photo taken May 2012

one year ago: Just….Everything
two years ago: Sunnyside Up & Over Easy
three years ago: Close-Up With Goose Feather
four years ago: Perusing A Rabbit

7 Responses to “Sleek”

  1. M.V. Says:

    re twitter: congratulations. Glad Mom and son are well. After the difficult birth, Mom needs a treat. Once she is up to it of course.


    I know it is probably a bit early, but is there any in dication that he might have horns like his big bro Frisco? If he stays large, with his colour and horns, he would be truly majestic. I can hardly wait for photos.

  2. Marg Says:

    Everything MV said (lazy aren’t I) Intriquing color for the little guy, hope it comes across in the picture that we’ll be seeing soon??>?lol

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Hes so awesome.

  4. mlaiuppa Says:

    Congrats to all!

    I’ll bet he’s going to be a looker.

    Will he be “fixed” and join his big bro ‘Frisco in a yoke so you have a pair to pull your plow?

    I’ll bet this birthin’ babies is becoming old hat to Daisy now.

    Silver-red huh? Fiona is a red-head. Is Sir Baby the baby-daddy of this new little man too?

  5. Pat D. Says:

    I HAd missed it over the weekend (no cell, no Twitter), so I went looking in “more Tweets” for more info. Congrats on the new baby, Daisy (you too, Shreve.) Looking forward to photos later.

  6. taffy Says:

    wow beautiful photo of Charlie! mmm-mm.
    and looking forward to a new baby photo too. (and a new name!) Sounds like that was a long night, so glad they are both dong well, and Shreve too.

  7. Katy Says:

    Just finished your book the other day. It was beautiful! I was in Wyoming vacationing and we were in a store when the cowboy working there asked where we were from and what we did there. I told him that I trained Border Collies for sheepherding trials in California. He showed me your book and I instantly bought it. Read it in two days. Funny thing is I have always loved coyotes, yes even owning sheep like I do I still am amazed by them. I also have always had a notion to try to train one for sheepherding but that is just a silly little whimsy of mine. Anyways, I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I think you are doing an amazing thing with Charlie!

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