A Good Monday To You

photo taken March 2012

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18 Responses to “A Good Monday To You”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    “And a good day to you”

  2. Cathy Says:

    I hesitate to even write this, but is Charlie getting gray/white around the muzzle? :(

  3. shreve Says:

    C ~ He’s always had white fur on his muzzle ~ it’s part of his markings :)

  4. Pat Lapp Says:

    A cup of black coffee will help, I think.

  5. Marg Says:

    I never tire of these pictures!

  6. Stacey from Saskatchewan Says:

    OMG so adorable this morning!! :) BEST way to start any day is CHARLIE!!! Thanks Shreve, this is a fabulous pic… @ Pat LOL he definitely does look sleepy! and @ Marg – couldn’t agree MORE! Have a great week…

  7. Jenny C Says:

    Another marvelous study in contrasts:
    1) soft blacks and browns of full healthy coat against bright Wyoming blue sky
    2) the pup and the “old man”
    3) regal and goofy
    In short, wonderful Charlie. As always, he is ensconced firmly in my heart.

    Those beautiful white markings on his muzzle are kinda’ like a halo around that delicious wry smile. They make him a perfect candidate for the “Got Milk?” ads, I think.

  8. Corri Says:

    I marvel at his range of expressions, you capture them wonderfully.

  9. MJ Says:

    Not only would a cup or two of black coffee help, but it looks like Charlie might like a pair of dark glasses to cut the glare from the bright sunlight!

  10. M.V. Says:

    One extra large java and an elf donut to go, please. No time to stop and chat. I slept in and am late for yard patrol.

  11. Pat D. Says:

    To M.V.– Charlie really does look as if he’s talking! :-)

  12. Catsquatch Says:

    “Pssttt…. Over here…. I got a secrest you need to hear…. You just gotta promise not to tell the cat….”

  13. carmel Says:

    Happy Monday To You Too

  14. Corri Says:

    @ M.V. LOL !!!!!

  15. Gabi Says:

    Look at that sweet happy face and all that glorious Coyote floof…..He does look as though he’s about to say…..WI WUV WOOO…….however I feel as though I am trying to put human emotions onto a coyotes expression. I do it with my dog Piper too, give her voices and pretend she’s conveying a message……me thinks I need to get a life.

  16. Jia En Says:

    This is really cute! :D

  17. Matthew Wall Says:

    Dogs go white around the mouth from drinking out of the toilet…

  18. Laurie Says:

    I love him….

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