What A Beak

photo taken May 2012

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12 Responses to “What A Beak”

  1. M.V. Says:

    Y A W N !!!!!!!

    re twitter: glad Sir Baby is feeling better. Tossed Mike into the tank?? Don’t suppose you have pictures of that????

  2. Micaela Morris Says:

    Hate to be redundant, but agree that a photo of Mike “in the tank” would have been fabulous! Sir Baby certainly has regained his sense of humor! Love the way you see the different character in each of your farmily members…

  3. Marg Says:

    Perhaps Baby thought Mike was getting a bit too close to you and needed to cool down. Did your rain help that or just provide a teasing break? We cooled off but in two days will be scorching again.

    Don’t you wonder why animals don’t dislocate their jaws when they yawn so wide?

  4. mlaiuppa Says:

    So glad to hear Sir Baby is getting better. I woke up this morning thinking of him and was going to ask about his progress.

    What did the vet think of his charcoal poltice?

    My but Charlie has quite the yawn. I’m recovering from a German Shepherd bite so his fangs are of considerable interest to me. Not that he’d bite me. I’m several states removed. But I respect the tooth.

  5. wright1 Says:

    A one-image answer to what happens to all the slow rabbits.

  6. Corri Says:

    Such marvelous pointyness

  7. Catsquatch Says:


    Jaw stretches ;)

  8. carmel Says:

    Lock Jaw

  9. taffy Says:

    When i first glanced at this title i thought it said, “What a Break” so i thought wow yes what a wonderful break Charlie is having, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take a break just like that, go ahead and yawn with a gaping wide mouth and not care if anyone saw or heard it! A full on yawn, something we are taught in school that we should never do. Of course when a critter yawns big, it is SO cute…..ah to be a critter!

  10. Pat D. Says:

    Taffy– I thought it said “What a Break” too! Pretty surprised today to read the actual title, lol.

  11. taffy Says:

    Oh thanks Pat D.! LOL! So glad i am not the only one! I guess our eyes were drawn to cute Charlie having a cute sleepy moment! (unless that is a mid yowl?)

  12. I Hermit Says:

    AHAAAAAAA….. That puncture vine got me AGAIN……. Rasum frazum………….

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