Fly Bright

photo taken April 2012

one year ago: Arbor Ardor
two years ago: Tundra
three years ago: Home, Sweetheart, Home
four years ago: Joy

8 Responses to “Fly Bright”

  1. wright1 Says:

    Ploofy tail swirling at one end, rainbow toy being swung high at the other, very happy coyote in between! Love the look of total, crazy abandon in his eye!

  2. Catsquatch Says:


    It still has legs….

  3. Torre Says:

    I love the archive photo, “joy!” – would you consider post cards or notecard sets for holiday season cards??? The look of pure joy in Charlie’s face – just tugs on the heart!

  4. Han Says:

    Grr! Take that Rainbow Octopus!

  5. Linda Paul Says:

    Wow, great shots. When I was a kid in Laramie we had an orphaned coyote pup for a while. We lived in town at the time. I have fond memories of Thumper….the name derived from the thumping of his tail when he crawled between the wall and the couch. He was a dear and even allowed our dog’s puppies to steal food from his bowl.

  6. Claire Says:

    Charlie doesn’t shred his stuffed toys?

  7. irol Says:

    The Eyes have it.

  8. Carolyn Blair Says:

    Is it just me or does he look like a sword swallower here?

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