song

    The Most Ancient Song

    May My Voice Be Heard

  209. Holly Says:

    Soul Song

    The Most Ancient Song

    May My Voice Be Heard

  210. taffy Says:

    Charlie is captain of his soul!
    All our dogs howl with him on the audio!

  211. Pat D. Says:

    Thanks for the runner-up nod to my entry!! Encouragement to keep trying…

    Hey, I thought of a Whitman quote that fits Charlie:

    “I celebrate myself, and sing myself…”
    – Song of Myself / Walt Whitman

  212. Deanna Says:

    Rhapsody in WOOOOOOO

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