photo taken July 2010 • title thanks to Ursula

one year ago: Glove And War
two years ago: Baby Yawn
three years ago: Outside The Den

Ursula, applause!  Your entry is the ultimate pun.

Nobody’s getting a goal on my watch.
I Walk the Line
Dream Weaver
I am not the coyote you are looking for. (in his best Jedi voice)
Wyoming interwebs.
Wire E. Coyote
Livin’ off the grid
Don’t mesh with me…
Warp, Weft, ‘N’ Woof
coyote in contrast
Here’s Lookin’ at you, Grid
“Where did the fish go?”
Square Stare
Charlie’s Web
What a mesh!!!

• • • I realized, just right now this second, that on September 22 I missed the three year anniversary of this blog!  Wowie zowie.  I need to add a “three years ago” link to the last ten or so posts, but am tooooo tiiiired to do so right now.  So, in the meantime, HERE’S THE BEGINNING! It all started with a nubule…

Caption contest is back!  This photo reminds me of… something.  A modern art museum, or a newspaper.  Can’t wait to read what you see in it.  Prize will be choice of a feather print or a Wyo care package!

237 Responses to “Dailycoyote.net”

  1. Chris Matthies Says:

    Woven Wonder

  2. Monica Says:

    On the front line

  3. Rhedrose Says:


    (an old cottage garden flower, Nigella damascena.)

  4. Chris Matthies Says:

    The Web of Life

  5. Chris Matthies Says:

    Woven into the fabric of life

  6. Chris Matthies Says:

    Weaving his way into your heart

  7. Chris Matthies Says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave

  8. sal Says:

    Texture of coyote

  9. Chris Matthies Says:

    “A woman’s hopes are woven of sunbeams”-George Eliot

  10. Chris Matthies Says:

    Tempting Tapestry

  11. LISA S Says:


  12. Chris Matthies Says:

    “It’s the little things that make up the richest part of the tapestry of our lives.”~Robert Ward

  13. Chris Matthies Says:

    Maze-merizing Eyes

  14. Terry Says:

    Hair of the dog!!!!

  15. Marina Says:

    Cagey Coyote

  16. E.J. Says:

    Charlie on Burlap

  17. Bernice Says:

    coyote quilt

  18. Eija Says:


    These hazy maze-y days of summer

  19. jb Says:

    “Miss Stockton, tear down this wall!”

  20. tess Says:

    I vote for “DailyCoyote.net If it counts for anything, I LIKE IT

  21. LISA S Says:

    Coyote in the mist…

  22. i-ching Says:

    Charlie’s Web

    Securing the Perimeter


  23. Barbara Says:

    On the grill.

  24. Ann Says:

    Prisoner of Love (and lovin’ it)

  25. Ann Says:

    The grass really is greener on this side !!

  26. Isobel Says:

    Wire, Wheat & a Weird Wee Wolf

  27. Ann Says:

    There is a wistfulness about this picture. Shreve, you have done a superb job of caring for Charlie and and creating a wonderful and safe world for him and there is no question that he can ever be released (he wouldn’t last 2 days) and yet I know that your heart and his are connected and you know that sometimes he has wild dreams. My heart is with all of you there.

  28. martha Says:

    Fencing lessons. En Garde!

  29. Margo Says:

    Ok, Ok, I’m stayin right here! “Home is where ever you are!”

  30. Rhea Says:

    How to get over to that wascally wabbit…

  31. Darlene Says:

    Stuck between two worlds

  32. laura h Says:

    check your coyote at the door

  33. Richard Says:

    What a mesh!!!

  34. Patty Says:


  35. Trudy Says:

    Charlie’s web

  36. trudy Says:

    sorry missed someone said prior comment

  37. Randi Says:

    Illusions of Contour

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