photo taken May 2012

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9 Responses to “Co-Pilot”

  1. Colleen G Says:

    I swear the corners of his mouth look like someone painted them! This pic must be before he shed his winter coat? He looks like a fuzz muffin : )

  2. MJ Says:

    Looks like the perfect Co-Pilot to me. Attentive, friendly, with a sense of humor (the smile) and quite capable of handling anything that comes his way. Good choice!

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Sometimes its hard to tell if its a sepia photo or if hes really that color ;)

  4. marva Says:


  5. Ann Says:

    He is so beautiful. He Will protect those he loves with his life. This is such a wonerful life.

  6. carmel Says:

    Right up there, with the best…

  7. Jenny C Says:

    Oh, sweet, handsome baby… I want to shower his head with kisses.

  8. Janet in NYC Says:

    What a handsome portrait of Charlie! It has to be one of the best of the many you have taken of him.

  9. Karen Says:

    Yet—- as Colleen wrote, a fuzz muffin, too!

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