Sharing A Popsicle

photo taken May 2012

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20 Responses to “Sharing A Popsicle”

  1. Angela Says:

    OMG…. Best. Photo. Ever.

  2. Holly Says:


  3. joycebell Says:

    Love this picture of Charlie!

  4. M.V. Says:

    Yummy yummy, thank you Mommy.

    What’s his favorite flavor??

  5. Terry V. Says:

    He looks so thankful. What a sweet boy.

  6. Taryn Says:

    I’ve been following Charlie for a very long time now and this may well be my all time favorite picture! It tells such a story!

  7. Ticia Says:


  8. Patr Says:

    My George Burns loved those Pup-sicles as a puppy. He would be shivering so hard, but would not let me pull it away until it was GONE….

    Gracie Allen, not so much. She likes SNOW CONES…. We get her an plain one every now and then. Wish they came with beef or chicken stock on them. I think they would go ga ga over that!

    George & Gracie are beagles.

  9. Janine Says:

    Such a sweetie. One of my hounds used to like only green popsicles. Glad Charlie isn’t so picky! lol

  10. Catsquatch Says:


    That look on his face is simply priceless!

    Like “Are you SURE I can has popsicle?”


  11. Hallan Says:

    What a face! Please, please give him a hug and a smooch on the head for me!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Tenderly and Gingerly…so cute…!!!

  13. carmel Says:

    …ooops, that’s me above T and G…so cute…!!!

  14. gabi Says:

    Love this!

    My Golden R. loves Popsicle, Ice cubes, Otter Pops, anything cold now that we are living back in San Diego. We put piles of Ice Cubes in her water bowl and she dives for them and then chews them. Anything for a little relief from the summer heat.

  15. mlaiuppa Says:


    You could get a snow cone machine (little plastic toy things) and make your own snowcones and then use chicken or beef stock for flavor. Or get some second hand Tupperware popsicle molds and do popsicles with the stock.

    Hmm. I’ve got popsicle molds. Never thought of that but I wonder if my Ramses would like a frozen doggie treat?

  16. scotty Says:

    lol. chicken or beef snow cones? that’s pretty funny. here mikey try this. lol.

  17. Cait Says:

    I agree with folks here. This may be my fave Charlie photo of all time.


    This picture is ssoooooooooo adorable! He is one lucky boy! <3

  19. Tiff Says:

    d’awwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love this pic! So cute!

  20. Creekhiker / HollysFolly Says:

    True confession: I have shared cones with my dog lick for lick!

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