Mountain Portrait

photo taken July 2011

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19 Responses to “Mountain Portrait”

  1. Anji Says:

    I’m pleased you’ve enabled comments here. Your pictures are so beautiful!

  2. Patr Says:

    Must report that during the night, we had a momma coyte with 3 pups bedding down in the trees behind the house. I was out in our fenced area with the beagles going potty for the last time when I saw her. Luckily, she and the pups were quiet and I got the beagles in for the night. The rail line behind our house is a migration path for the coyte’s in the area.

    Your blog and book have help me educate my neighbors that if we leave them alone, they will leave us alone.

    Give Mr Charlie and the gang belly rubs for me. But be carful with the kitties… they tend to take belly rubs as bat/swat play time activities.

  3. Jenny C Says:

    Perfection – both coyote and photograph. (Oh those lips! hehe)

  4. Nathalie Says:

    He really is a beautiful creature.

    We were mountain biking this weekend and stopped when we saw a coyote leap 5′ downhill over the trail and down the embankment on the other side. He (she?) stopped on the side of the hill and watched us for a bit before rustling some birds from the bush and continuing on his way. He was healthy, agile and beautiful and my first thought was Charlie. I love to see wildlife on the trails, no matter what it is, and this made my ride, as always.

  5. Donna Says:

    I live next to a ravine, and we have coyotes in the back alley a lot. They are like ghosts, we see them and all of a sudden they are gone, you run in the direction where you think they went and there is no sign what so ever of them. When I used to walk my dog at 5:30 in the morning you could hear them in the ravine. Beautiful.

  6. Keitha Says:

    He really knows how to pose!! He’s perfection.

  7. Cheri Says:


  8. CGJ Says:

    I just read the part of chapter 12 in your book de-romanticizing nature. Very profound. The beauty of nature makes it easy to overlook the sometimes brutal struggles for survival that are going on behind the scenes.

    Only one more chapter to go. I wish there were more.

  9. Emily Says:


  10. MJ Says:

    Sitting Pretty! What a gorgeous portrait!

  11. Rhonda Says:

    Beyond words beautiful…

  12. rottrover Says:

    Mr. Handsome

  13. Catsquatch Says:



    Oh my………

    Charlie, you are absolutely FABULOUS!

  14. Evan Says:

    I had an unusual coyote encounter last week. I was running the logging road I run everyday and have seen a lot of coyotes before. This time, this young coyote came out onto the road behind me and my dogs. S/he was really interested in my dogs and me but had no fear. S/he followed us for a bit and then stood off in the tall grass and watched us. S/he was not scared of us nor was s/he aggressive — just curious. On our way back to the trailhead parking lot, I saw her/him again. Just quietly following us a bit… and then gone. Oddly, there were a number of other people on the logging road before and after me with dogs and nobody saw this coyote but me. I guess it was my special blessing.

    P.S. I have had a lot of people tell me that the coyote was stalking my dogs but I really didn’t get that feeling and my dogs are fairly large.

  15. Bumblebee Says:

    Awww how GORGEOUS he is! Perfection for sure!!!

  16. wright1 Says:

    All triangles, all the time… What a honed, yet relaxed air he seems to have.

  17. carmel Says:

    Mountain Lion

  18. Cindy from the South Says:

    Charlie is a beautiful creature. Thank you Shreve for sharing your amazing life with those of us who stumbled upon you and your family on our laptops.

  19. Pat D. Says:

    Handome Charlie! I love the natural graduations of color in an animal’s coat, and you’ve captured that here perfectly. I might need a print of this great portrait!

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