Home On The Range

photo taken August 2013

one year ago: Big Blue
two years ago: Opposite Ways Together
three years ago: And The Sky Was A Golden Sea
four years ago: Comparing Yawns
five years ago: Chloe’s Eye, Recap & Update
six years ago: Wild Thing

4 Responses to “Home On The Range”

  1. Karen Says:


  2. Carmel Says:

    What A Range!! What A Great Pic.!

  3. Sandra Says:

    sooooo nice ;o)
    Many greetings from Germany
    Sandra and dogs Luna & Maja
    and the book ist very gooooooooodddddd ;O)

  4. Kim Says:

    Was always wanting check up and find out how Charlie the Coyote is doing. Is he still living with you in Wyoming? Has he made it in captivity? Hope so. Enjoyed reading your book a few years ago. My mom read it and passed it along to me. She passed away in 2010. She was a true animal lover having a special connection to all animals. She enjoyed your book very much.

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