photo taken July 2010 • title thanks to Ursula

one year ago: Glove And War
two years ago: Baby Yawn
three years ago: Outside The Den

Ursula, applause!  Your entry is the ultimate pun.

Nobody’s getting a goal on my watch.
I Walk the Line
Dream Weaver
I am not the coyote you are looking for. (in his best Jedi voice)
Wyoming interwebs.
Wire E. Coyote
Livin’ off the grid
Don’t mesh with me…
Warp, Weft, ‘N’ Woof
coyote in contrast
Here’s Lookin’ at you, Grid
“Where did the fish go?”
Square Stare
Charlie’s Web
What a mesh!!!

• • • I realized, just right now this second, that on September 22 I missed the three year anniversary of this blog!  Wowie zowie.  I need to add a “three years ago” link to the last ten or so posts, but am tooooo tiiiired to do so right now.  So, in the meantime, HERE’S THE BEGINNING! It all started with a nubule…

Caption contest is back!  This photo reminds me of… something.  A modern art museum, or a newspaper.  Can’t wait to read what you see in it.  Prize will be choice of a feather print or a Wyo care package!

237 Responses to “Dailycoyote.net”

  1. Scotty Says:

    wild thing

  2. Suzy Says:

    Hip to be Square

  3. Courtney Says:

    Can’t decide between two:

    1) Lone Ranger
    2) Another World (based on the painting by M.C. Escher – google it, Charlie could be there…)

  4. Steven Swanson Says:

    Charlie sings, “Don’t fence me in.”

  5. belle Says:

    a “plaid” illusion

    he looks perplexed – do not see that from him too often!!

  6. Erica Says:

    Stuck in Folsom Prison and time keeps draggin on…

  7. Tina Says:


  8. Tina Says:

    Art Deco-yote

  9. Saoirse Says:

    ~ Charlie Lloyd Wright ~

    The Frank Lloyd Wright of coyotes, making the most of using his environment to create and sustain a suitable and livable place to live.

  10. Shelby Says:

    On the Border

  11. Mary Says:

    “Is this a square I see before me…its corner toward my heart?”

  12. Erin Says:

    Nobody’s getting a goal on my watch.

  13. Kathy H Says:

    Does this fence make me look fat?

  14. sybann Says:

    It’s no surprise you and MC could not resist that sweet nubbin…

    “For Your Protection”

    That’s my caption and I’m stickin with it! The “your” is intentionally vague (us or Charlie?).

  15. Bess Says:

    Coyotescope – not Kaleidoscope

  16. Alice Says:

    Charlie becomes a ghost for Halloween.

  17. lynsey Says:

    MOCA (Museum of Charlie Art)

    Basket Full o’ Charlie

    Fence Adventure

    Charlie Learns to Fence

  18. Sara Says:

    Clashing Prints

  19. DebbyS Says:

    Those dots you were saving? I connected ‘em for ya!

  20. Claudia Says:

    And so the Legend begins……

  21. James Says:

    I Walk the Line

  22. leah Says:

    ‘Charlie Patrol’ No gettin’ in and no gettin’ out!

  23. Lana Says:

    Patchwork quilt

  24. *gina* Says:

    Stuck in the middle with you.

    Between the soft and the hard, the warm and the cold.
    Charlie really is in his real life…he has his home but is alsobelongs to the wild still.
    but I really think the winner is “I walk the line”. That’s what I wrote before I saw that James had beaten me to it.

  25. Suzanna Says:

    Life. Abstract, yet still.

  26. Robert D Says:

    De Fence Lines

  27. Heather L Says:

    The Fabric of His Life…….

    Camouflage Coyote………

    Where’s Charlie?

  28. Heather L Says:

    Charlie Makes Plaids, Ruffles and Coyote Work………….

    A Project Runway Disaster…………..

  29. Stuart A. Says:

    This is the most under-par Christo and Jeanne-Claude exhibit I’ve seen.

    Wonder if this image is what she’s being reminded of?:


  30. Emily Says:

    Fenced In

    Behind Barbs

  31. Suzy Says:

    Check Me Out!

  32. ursula Says:


    Meshed in………

    Squared up…

  33. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:


  34. Heather L Says:


  35. Heather L Says:

    Soft & Hard…………………& Charlie

    Man in the Middle……………..

    Caught Between Both Worlds………..

  36. Susan Larsen Says:

    A few seconds more, and I’ll have disappeared.

  37. kathy Says:

    Coyote Filter

  38. Kay Says:

    What do you mean ‘tartan in the gloaming’? This is Wyoming.

  39. Scott Says:

    BasKIT Weeave

    Congratulations on 3 years of creating a bright spot in the world Shreve! The extra ‘e’ in weave is a nod to your first post of the wee Charlie nub. I love the paw conference he’s hosting in the 3rd one!

    Love, Scott

  40. Scott Says:

    O-BURLAP-ing Love

  41. Angela S Says:

    Screen Saver

  42. Angela S Says:

    Dream Weaver

  43. Angela S Says:

    Congratulations Shreve on 3 marvelous years! We so appreciate all that you do for us stuck in our grey cubicles all day! Take good care of yourself. <3 Angela

  44. Shannon H. Says:

    Agaze in a-maze.

    A-maze-(ing) Gaze.

  45. Angie Says:

    The sieve of life.

    Keeping Charlie safe

  46. Janey Says:

    One with the Matrix

  47. Anonymous Says:

    I am not the coyote you are looking for. (in his best Jedi voice)

    Summer blend

  48. Courtney Says:

    that anonymous was me, I forgot to put my name

  49. Jane Says:

    Out of the fluff emerges a ruff

  50. Shannon H. Says:

    Wyoming interwebs.

    The Farmily Internet.

  51. Karen Says:

    Sepia Shaggy Symetry

  52. Barbie Says:

    I feel safe, Thank you!!

  53. Jess Says:

    HAHAHA, silly human, this fence CANNOT CONTAIN ME.

  54. Emily Says:

    (It’s a play off of grasshopper)

  55. Natalie Says:

    Wire E. Coyote

  56. Pat D. Says:

    “Pay no attention to the coyote behind the grass…”

    “‘Up against the wall’ means a whole different thing when you’re a coyote!”

  57. Rhedrose Says:

    Dream Catcher

  58. Kirby Says:

    Ghost in the Music

    (“It rests in the lines, like a ghost in the music,
    the soul of America’s pride” Nancy Griffiths)

  59. kathy Says:

    On second thought,

    coyoTEA STRAINER !

  60. Chris P Says:

    Pfft. Like this will hold me.

  61. Wendy Says:

    For some reason the photo looks like a design in burlap…the coloring, the markings, the contrast with the fence…hm.

    Coyote kitsch.

  62. Heather L Says:

    Dandy Lines…………

  63. Gary Says:

    Safety net

  64. Heather L Says:

    The Chameleon……

  65. E.J. Says:

    Felted Charlie on Woven Wire

  66. Heather L Says:


  67. Erica Says:


  68. mmgood Says:

    Charlie has a Checkered Past

  69. Feral Boy Says:

    Crazy Quilt

  70. Bruce Says:

    Square dancer

    Fence Poster

  71. Sheilagh Says:

    Camouflage netting — who knew coyotes could blend with ANYTHING! (ok, can he blend with plaid??)

  72. Steve H. Says:


    (Sorry, I’m just a bit sad this AM. I know why this must be as it is, but…)

  73. Holly Says:

    Coyote, meshing with your mind!!

  74. Yaara Says:



    L-7 Cutie (/vague Sandlot reference)


  75. charle Says:

    Off the grid.

  76. Betsy Says:

    Charlie wins at “connect the dots”.

  77. Alice Says:

    Now you see me……(now you don’t)

  78. Miss Mattie Says:


  79. Meg Says:


    (Charlie squared, hehe)

  80. Carrie Says:

    Coyote and You

  81. Diana Says:

    Behind the iron curtain

  82. taffy Says:

    Still protected in a mesh of love…

    (two similar photos! little nubule, cuddled in the mesh of your lap.
    and then Charlie cuddled in your mesh of protection)

  83. nancy Says:

    magic eye coyote

    this reminds me of the magic eye books. if you stare at it long enough there is a hidden picture.

  84. bonnie Says:

    You’re not going to leave me in this collage, are you?

  85. Keri Says:

    Plaid About You

    Congratulations on 3 years! Your website(s) and your book have been a wonderful source of intrigue, zen, and relaxation for me. Honestly, I can feel my shoulders relax as soon as your page loads!

  86. Becky Says:

    Where’s Waldo (aka) Charlie?

  87. Meg A. Says:


    Pablo Coyote

    (Parody off of Chiaroscuro-”The rendering of forms through a balanced contrast between light and dark areas.”)

  88. Maggie Y. Says:

    Sentinel and a Captive Sky

  89. Cristina Says:

    In the matrix

    Coyote matrix

    Charlie’s grid

  90. Diana Says:


  91. b Says:

    I Walk The Line

  92. b Says:

    Sorry James! Didn’t see that you beat me to it.

  93. Elaine Schoolnik Says:

    Just trying to fit in

  94. D'Ann Says:


  95. D'Ann Says:

    Don’t mesh with me…

  96. Dinah Says:

    Bed Head

    Hang in there, Shreve!

  97. Laura Says:

    All I can think of is a Johnny Cash cover… “Gonna break my rusty cage and run.”

  98. carmel Says:


    Twiddle dee Twiddle dum !

  99. carmel Says:

    plaided pair


    standing on plaided couch

    couch potato

  100. tracy Says:

    Fencescape Run

  101. Penny Says:

    Shedded and skinny in sepia

  102. Shannon Says:

    The Fabric of Life

  103. Kris Says:

    Capturing the Wind.

  104. Jenny C Says:

    Congrats, Shreve! You’ve survived and flourished 3 whole years!

    He may be small, but he’s wiry…

    Wyoming graph paper – the mathematics of Charlie.

  105. Lynne R Says:

    Coyote Carousing

  106. Lynne R Says:

    Fancies Being Fenced

  107. Lynne R Says:

    Perimeter Promenade

  108. Lynne R Says:

    Grid Management

  109. Janus Says:

    Warp, Weft, ‘N’ Woof

  110. D'Ann Says:

    Incarcerated Canine

  111. Carolyn Says:


  112. carolyn Says:

    Wiley Gazing from the Maze

  113. Terry Says:

    Wiry Coyote

  114. Susan L. Says:

    Gossamer Charlie

  115. betharoopie Says:

    Ghoul Tender

  116. Patr Says:

    A Square hanin’ A’round

    Angles with an Angel

  117. Roxie Says:

    Sentry’s Got the Sillies

  118. christine Says:

    coyote in contrast

  119. LISA S Says:

    Charlie’s on the fence.

  120. Cindy A. Says:

    “I’m gonna bust this joint, see….! You coppers can’t hold me in, see….!”

  121. Kelly Says:

    Here’s Lookin’ at you, Grid

  122. Evan Says:

    Your sister’s next design for her art

  123. Aleta Says:

    Fuzz Buzz

  124. Karen O. Says:

    “Don’t Fence Me In”

  125. Karen O. Says:

    “Border Patrol”

  126. carmel Says:

    living outside the box


  127. Pam Says:

    Does this make any sense to you?

  128. Eija Says:

    Patchwork Coyote

    Latrans nebula

    Maze in Haze

    “Am I Only Dreaming?”

    Fabulous nebulous

  129. Janet Fate Says:

    Livin’ off the grid

  130. Scarlet Seraph Says:

    Coyote Crosshatch

    Catch Me If You Can

    Fishin’ for (Cow)Chips

    I Walk the Twine

    Woven Gold

  131. Lindsay Says:

    Coyote-Proof Fence.


    He’s not a Dingo.


    Safety Net.

  132. Linda D. Says:

    “Where did the fish go?”

  133. D'Ann Says:

    Shawshank Coyote

  134. D'Ann Says:


  135. Rhedrose Says:


  136. kit.e Says:

    A tamed heart but wild soul.

    Jailhouse blues.

    (Thanks for sharing the anniversary trivia Shreve… September 22 is my BIRTHDAY! The universe works in strange ways, and I love all the little connections in my life!)

  137. Judy Says:

    I look GOOD in plaid!

  138. Elsi Says:

    This may look like a boundary alright but I know there is no boundary for Shreve’s love of me

  139. Liza Lundell Says:

    Contained coyote

  140. MJK Says:


  141. Heather L Says:

    The Great Barrier…..good Grief

  142. Kirby Says:

    Net Gain

  143. Roxie Says:

    La Passeggiata

    (For those unfamiliar with Italian culture, this is the ritual evening leisurely stroll taken by the townspeople, who even dress up for it. Lovely to watch from a sidewalk cafe, glass of vino in hand, as the locals and tourists chat about those coming and going. Charlie looks so relaxed, and so ‘Milano runway’ with his tufts of fur sticking up!)

  144. Heather L Says:

    Coyote Confines…….

    The Rascal’s Roadblock…….

  145. Lynne R Says:

    Checkpoint Charlie

  146. sue Says:

    ghost in the fence

  147. cfritz Says:

    Square Stare

  148. cfritz Says:

    Focal Point(ed)

  149. carol Says:

    Wirey Coyote

  150. kathy Says:

    Charlie in front of his gingham- curtained window on the world

  151. pansypoo Says:

    waffle woofie.

  152. Sally Says:

    Off the Grid

  153. E.J. Says:

    Web Spinner

  154. sharon Says:

    a checkered background

  155. D'Ann Says:

    Coyote drawn on graph paper

  156. D'Ann Says:

    Gridiron K-9

  157. Camille Says:

    The Fence of Hard Knocks
    Poor Charlie… just remembering how TERRIFIED he was of the electric fence is heart-wrenching and gut-busting at the same time!

  158. Randi Says:

    Where’s Charlie? Stareogram

  159. Lydia G Says:

    Walkin’ the Fence Line

  160. Cat Says:

    “punk rock mohawk” immediately popped into my head. :)~

  161. Randi Says:

    Homeland Security

  162. Randi Says:

    Should I stay or should I go…..?

  163. Randi Says:

    Border Patrol

  164. Randi Says:

    Fusing Freedom and Forbiddance

  165. Sophie Says:

    “It Came Right Down to the Wire”

  166. Randi Says:

    Cammo Corral


    Stare down at the Cammo Corral

  167. mlaiuppa Says:

    Tic Tac Co

  168. Debbie D. Says:


  169. Elisabeth K. Says:

    I’m Fenced in By Your Love

  170. Elisabeth K. Says:

    sorry, I don’t know if you got my email in my other entry, so here it is.

  171. Heather L Says:

    NO Trespassing……..

    Charlie the Goalie …..

  172. Richard Says:


  173. carmel Says:

    Fade away

  174. MK Ray Says:

    wrecked angles

  175. carmel Says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday !

  176. Lauren Says:

    He’s still out there riding fences
    You just can’t see him from the road

    lines from Riding Fences by Chris Ledoux

  177. Erin Eloise Says:

    Mondrian Coyote

    (p.s. I moved away from Wyo in 2009 and I would desperately love a care package. I live in NYC now and I need my open spaces and mountains!)

  178. carmel Says:

    Happy Birthday nubule !

    Peace Peace Peace

    Once a nubule, always a nubule, …at any age !

    where’s the sky ?

    where am I ?

    inside and out…

    looking at what ?

    feeling and peeling against the grid

  179. carmel Says:

    Grid locked !

  180. Rebecca Says:

    Artful Dodger

  181. carmel Says:

    puzzle muzzle

    puzzle muzzle and wired to go

    wirey muzzle

    fenced in and free

    me and my patch

    patch work

    patches here, patches there

    “welcome home honey “

  182. carmel Says:

    “what’s black and white and read all over?”

  183. Anonymous Says:

    blending the fencing


  184. Dave Cox Says:

    First the collar, now this!

  185. D'Ann Says:

    Off the grid in Ten Sleep

  186. D'Ann Says:


  187. Katie M Says:

    The Textures of Wyoming

  188. D'Ann Says:

    Linked by love

  189. D'Ann Says:

    Grid Master

  190. Alantie Says:

    Inside Looking In

  191. D'Ann Says:

    Good fences make good neighbors

  192. Helioprogenus Says:

    Canvassed amongst the sage

    Fenced against the wind

  193. Scotty Says:

    En Garde !

  194. Anonymous Says:

    Graphic Poser

  195. E.J. Says:

    Sorry—cat walked on key board—-not anoymous

  196. Diana Says:

    meet me at the borderline

  197. SaltCitySpinner Says:

    Two Halves of the Whole
    This photo captures Charlie to a T – wild grass on one side, fence on the other. A picture of wild vs. domestic – his face even seems to acknowledge it.

  198. Julie R. Says:


  199. Emily Says:

    From Nuble to Naughty

    Border Coyote (Instead of border collie)

  200. Monica Says:

    Behind enemy lines

  201. Chris Matthies Says:

    Woven Wonder

  202. Monica Says:

    On the front line

  203. Rhedrose Says:


    (an old cottage garden flower, Nigella damascena.)

  204. Chris Matthies Says:

    The Web of Life

  205. Chris Matthies Says:

    Woven into the fabric of life

  206. Chris Matthies Says:

    Weaving his way into your heart

  207. Chris Matthies Says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave

  208. sal Says:

    Texture of coyote

  209. Chris Matthies Says:

    “A woman’s hopes are woven of sunbeams”-George Eliot

  210. Chris Matthies Says:

    Tempting Tapestry

  211. LISA S Says:


  212. Chris Matthies Says:

    “It’s the little things that make up the richest part of the tapestry of our lives.”~Robert Ward

  213. Chris Matthies Says:

    Maze-merizing Eyes

  214. Terry Says:

    Hair of the dog!!!!

  215. Marina Says:

    Cagey Coyote

  216. E.J. Says:

    Charlie on Burlap

  217. Bernice Says:

    coyote quilt

  218. Eija Says:


    These hazy maze-y days of summer

  219. jb Says:

    “Miss Stockton, tear down this wall!”

  220. tess Says:

    I vote for “DailyCoyote.net If it counts for anything, I LIKE IT

  221. LISA S Says:

    Coyote in the mist…

  222. i-ching Says:

    Charlie’s Web

    Securing the Perimeter


  223. Barbara Says:

    On the grill.

  224. Ann Says:

    Prisoner of Love (and lovin’ it)

  225. Ann Says:

    The grass really is greener on this side !!

  226. Isobel Says:

    Wire, Wheat & a Weird Wee Wolf

  227. Ann Says:

    There is a wistfulness about this picture. Shreve, you have done a superb job of caring for Charlie and and creating a wonderful and safe world for him and there is no question that he can ever be released (he wouldn’t last 2 days) and yet I know that your heart and his are connected and you know that sometimes he has wild dreams. My heart is with all of you there.

  228. martha Says:

    Fencing lessons. En Garde!

  229. Margo Says:

    Ok, Ok, I’m stayin right here! “Home is where ever you are!”

  230. Rhea Says:

    How to get over to that wascally wabbit…

  231. Darlene Says:

    Stuck between two worlds

  232. laura h Says:

    check your coyote at the door

  233. Richard Says:

    What a mesh!!!

  234. Patty Says:


  235. Trudy Says:

    Charlie’s web

  236. trudy Says:

    sorry missed someone said prior comment

  237. Randi Says:

    Illusions of Contour

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