Soft Smile

photo taken August 2012

one year ago: Ears & Eyes
two years ago: Mouthfull
three years ago: MC’s Hammer
four years ago: Rock Garden
five years ago: Made For This Place

9 Responses to “Soft Smile”

  1. Flo de Sendai Says:

    Hello !
    What a wonderful story….I’m glad Charlie is so happy now !
    I’ve never seen a coyote in real….Love your photos, thank you !

  2. Scotty Says:

    flo! awwwwwz.

  3. Jackie/Montana Says:

    This one just touches my heart. There is a calmness about it.

  4. m.v. Says:

    Oh I luv his neck ruff. How do you resist wanting to snuggling up to it every time you see it?

  5. Catsquatch Says:

    He has LEEPS!!!!

  6. Eileen Says:

    When did you get a lion? ; )

  7. SuthernJazzmyn Says:

    I could just lean my face into his neck and breathe him in….Mmmmmm

  8. Tom Says:

    Mona Lisa smile…it made me smile

  9. Says:

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