photo taken March 2012

one year ago: Comin’ Round The Mountain
two years ago: Study In Snow
three years ago: Beyond The Fence…
four years ago: Intro To Snow

8 Responses to “Catwalk”

  1. Catsquatch Says:



    I could stare at that shot all day…..

  2. Felyne Says:

    “and here we have the new season Summer Coat by Charlie. You’ll note the more subtle tones of terracotta this year and the greater use of the highlighting/lowlighting tones to give that airy ‘I’m ready to play’ look…. “

  3. mlaiuppa Says:

    Who is “RT @8bitnintendo I’m in San Diego, and I’m trying to get people in on a whole beef; so far I’ve got about 1/2 of it spoken for.”?

    I’m in San Diego and I’d like to split a quarter with someone. If the above is able I’d love to go in on this, just in case my parents aren’t interested in buying a quarter and splitting it with me.

    I’m not on Twitter or Facebook so this is the only way you’ll be able to find me.

  4. carmel Says:


  5. gus Says:

    Now I have the song “Cover Girl” in my head.

  6. Gabi Says:

    He certainly has the catwalk strut down, funny furry guy :o)

    I know this is Charlies blog but have been wondering where our pretty Miss Chloe is? She was such a regular fixture by Charlies side and I don’t see her anymore. Did I miss a post? Is she camera shy? Please tell me she is happy and healthy and still Charlies best girl but prefers to leave the limelight to Charlie. They seem so happy together.

    Thank you,

  7. shreve Says:

    G ~ Chloe is wonderful and fine and healthy and happy! She just hasn’t been feelin’ the camera lately, as is her right :)

  8. Pat D. Says:

    This shot is a natural for your next Charlie calendar, of course!

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