Home, Home Of The Strange…

photo taken May 2010 • title thanks to Lauren

one year ago: Racing Away With His Bounty
two years ago: Canyon Coyote

I was sitting here thinking, how am I going to choose one, and then blammo, in comes Lauren’s entry.  Perfection.  All of yours are wonderful, of course, but Lauren, you have nailed it!  ADORE.

And tied for second place:
Chloe watches as Charlie attempts to orally seize the day.
MAMA MIA! That’s a spicy meataball!
Dramatic “Paws”
No, it doesn’t look like a cavity, it looks like a CAVE.
Filler Up!
See? Coyote breath IS better than dog breath!
Dude…breath mint.
Varying degrees of ice cream headache
I did not eat your cookie stash!
Altoid’s new Elf Leg Breath: Try it today!
“PLACES EVERYONE” / Charlie directs the climactic “sunset scene”
Jus’ Jawin’
Howl and Hum
Can you hear me now???

• • • We’re back!  And you are too, I’m so glad!
Do explain what’s going on here.
The strangest interpretation will WIN!
I think it shall be another naturally shed deer antler
as ze prize this week.
I’m off to find a big enough box!
Can’t wait to read your crazy thoughts!

225 Responses to “Home, Home Of The Strange…”

  1. sybann Says:

    No, it doesn’t look like a cavity, it looks like a CAVE.

  2. Suzy Says:

    Charlie- you can get loud and stamp your feet- I still don’t agree with you!

  3. Annemiek Says:

    “I can see Russia in there.”

  4. foetle Says:

    “Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  5. Steven Swanson Says:

    Listening to her master’s voice.

    Doing the RCA Victor ad.

    Yea, this dates me. It reminded me of the old RCA Victor ads.

  6. foetle Says:

    Hmm…some people may find the above offensive or unsettling…let me explain that I have no religious connotations whatsoever…I just thought that Charlie would be singing and the above song came to mind.

    another option might be:

    “Vincero, vincero, ……..vinCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEro”

  7. belle Says:

    And you think I am strange!!! (from chloe to charlie)

    Looks like tonsils (from chloe to charlie)

  8. June Says:

    Indian Love Call

  9. Joanna Says:

    I’m melting! MELTING!

  10. Rachel Says:

    See? Coyote breath IS better than dog breath!

  11. Allie Says:

    Please not another WET Willy!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world

  13. Karen Says:

    I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world

    (sorry, forgot to sign in above)

  14. Christy Says:

    No Charlie, I don’t see any stuffed rabbit stuck in your teeth

  15. Tina Says:


  16. Sandy Says:

    “yep, you’re right charlie…coyotes do have canines!”

  17. Elaine Schoolnik Says:

    Not on my watch

  18. MaggieMNM Says:

    Breath Test

  19. Ms. M Says:

    Coyote + Yodel = Coyodel

  20. Kate D. Says:

    I think you’re a little off key

  21. Erica Says:

    Told ya your face would get stuck like that!

  22. Jane Says:

    The scream: Munch and model

  23. Barry Says:

    OWWW, I just stepped on a hornet!

  24. *gina Says:

    “You’re right, Charlie, MY head would fit.”

    “See, Chloe,,,elf-leg fresh!” or

    “See. All gone!”

  25. falnfenix Says:

    Dude…breath mint.

  26. Wendy Says:

    O solo mio!

  27. Lynsey Says:

    Can you see my tail from there?

    And I was like, “Oh girl, no you didn’t!”

    Wanna see my tonsils?

    Okay Chloe, I dare you to stick your head in…”

    Do I need an Altoid?

    “It’s a good day…LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAA”

    Howlin’ at the Sun

  28. Colleen G Says:


  29. Elizabeth Says:

    No, I don’t think your tonsils look swollen.

  30. Theresa Says:

    A paws for the tooth fairy

  31. Scotty Says:

    yet another retelling of the scary snake story

  32. sue Says:

    wow, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

  33. Ava Says:

    Canine Primal Scream Therapy (Hey, it works for them)

    Charlie does his best Freddie Mercury

    Bohowlmenian Rhapsody
    (Yep, another Queen reference. “For MEEEEEEEE!”)

  34. Ava Says:


    “Bohowlmian”. Sorry, typo.

  35. schatze Says:

    Just say aaaaaahhhhhh rooooo.

  36. jaime Says:

    Open wide and say “AHHHHHH”!

  37. Barbie Says:

    “Morning Breath”

  38. Patty Says:

    Charlie channels Pavarotti’s High C

  39. Heidi Says:

    Canine Cameo

  40. TomT Says:

    Canine Breathaliser

  41. saxon Says:

    wide open spaces

  42. Eija Says:

    I hear Charlie’s frustrated throaty crying growl in this face to face confrontational stance and in realization that Chloe is ready and set for anything!

    Enough Of That, Charlie, Make Your Move

    I Am So-ooo Scared, Charlie

    Really awesome, Charlie, But Let’s Just Get On With It.

  43. B Menzies Says:

    I’ll be damned. So that’s what the inside of a coyote looks like!

    Canine views canines.

    I don’t think that gobstopper was such a good plan Charlie….

  44. Laffindog Says:

    Na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaaaaahhh, I can’t HEAR youuuuuu, Chloeeeee!!!

  45. paula Says:

    MOOOOM! Chloe is looking at me!

    “::sigh:: For the tenth time today: “My, what big teeth you have…,” Chloe says exasperated.

  46. Amy Says:

    “Now, Charlie, remember the vocal exercises I taught you…”

    “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, DOOOOO!!”

  47. Maria Says:

    Charlie tries…Chloe is not impressed.

  48. M. Says:

    “see any cavities?”

  49. Angie Says:


  50. Brandi Says:

    Varying degrees of ice cream headache

  51. ursula Says:

    Smells like feet to me.


    Open and Shut.

  52. Heather L Says:

    “I Am Coyote, Hear Me Roar!”

  53. debbie Says:

    Nessun Dorma! Nessun Dorma!

  54. Pat D. Says:

    Charlie: “I am Coyote, hear me YOWL!”
    Chloe: “Charlie, you’re such a diva sometimes.”

  55. Liz Says:

    Charlie: No really, I saw this guy put a whole pumpkin in his mouth! He opened up THIS WIDE….
    Chloe: You know I’m not buying this, right?

  56. Heather L Says:

    Charlie Explains the Black Hole to Chloe……

  57. Marianne Martin Says:

    “And it was THIS BIG!”

  58. Heather L Says:

    “Let’s play Momma and Baby Bird…I’ll be the Baby”

  59. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Charlie… “wank wank wank” (as in the Teacher’s voice in Charlie Brown)

  60. Di Says:

    O sol O mi Ohhhh

  61. pika Says:

    “I don’t see what the heck Eli is talking about, Charlie. Your brain looks MUCH larger than a peanut!”

  62. rhonda Says:

    I told you ” Frogs in your throat” is just a saying!

    Mmmm, wild sage makes your breath smell GOOD!

    No, Shreve didn’t take a tooth for a Monday morning prize!

  63. Heather L Says:

    “Let’s play Doctor……Say Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

  64. Jen Says:

    Two things come to mind…

    1) Yes, that tooth is going to have to go


    2) So that’s the secret passage to Narnia!

    Ok three things…

    3) So THAT’S where my bone went!

  65. SheilaE Says:

    Canine(s) inspector

  66. SheilaE Says:

    Cavity search!

  67. Heather L Says:

    Chloe tolerates Charlie’s Song & Dance…………

  68. Carrie Says:

    Yodel-Ay Yodel-Ay Yodel-Ay-EEE-OOO

  69. Heather L Says:

    OPEN & SHUT…

  70. SheilaE Says:

    Chloe gets her gum-uppance.

  71. Jen Says:

    Neither of these are a title, but what comes to mind nonetheless!

    Chloe: I told you not to eat the peanut butter.

    Chloe: Picking up your leg doesn’t make your jaw open any wider.

  72. Heather L Says:

    Silent Night….OOOOOOOO Holey Knight…………

  73. Daedree Long Says:

    “I speak whale. Ahhhhhhwooooogggaaaaaoooo….”

    From “Finding Nemo”.

  74. Heather L Says:

    Tongue and Cheek………….

  75. Heather L Says:

    Chloe Stares into the Gaping Jaws of a “Wyoming Whiner”…

    Sister Studies Wyoming Whiner……………

  76. nancy Says:

    chloe will mom smell her peanut butter sandwich on my breath??

  77. bluesky Says:

    “Sniff…sniff… Where’d you find the horse poop?”

  78. Cheryl Says:

    I can see your hooch.
    Ain’t goin’ there.
    Wider, dognabbit!
    Stop, you’re gonna make me yawn.
    It froze that way, didn’t it?

  79. cfritz Says:

    Yep ~ I see it…it’s a stuffed moose leg.

  80. Susie Says:

    To really get a good howl, you gotta make your mouth do this …

  81. Karen P Says:

    I’ve got spirit yes I do. I’ve got spirit howl about you?

  82. Eve Says:

    Have you been flossing?

  83. Jia En Says:

    “No shit! Are you kiddin’ me?!”

    Yodeling Coyote.

    Love goes beyond morning breaths.

  84. Caroline Says:

    You’re breath smells like roast with gravy, soooooo goooooood

  85. bobbie Says:

    I’m here for my tooth-cleaning, Dr.

  86. mackennzie Says:

    Amateur Dentistry

    Demonstrating How a Python Swallows an Entire Goat

    Catching Flies

    Go On, I Bet I Can Fit Your Head In Here.

    Is That… Is That a Clock Ticking In There?

  87. Emma Bull Says:

    That explains it! No wisdom teeth!

  88. Lynne R Says:

    A game of “What did I just eat?”

  89. Mari Says:

    “Yes, Charlie, I do still smell garlic from the fettuccine you had last night.”

  90. Lynne R Says:

    Elk leg with a hint of berries and a slight undertone of deer antler.

  91. MJ Says:

    Chloe listens to a Coyote love song

    Oh Chlo eh me oooooo!

    Charlie sings “Ahhh ooooooo” while Chloe waits to join in with “werewolves of London”, while thinking weird coyotes of Wyoming!

  92. jay Says:

    “My name is Charlie…stop asking me every morning!”

  93. Shannon S. Says:

    Smells like stuffing.

  94. Barbara Says:

    You squish us into a cameo and then you expect us to sing?

  95. Lynne R Says:

    I told you not to eat that stinkbug!

  96. bonnie Says:

    Ready? Now, see if you can get your whole head in this time.

  97. Lynne R Says:

    Bad Breath Contest:”Yep you’re right, you win!”

  98. pika Says:

    Chloe thinks, “Hmmm…version number eight of Edvard Munch’s The Scream has been located.”

  99. bonnie Says:

    The scenting game: guess what i just ate.

  100. Cathy Says:

    “Me Tarzan. You Jane.”

  101. Ericka Says:

    Charlie & Chloe are having a howling and yowling contest.

  102. Dena Says:

    Seriously, there is nothing stuck in your teeth!

  103. Heather L Says:

    Paw Hopper Jaw Dropper & friend………..

    The Cur and the Canary…………..

  104. Jeanette Bostwick Says:

    Home Home on the Range where the dog and coyote roam————

  105. meigui Says:

    Charlie performs an aria from “The Barker of Seville”

  106. margini Says:

    This photo reminds me of relationships. You know when your partner gets upset with you and tryies to lay down the law, “Things are gonna be this way!” and you stand there and act like you are listening but inside you know you are going to do what you want the way you want to do it anyway? Thats this look. You can almost see Chloe rolling her eyes. So, in that note, by title is:

    Blah Blah Blah, yea yea WHATEVER!

  107. b Says:


  108. Tina Says:

    In his best Ed McMahon voice, “And Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerre’s Chloe!!”

  109. Alicia H. Says:

    “Ahhh, Mom, not another picture!”

  110. Heather L Says:

    Wooly Bully………….

  111. Chris P Says:

    OK, maybe you can fit a bowling ball.

  112. angie Says:


  113. jenniferc Says:

    Please? I said Nooooooo000

  114. Suzanna Says:

    Cavernous canine charm

  115. Joanie Hoffman Says:

    “Oh, say can you see…, next year, Superbowl!”

  116. Claudia Says:

    Chloe, they were NOT DEAD FOR THE WHOLE SERIES!!!!!

    (LOST fan)

  117. Karen Says:

    Smells Like Chicken

  118. Rayjay Says:

    *Gasp!* MOOOOOM!!! Do you know what Chloe just said?!!

  119. Feral Boy Says:

    O.K., I want you to start flossing more often.

  120. Heather L Says:

    Patient Pooch vs. Caterwauling Coyote…..

  121. Anonymous Says:

    How’s that working for you?

  122. Tina Says:

    The thermometer goes WHERE!?

  123. lynne Says:

    Dramatic “Paws”

  124. E.J. Says:

    I love you truly———–

  125. Isobel Says:

    Mmm.. Heavenly Breath… just a hint of Elf Leg

  126. Eil Says:

    No, you’re fine. You don’t even eat spinach, do you?

  127. Lynne R Says:

    MAMA MIA! That’s a spicy meataball!

  128. Lynne R Says:

    Hey Culligan Man!

  129. Nancy Says:

    Mom!! She’s breathing my air!!!!!!

  130. Mamba 1-0 Says:

    Yeah, Charlie. You *do* have a piece of spinach between your teeth.

  131. Joan Says:

    “O Sole Mio”

  132. Jim Sells Says:

    Looks like someone hasn’t kept up with his flossing.

  133. Maggie Says:

    Charlie’s Morning Breath Check

    “See Chloe? When I yawn my right leg get shorter!!!”

    Noses and Paws in the Air

  134. i-ching Says:

    In a rousing game of Canine Charades, Chloe guesses, “Sounds like…AAH? RAAGH? HOWL? How many syllables?”

    Chloe watches as Charlie attempts to orally seize the day.

  135. Meg Says:

    This is howl much I love you

  136. Laura Says:

    “Serenade me softly, Charlie?”
    “…Softer than that, Charlie.”

  137. Julie Says:

    May I have this dance?

  138. Heather L Says:

    Mighty Mouth………

  139. Shanin Says:

    Chloe: Simon says, ” Lift up your right, front paw!”
    Chloe: Simon says, ” Open your jaws as big as you can!”
    Chloe: Simon says, ” Now stay there ’til Shreve takes your picture!”

  140. martha 3782 Says:

    “Just stick my head in there? Charlie, who you think you’re talkin’ to?”

    “Hmmm, yup, yup, that molar’s gonna have to come out.”

  141. Heather L Says:

    Filler Up!

  142. Heather L Says:

    “Oh Brother!”

  143. Heather L Says:

    Untamed Melody…………..

  144. Carla Says:

    Chloe to Charlie …

    “Your mama was a moose.”

  145. Pat D. Says:

    Rehearsing a scene from “Little Red Riding Hood”:
    Chloe: “What big teeth you have, Grandma.”
    Charlie: “Hey! Who’re you calling ‘Grandma’?!”
    Chloe: (sigh) “It’s in the script,Charlie. You’re the Big Bad Wolf, remember, pretending to be my grandma?”
    Charlie: “Oh. Right. I’m bored with this play… Wanna go chase rabbits?”
    Chloe: (sigh) “That’s coyotes for you!”

  146. Lynne R Says:

    Whenever you’re near, I howl a symphony . . .

  147. carmel Says:


  148. carmel Says:

    Hygienist on hand

  149. carmel Says:

    still a nutball !

  150. Myra Says:

    Memory of a howl

  151. carmel Says:

    A howling good time

    Going solo

    gob stopper

    One mighty yawn

    Open wide

  152. Eve Says:

    “Lost” was completely shut out of the Emmy’s last night ? NOOOOOO!!!!!

  153. Carolyn Says:

    A song for a smile. A smile for a song.

  154. carmel Says:

    Come get me girl, I’m ready for ya’

    Charlie, holding his own

  155. Meredith Says:

    I did not eat your cookie stash!

  156. tiger Says:

    Altoid’s new Elf Leg Breath: Try it today!

  157. carmel Says:

    Jarring Charlie

  158. Craig Says:

    *Charlie directs the climactic “sunset scene”

  159. Dani Says:

    YA – HOOO – WWLLLL!!!

  160. Tina Says:


  161. Carrie Says:

    There and Where??

  162. Cindy Says:

    he huffed and he puffed and he blew chloe down!

  163. Tia Says:

    Paw Wowie

  164. Tia Says:

    Pow Wow

  165. Danielle Says:

    Hmmm…. Ummm… Nope! Your tongue’s not black yet.
    Maybe liquid pepto bismol doesn’t work. Let’s try tablets.

  166. Loretta Says:

    Contralto Chloe, and El Primo Tenore Assoluto!

  167. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Sorry Charlie, these new fillings are not as “invisible” as the dentist said they would be!

  168. karzie Says:

    ‘American Gothic’ without the pitchfork!

  169. karzie Says:

    In heaven and nature sings..

  170. Uncle Charlie Says:

    Hey Cloe!
    Look how big I can open my mouth!

  171. mary Says:


  172. Sophie Says:

    “How to Play Paper, Rock, Scissors With No Hands” (Charlie is winning)

  173. S. Hatchett Says:

    American Idol: The canine version. Chloe as Paula.

  174. WendyAA Says:

    Haaaaabanero Hawwwwt!

  175. Maria Says:

    Yeah, Chloe, that’s what I think about your story of how you stood up to Eli…

  176. Angie Barkhouse Says:

    ….’C’ is for cookie, that’s good enough for meeeeee…COOOOOOOKIEEEEEE!! (…u know the old cookie monster song from Sesame Street..hehehe)

  177. Kirby Says:

    Hmph. Told you there was glass in that window now.

  178. Rhedrose Says:

    Quasimodo woos the disdainful Esmeralda

  179. Emily Says:

    Whoa, Charlie. No Need to Be That Dramatic.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Tabetian a Ya! So yee oo oo! O whenya eeh…. (That’s supposed to be the Lion King opening song, when the sun rises. I know it makes no sense, the way I spelled it. Hehe…)

  180. Sue Says:

    He taught me how to Yodel

  181. Mariso Says:

    1. Chloe, are you a howlla back girl? 2. Hoodie Hooooo!!!! 3.Eli says, I howlla like my mama!

  182. Debra Says:

    “open up. I wanna see your dentures.”

    “Lets see how long it takes you to yawn”

    “Like.OMG. Did you see the size of that bird!”

  183. robbi Says:

    chloe: “mom said if you made that face long enough, it would stick!!”

  184. Marisol Says:

    1. Sooo, explain this to me again… You are auditioning for American Idol?

  185. robbi Says:

    oops! i didn’t see that erica had already used mine above! sorry, erica!

  186. Lydia G Says:

    Unspoken words between a bonded pair

  187. Lauren Says:

    you can’t be tired all ready!

  188. Rebecca Says:

    Oh sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!

  189. Hilary Says:

    Ith the one in the bath…riiii on thith thide…

  190. Alyce Says:


  191. karen Says:

    Charlie practices his American Idol audition song for Chloe who reluctantly pretends to be Paula Abdul.

  192. kat Says:

    I’ve got lips
    and you’ve got lips
    let’s get together and use those lips.
    Let’s go
    Times a wastin

    “time’s a wastin” – june carter/johnny cash

  193. Diana Says:

    You really want that elf leg back, Cloe? Well, reach in and get it!

  194. carmel Says:

    Open and closed case

  195. Karen Says:

    Pitch Perfect

  196. carmel Says:

    Listening to thunder

  197. roxie Says:

    Chloe Directs Her Coyote Chorus


  198. carmel Says:

    Silence is golden

  199. roxie Says:

    Chloe Can Always Tell the Tooth

    Chloe and Charlie Play “To Tell the Tooth”

  200. roxie Says:

    Tooth and Dare

  201. carmel Says:

    Contagious yawn !

  202. Meg Says:

    “Hey Chloe, did you see how mom looked this morning after I chewed on her computer? It was just like this!”

    Looking for Octopus Legs…

    Charlie tests out the the saying, “Someday your face will freeze like that!” (…And it does…)

  203. carmel Says:

    Subliminal effect …zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  204. carmel Says:

    Around here, I’m BOSS !

  205. Valerie H. Says:

    Can you hear me now???

  206. Randi Says:

    “Hurry up, Charlie, I’m next…”

  207. Evan Says:

    Outlandish Tails

  208. Randi Says:

    “One more time, Charlie, say it….Chloe is Alpha…..”

  209. Randi Says:

    First Annual Ten Sleep Howl Off

  210. mlaiuppa Says:

    OOOOOOOwwww! You stepped on my FOOOOOooooot.

  211. Camille Says:

    “Do I have anything stuck in my fangs?”


    I love how Chloe looks so… unamused with Charlie. Those two make such a dynamic duo. XD

  212. Janus Says:

    “Oh, give me a hoooooooooooooome…!”

    [Second try; first time I posted this seems to have gone missing.]

  213. Adrienne Says:

    Well this one seems obvious Shreve. Chloe and Charlie are…

    Jus’ Jawin’

  214. Lauren Says:

    Home, home of the strange…

  215. Elizabeth Says:

    Coyote Opera

  216. MK Ray Says:

    Howl and Hum

  217. Farmer Lady Says:

    Howlee & Howler

    Student & Mentor

    Molar Checker

  218. Suzanne Says:

    “Yeah, that’s a pretty good ‘Werewolf,’ but what’s with that paw thing you got goin’ on?”

  219. Scotty Says:

    Chuck gets a lil snippy and Chloe ain’t havin it!

  220. katy Says:

    Singing lesson
    Attack of the Yawn
    The Screamer & The Skeptic

  221. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    “Well Charlie, your throat doesn’t look swollen anymore. Your teeth, on the other hand, could use a brushing…”

  222. April Says:

    Calling a Time Out

  223. Angela S Says:


  224. Trudy Says:

    reminds me of “The Outer limits “Do not attempt to adjust your tv set we are controlling transmission:”

  225. Torchy Says:

    Re Nutball & Normal: What was Charlie doing? Looks like little boys trying to horn in on the little girl’s picture. Can’t stop laughing.

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