Below The Belt

photo taken September 2011

one year ago: Quixote Coyote And A Round Hound
two years ago: He’s Faster, But The Girl Can Hold Her Own
three years ago: Charlie Yarn
four years ago: Conked

10 Responses to “Below The Belt”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Those two must keep you smiling all day long. Thanks for a great start to my day.

  2. Marg Says:

    Ouch! She’s a meany.

  3. rwd Says:

    Chloe’s payback for the neck chomp 3 days ago

  4. I Hermit Says:

    Charlie goes for necking, Cloe goes for goosing!

  5. Catsquatch Says:

    Brown noser….


  6. Scotty Says:

    ha haaaa charlie got nipped in the butt

  7. carmel Says:

    Payback’s a bitch !!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Reminds me a bit of my female basenji Scuba nipping at my male basenji Oit’s balls whenever she wanted more of a reaction from him! She was so disappointed after they were removed from Oti – she lost her secret weapon!

  9. Torchy Says:

    This is so funny, and look at Chloe’s tail. I can tell from the position that she is “helicoptering” it – round and round in a circle. My Labs do this at times of great glee.

  10. angie Says:

    that’s hilarious. i wonder what sound charlie is making. i imagine a growl/bark like a dog, but knowing better, it’s probably more of a yip right?

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