Charlie With Kaleidoscope Eyes

photo taken June 2010 • title thanks to taffy

one year ago: Snow Nosedive
two years ago: Watching Rabbits

Thanks, everyone, for your patience!  A server in New York perished hard and fast on Monday and my site was eaten.  Temporarily, thank goodness.
Now, on to the caption contest~  All the illicit references gave me the giggles!

Dude!  It’s so….Dude!
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bird……
I’m a coyote in sheepskin clothing
Strawhairy Fields Forever
Laze & Gaze…….
Grin and stare and shed that crazy hair
Elf leg castles in the air…..
I have fallen and I can shed off.
Crazy daze-y
Spring Roll
“The SKY, man… have you ever really looked at it?”
Tricks of hunting the Slowly Descending Spider
“Wow Daisy, you really look different from this angle..”

• • • blah blah blah blah contest blah!
blah blah comment blah blah!
prize is anything but blah ~
this week’s winner will receive one of my new feather prints
I’m pretty much in love with them ~ see ’em HERE!
then come back and blah!

166 Responses to “Charlie With Kaleidoscope Eyes”

  1. Laieanna Says:


  2. Barbie Says:

    Coyote Pyotee

  3. Michelle Says:

    “The brick did it”

  4. Skimmie Says:

    “Ooooh, dat cloud look like elf leg”

  5. Mike Says:

    True Tawny Tones of Softness

  6. leah Says:

    Paint-By-Number Charlie

  7. jenniferc Says:

    sexy beast

  8. Terran Says:

    My Roxy gives me this same look when I have been rubbing her belly then stop, so my title is “Where did my belly rubber go?” or “Please rub my belly!”

  9. JE Says:


  10. taffy Says:

    Chloe in the sky with diamonds?
    Charlie with kalaidescope eyes?

  11. Tina Says:

    Downward Dog? Nope, Upward Coyote

  12. Suzanna Says:

    The ever-s0-stealth coyote lies in wait for his unassuming prey . . .whatever that is up there.

  13. Shannon H. Says:

    I spy with my little eye, and it is…… floofy!

  14. Fabia Says:


  15. shannonH. Says:


  16. Vanessa H Says:

    He looks half dressed w/his fur “peeling” off

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