Quixote Coyote And A Round Hound

photo taken July 2010 • title thanks to Tina

one year ago: Butte-y licious
two years ago: The Chase Is On
three years ago: Ears n’ Antlers

Yin and Yawn
Yote Yoga
Did you say “yoga” or “Yoda”?
Together they’re a perfect 10
Bliss and the Miss
Stretch and Curl
Fuzzy Facing Dog
Up and A Round
Snap, crackle, pop.
Down Dog, Round Dog

• • • Considering I typed a zillion typos just in writing “Caption Contest,’ it is up to you to title this photo.  I’m inept!  At least temporarily.,.. Winner will get a brand-new, hot-off-the-presses 2011 Charlie Calendar!  Now, see if you can make me laugh as much as Charlie can.

213 Responses to “Quixote Coyote And A Round Hound”

  1. Leffe Says:

    Stretch and roll

  2. Suzy Says:

    Charlie – you are cleared for take off.

    Sleepwalking Charlie (who is dreaming he is on stage) bows to his adoring fans.

  3. sybann Says:

    Downward Coyote
    Curled Chloe

  4. diana Says:

    funny face contest WON!

  5. belle Says:

    As Chloe looks on… a wonderful summer, sun-filled stretch which makes Charlie smile

  6. Heather G Says:

    Down Dog, Round Dog

  7. Steven Swanson Says:

    All stretched out.

    Start the morning with a good stretch.

    Morning stretch.

  8. Dana Says:

    Chloe “Aerobics aren’t all they are cracked up to be Charlie. A girl needs some meat on her bones”

  9. M.E Says:

    Charlie:Aah, that felt good
    Cloe: oh, for heavens sake; elk bones gives you a lot of gas don’t they …

  10. Anne Says:

    whoa, that was stinky!

  11. darrell Says:

    Snap, crackle, pop.

  12. kathy Says:

    Yogi Doggies!

  13. Bess Says:

    Downward Dog

    Sun Salutation

    To be…exersizing…or not to be

  14. Amy A Says:


    Coyoga & Doyoga

  15. bekka Says:

    “come on cloe look and see what i sat in”

  16. *gina Says:

    a perfect ” 10 ”

    or 1 degree of seperation

  17. kathy Says:


  18. carol Says:

    She’s Towwtally Checkin’ Me Out!

  19. April Says:

    haha! The first thing I thought of when I saw that picture:

  20. Patr Says:

    Yoga in the morning, Yoga in the evenging, Yoga all day long.

    I’d streatch a mile for an elf leg.

  21. Yaara Says:

    Fuzzy Facing Dog

  22. Rhedrose Says:

    He’s Come Undone

  23. Heather L Says:

    The Bone of Contention..
    While Charlie takes a bow..
    Chloe weighs her chances Now!

  24. Kirby Says:

    Roll Call!

  25. Kathleen Says:

    The force is strong with this one, mmm-hmm.

  26. Courtney Says:


    Our preferred methods of basking in the sun

    (and I totally had to stretch my back after seeing that)

  27. Rhedrose Says:

    Up and A Round

  28. saxon Says:

    Punctuation brought to you by Chloe(,) and Charlie (!)

  29. Kristan Says:

    Breathe, Stretch, Shake

    (It’s a song, hehehe.)

  30. Kay Says:

    Yaara’s Fuzzy Facing Dog made me laugh especially since I read it as:

    “Funny Facing Dog”

    so thanks to Yaara’s cue that’s my entry

  31. Shanin Says:

    Dog Tired

  32. Angela Says:

    Yin and Yawn.

  33. E.J. Says:

    “I love you just the way you are Charlie.”

  34. Paige Says:

    Stretch and Curl

  35. pika Says:

    “Don’t get the Mogwai wet!” says Chloe.

  36. Meg A. Says:

    Yoda with the Chloe-Force

  37. Chris P Says:

    Stop cracking your back – you’re keeping me awake.

  38. Cindy Says:

    Sunscrunch Observed

  39. Elaine Schoolnik Says:

    Whatup Bub?

  40. Alice Says:

    Chloe can barely force herself to turn away from the elk leg to watch Charlie do his Yoda Yoga impression.

  41. Jordi S Says:

    My Halloween Costume….a Fennec

  42. ihermit Says:

    Cloe never get tired of looking at Charlies beautiful butt

  43. Marci McCowan Says:

    No Chloe, THIS is how you do the “downward dog”!

  44. Meihua Says:

    Charlie must be an Ohio coyote… He’s got an “O” under his tail.

  45. Amanda Jones Says:

    Chloe: You call that an Eli impression?

  46. Eve Says:

    Bliss and the Miss.

  47. Heather L Says:

    Goof & Aloof………..

    Goofy & Poofy……

    “O Brother”

  48. Heather L Says:

    Ups & Downs

  49. Ava Says:

    Moon dog
    (C’mon, Charlie is SO mooning Chloe–who doesn’t look impressed, by the way.)

  50. Dale Says:

    Lazy Daze

  51. Barbara S. Says:

    Stretch and Curl

    Yoda and Princess Leia

  52. Steph in Oregon Says:

    The sunny side of life

    This photo brought to mind the great song, “Keep on the Sunny Side of Life”

  53. Heather L Says:

    Back & Front…………….

    Front & Center

    Front Seat

    Center Stage……….

  54. Heather L Says:

    Eyes Wide Shut………….

  55. V Says:

    The moon’s out in the daytime.

    Charlie teaches yoga.

  56. terry Says:

    “I fawt in your general direction.”

  57. Katherine Says:

    “Do or Do not there is no try” STREEEEEEEECH!

  58. MCJ Says:

    “In the air my bum is”

  59. Shanin Says:

    Rising & Resting

  60. Al Says:

    Charlie looks like a 1 and Chloe looks like a 0. I see others have caught on to that too.

    I want to go with “The tail end of ’10″

  61. Jenny C Says:

    Hey, Charlie, I’m downwind here!

    (sorry, Shreve, grew up w/3 brothers)

  62. ratatoskr Says:


  63. Marg Says:

    Butt Ugly!!

  64. Erika Says:

    A perfect 10!

  65. Ava Says:

    Charlie Greets the Sun, Chloe Greets the Moon

  66. Siobhan Says:

    Where ya goin’, Charlie? Nap time’s not over yet. We’re canines. Nap time’s NEVER over.

  67. Heather L Says:

    “Chloe, don’t even think about it.”

  68. Anna Says:

    Please forgive the slightly raunchy humor so early on a Monday – but this *is* the thought bubble that went through my mind and it made me laugh. :-) What can I say?

    Charlie: (sound effect) Thhhhhhhbt
    Cloe: Hmmm. Let’s see … eau de elk? and cheeese?

  69. Heather L Says:

    10 SLEEP

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Cloe: That is NOT what I need to see first thing in the morning!

  71. Heather L Says:

    Bone Idle…….

  72. Shannon H. Says:

    Opportunity Fail: When the shortest distance between you and an elf leg is behind Charlie’s back.

  73. Carrie Says:

    Channeling all Elf Legs…hhmmmm

  74. CathyA Says:


  75. Eija Says:

    “Yoda Yoga For You, Moon(ed)shine For Me” (Chloe)

    Watch My Back, Chloe……No, No, Not My Butt!

    I Can’t See, While I Do My Yoda-stretch – You Watch My Back, Chloe….Not My Butt, You Silly Girl!

    Mooned by ‘Yoda’

  76. Cheryl Says:

    “Come on kiss it.”

    “Don’t look.”

  77. A.V. Says:

    “Now bend…and snap!”

  78. Helena Says:

    stretch and curl

    STREEETCH!!!! now back to nap time with Cloe :)

  79. rottrover Says:

    “Talk to the tail!”

  80. Scotty Says:

    Ommm… Ommmm… what the…….?

  81. Camille Says:

    Crouching Coyote, doughnut Dog

    A Fluffy Full Moon

  82. Craig Says:

    Go hide Chloe, I’m counting

    Ahh, the feeling you get after a good rabbit

    Sublime Stretch

  83. NANCY Says:


  84. sarah Says:

    “Together they’re a perfect 10″

  85. Susan Says:

    Is it that time already?

  86. Martha 3782 Says:

    Sorry Charlie, but I am not going to pull the gum off your butt.

  87. Mabissa Says:

    “Open your eyes, the bone is over here!”

  88. patty Says:

    The Daily Coyote is brought to you today by the number 10, thank you Charlie and Chloe.

  89. Colleen Says:

    Do I have any cling-ons?

    Does my butt look big?

    Rear View

  90. Lucky Says:

    Sunny Side up

  91. Richard Says:

    Stretching the truth.

  92. Debi Says:

    Chloe thinks…

    Geeze, what a huge ham!

  93. Debi Says:

    Chloe thought bubble:

    Geeze, what a huge ham!

  94. kathy Says:

    The letter “P” is for peeuuww.

  95. Pat D. Says:

    Binary Code in Ten Sleep

    Chloe: “Okay, Charlie, you can be Yoda, but I’m NOT calling you ‘Master’!”

  96. Rhonda P Says:

    X O

  97. Rachel Says:

    Coyote Yogi

    Zen Master and Reluctant Student

  98. i-ching Says:

    Down & Around

    Park Slope

    Buttward Facing Dog

  99. Marva Says:

    Yoda Coyo-ta to Chloe – “Much to learn you still have.”

  100. magnolia Says:

    “Watch and learn Chloe.”

  101. Joyce Ziebarth Says:

    Ah, What a great day!

  102. bonnie Says:

    Chloe: I’m supposed to be impressed with this view?

  103. Carl Says:

    You think Yoda stops teaching, just because his student does not want to hear? A teacher Yoda is. Yoda teaches like drunkards drink, like killers kill.

  104. theredbaron Says:

    (in Chloe thought-bubble)
    “I’d tap that ass!”

  105. Susan M Says:

    Yep, you got poop on your butt!

    Why must you point that this way?

    Canine Cling Ons

    Sorry I just can get past the expression on Chloe’s face.

  106. Susan M Says:

    Shreve –
    I hope the calendars that are hot off the presses is for 2011. Sorry to notice but thought you were just having one of my Mondays. Good luck.

  107. Lorrian Says:

    Chloe’s Thought-Bubble: “Downward…dog?”

  108. Kaelie Says:

    I didn’t do anything to Chloe! Seeeee, I’ve got my ham face on!

  109. riosmom Says:

    Come back to bed, Charlie

  110. Mari Says:

    Coyoda doing his morning coyoga.

  111. Maggie Says:

    “Sorry Charlie, I’m not in the mood to sniff your butt.”

  112. Trebor Says:

    Yogi-Wan Kenobi

  113. Lizzie Longenecker Says:

    Goofus and Gallant


  114. Maggie Says:

    Gremlin Face!

  115. Donna Says:

    My mom always said this to me, and the picture made me think of it
    “I could stretch a mile, if I didn’t have to walk back”

  116. Trebor Says:


  117. treva Says:

    All cleaned up …. Now, where’s that mud hole again?

  118. Diane Says:

    Fur Real?

  119. Heather Says:

    “I believe I can fly”

  120. Tanya V. Says:

    The Lazy Days of Summer

  121. Alicia H. Says:

    “Downward Facing Dog”
    “Show Off”

  122. Diana Says:

    Chloe – Yikes – What a sight to see first thing in the morning!

  123. Lindsay Says:

    Wax On—Wax Off….

  124. littlebobina Says:

    Stretch and Scrunch

  125. Dave Cox Says:

    I bow down before you, Goddess of food and stuffed toys.

  126. Bess Says:

    Yoga Ogle

  127. Aleta Says:

    Exclamation Point and A Period.

  128. Ashley Says:

    No Butts About It

  129. Jennifer Says:

    Dude! Do you have to do your yoga right here? I was enjoying the view.

  130. judy Says:

    Adho Mukha Svanasana coyote style

  131. Rebecca Says:

    Stretch and Relax
    Yoda Yoga Class

  132. Feral Boy Says:


  133. Lynne R Says:

    Stop, Drop, Smile & Stretch.

  134. Lynne R Says:

    I can’t see you Chloe!

  135. Lacey Says:

    Downward facing coyote.

  136. Tia Says:

    Charlie Zen Master and Chloe Lotus Flower meditation and enlightenment…

  137. Tia Says:

    Charlie ying and Chloe yang

  138. Meg Says:

    Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
    ~Helen Keller

  139. Linda Says:

    Booty stretch

  140. ilana Says:

    bed head

  141. Lindsay P. Says:

    “This pair is a Perfect 10″
    “Perfect 10″
    (Charlie looks like the 1 and Chloe looks like the 0)

  142. Carrie Says:

    Fluff n’ Duck

    (when I first glimpsed at Chloe, I thought she was a duck in the background. however, now that I think about it, perhaps a duck wouldn’t be sitting so close to Charlie)

  143. Alyce Says:

    Bow Down Ode Ye Joyous Hounds at Bay

  144. Deb D. Says:

    “Strrrreeeetch” and “Relax”

  145. jenniferc Says:

    See Chloe, this is how you do downward dog.

  146. jessie Says:

    Mmmmm, Chloe, downward dog is the best yoga pose, it is. (said in Yoda voice)

  147. Dirk Says:

    The Letter P.

  148. Mary Says:

    Stop begging. I am not going to scratch your back.

  149. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    Stretching For Another Hard Day of Napping.

    Full Moon In The Morning.

    *Invisible Charlie Face-Squish*

  150. IrisM Says:

    The Morning After

  151. Lindsay Says:

    The Dog Days of Summer

    Showing Chloe what a lazy bum he really is (or has)

  152. Daniel Says:

    Fetchin’ Stretch

  153. Kit.e Says:

    Coyoga and disinterested dog.

    It’s not easy being the golden child.

    Smile, and the whole world smiles with you… Fart and you stand alone.

  154. Lydia G Says:

    Downward Dog at 10%

  155. Evan Says:

    Two Sleep

  156. karzie Says:

    Bat – Dog

  157. Kristine O. Says:

    “Hey Chloe, can I ass you a question?”

  158. E.J. Says:

    Yoda ! I’ll be Yoda for Halloween.

  159. Robert D Says:

    Yoda Coyote & Princess Lay-a or
    Yoda & Lay-a

  160. Lynne R Says:


  161. TJ Says:

    She Who Smelt It…

  162. Robert D Says:

    The Gargoyle & The Princess

  163. Dianne Says:


    Coyoda to Princess Chloe:
    “To the Force, look for guidance. Accept what fate has placed before us.”

  164. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Bowing to the wonder of Mother Nature


  165. Christine Says:


  166. Christine Says:


    the ohm before the outburst

  167. Emily Says:

    Did you say “yoga” or “Yoda”?

  168. Kim Says:

    Upward Facing Dog

  169. Susan (Puck's Mom) Says:

    Chloe With a Furled Coyote

    Between Chloe’s pose and the ethereal light on her, I am reminded of Vermeer’s “Girl With A Pearl Earring”. Look at the resemblance:


  170. Sophie Says:

    “Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn’t Fuzzy, Was He?”

  171. Lynne R Says:

    Charlie waiting for Chloe to hide:
    One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand . . .

  172. Karen B. Says:

    Bend and Stretch

  173. Tanya Says:

    Donut Dog
    Downward Coyote

    Stretching: some prefer to do it. Some prefer to watch.

  174. Barbara Says:

    Let me be your powder puff, little smoothie!

  175. Evan Says:

    Two Sleep Too Wake

  176. Ashley Groce Says:

    Envious Princess

  177. carmel Says:

    Stretch and Stare

  178. carmel Says:

    Charles, do you mind ??

  179. Tina Says:

    quixote coyote and a round hound

  180. Marcella Says:

    Bro, you’re mooning me…

  181. carmel Says:

    Ham an’ Jam

  182. Kelly Planer Says:

    Morning Sunshine!

  183. Erin Says:

    “Twist and Shake”

    Twist and shake baby.
    Twist and shake baby.
    Do the Twist.
    Do the Shake.
    Baby, hey, hey, hey.
    Twist and shout baby.
    Do the Twist baby.
    Twist and shake baby.

    Do the Shake baby.
    Shake it up baby.
    Twist and shake baby.
    Do the Twist.
    How long baby,
    can ya’ do the Twist?
    How long
    can ya’ do the Shake?
    Twist and shake.

    -Van Morrison

  184. carmel Says:

    Moon Face

  185. Eclecta Says:

    “I’ll have what he’s having!”

    (remember that awesome scene in “When Harry Met Sally”? LOL)

  186. carmel Says:

    Lady in waiting !

    Lady and the Tramp

    2 c r not 2 c

    Two C’s in a pod

  187. carmel Says:

    Thinking about it…!!!!!

  188. carmel Says:


  189. carmel Says:

    Shadows and light

    ” you are my sunshine ! “

  190. carmel Says:

    ” I’m listening, woman”

  191. Jenny C Says:

    “I love the smell of nap – er – Wyoming in the morning!”

    (oh man, Shreve, those lips!!!)

  192. carmel Says:

    Beauty and the Beautiful

  193. carmel Says:

    Posing for 2012 !

  194. Karen Says:

    I couldn’t think of one this time, but choose ‘Bliss and the Miss’!!! perft.

  195. Erin Eloise Says:

    Puppy Stretch and Puppy Curl

    Big, Blonde and Beautiful

    Jazzercize – Wyoming style

  196. mlaiuppa Says:


  197. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Chloe, does my butt look big?”

  198. mlaiuppa Says:

    Spicy with a side of cream.

  199. Lesley Says:

    Welcome to Charlie’s Yoga

  200. Lesley Says:

    Just thought of two more…


    Coy Yoga

  201. Torchy Says:

    Just leave the money on the table, honey.

  202. DeeAnne Says:

    Lever and pivot!

  203. Maegan Says:

    Wyo Yoga

    Frosted Long John and Bismark with Sprinkles

  204. Marisol Says:

    Namaste, Charlie?

  205. Claudia Says:

    Just another Manic Monday………….

  206. EweMama Says:

    Haven’t been HERE for a long time – it’s good to be back!

    Charlie Thought: Good Morning, Sunshine!

    Chloe Thought: I had to wake up to THAT?”

    Elf Leg Thought: Yay, no one is chewing on me.

    OR just this – The Long and Short of It

    OR Yin and Yang, in the morning

  207. Deanna Says:

    Try all you like, Charlie. You’ll never be a downward facing dog.

  208. Virginie Says:

    “Daily yoga”

    Thank you for this site and adventure.

  209. Marcwolf Says:

    Yote Yoga

  210. denise Says:

    Life’s a gas

  211. Angela S Says:

    10 Sleep

  212. Tracy Says:

    The winning caption was the BEST!

  213. Jenny Says:

    If I had made it to the contest in time I would of suggested “I wish I may, I wish I might….

    maybe next time.

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