Home, Home Of The Strange…

photo taken May 2010 • title thanks to Lauren

one year ago: Racing Away With His Bounty
two years ago: Canyon Coyote

I was sitting here thinking, how am I going to choose one, and then blammo, in comes Lauren’s entry.  Perfection.  All of yours are wonderful, of course, but Lauren, you have nailed it!  ADORE.

And tied for second place:
Chloe watches as Charlie attempts to orally seize the day.
MAMA MIA! That’s a spicy meataball!
Dramatic “Paws”
No, it doesn’t look like a cavity, it looks like a CAVE.
Filler Up!
See? Coyote breath IS better than dog breath!
Dude…breath mint.
Varying degrees of ice cream headache
I did not eat your cookie stash!
Altoid’s new Elf Leg Breath: Try it today!
“PLACES EVERYONE” / Charlie directs the climactic “sunset scene”
Jus’ Jawin’
Howl and Hum
Can you hear me now???

• • • We’re back!  And you are too, I’m so glad!
Do explain what’s going on here.
The strangest interpretation will WIN!
I think it shall be another naturally shed deer antler
as ze prize this week.
I’m off to find a big enough box!
Can’t wait to read your crazy thoughts!

225 Responses to “Home, Home Of The Strange…”

  1. carmel Says:

    Contagious yawn !

  2. Meg Says:

    “Hey Chloe, did you see how mom looked this morning after I chewed on her computer? It was just like this!”

    Looking for Octopus Legs…

    Charlie tests out the the saying, “Someday your face will freeze like that!” (…And it does…)

  3. carmel Says:

    Subliminal effect …zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. carmel Says:

    Around here, I’m BOSS !

  5. Valerie H. Says:

    Can you hear me now???

  6. Randi Says:

    “Hurry up, Charlie, I’m next…”

  7. Evan Says:

    Outlandish Tails

  8. Randi Says:

    “One more time, Charlie, say it….Chloe is Alpha…..”

  9. Randi Says:

    First Annual Ten Sleep Howl Off

  10. mlaiuppa Says:

    OOOOOOOwwww! You stepped on my FOOOOOooooot.

  11. Camille Says:

    “Do I have anything stuck in my fangs?”


    I love how Chloe looks so… unamused with Charlie. Those two make such a dynamic duo. XD

  12. Janus Says:

    “Oh, give me a hoooooooooooooome…!”

    [Second try; first time I posted this seems to have gone missing.]

  13. Adrienne Says:

    Well this one seems obvious Shreve. Chloe and Charlie are…

    Jus’ Jawin’

  14. Lauren Says:

    Home, home of the strange…

  15. Elizabeth Says:

    Coyote Opera

  16. MK Ray Says:

    Howl and Hum

  17. Farmer Lady Says:

    Howlee & Howler

    Student & Mentor

    Molar Checker

  18. Suzanne Says:

    “Yeah, that’s a pretty good ‘Werewolf,’ but what’s with that paw thing you got goin’ on?”

  19. Scotty Says:

    Chuck gets a lil snippy and Chloe ain’t havin it!

  20. katy Says:

    Singing lesson
    Attack of the Yawn
    The Screamer & The Skeptic

  21. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    “Well Charlie, your throat doesn’t look swollen anymore. Your teeth, on the other hand, could use a brushing…”

  22. April Says:

    Calling a Time Out

  23. Angela S Says:


  24. Trudy Says:

    reminds me of “The Outer limits “Do not attempt to adjust your tv set we are controlling transmission:”

  25. Torchy Says:

    Re Nutball & Normal: What was Charlie doing? Looks like little boys trying to horn in on the little girl’s picture. Can’t stop laughing.

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