Flashback, Book Update, & Open Call for Qs

photo taken May 2007

This picture! A gift from the past, one of the never-seen-before photos from deep in the archives. Look at that belly!! More treasures like this in the book.

Speaking of, the book is booming! I’m totally blown away by the response, so excited to bring this to life. Page count is up to 175 and rising. More books ordered = more pages for everyone. Yeehaw!

Printing and bindery will be done in the great land of WYOMING! The magic will happen at a huge custom print shop in Cheyenne (my book will be printed on a Heidelberg press that is just slightly larger than my cabin), with my local print shop acting as liaison. I’m so thrilled to keep the print work local – not just in the USA (most big print jobs are done in China), but in the state Charlie and I call home.

I’ve gone through every single raw file of every photo I’ve taken in the past ten years and my eyes are really sore and my first edit is a whopping 6924 photos (for reference, this entire blog is home to about 3000 images). I must now narrow those 6924 photos down to a few hundred. HOW???

I’m going to have a Q&A page(s?) in the book and I’m taking questions NOW. Leave them in the comment section, yours might make the book!

And, in case you’ve missed it, the book trailer and all the book info is HERE. Reminder: this book is limited edition and is PRE-ORDER ONLY. I will not be printing extra copies! So: place your order by September or miss out forever. You can order your book HERE!


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14 Responses to “Flashback, Book Update, & Open Call for Qs”

  1. torre Says:

    That belly! full little puppy belly :)

    How exciting that all the printing will be done in WY!

  2. Betsy Says:

    If I recall from reading your first book, you decided to leave a collar on Charlie so that your neighbors would recognize him and not think he was a coyote shooting target. I’m just wondering if you know where he goes when he is outside. Does he wander into neighboring ranches? Do you hear about him from your neighbors? Just wondering how the folks in the area have or have not adjusted to him.

  3. Angela Meier Says:

    This may be too broad a question — but how has sharing life with Charlie changed the way you understand wild coyotes? I also wonder about Mike — if knowing Charlie has changed his relationship with the wild ones …

  4. Linda Says:

    Does Charlie get along with humans other than you? Is he protective of you if other people are around?

  5. Sheri Nugent Says:

    I have always wondered how much you can get in his physical space. Like with a dog you can snuggle up with them, give belly rubs, open their mouths to check teeth (or retrieve something!). Can you do any of these things with Charlie? What, if any, are the limits between how you are physically with Chloe vs. Charlie?

  6. Crystal Perkins Says:

    I don’t really know what to say, except Charlie looked so cute when he was a puppy & still is

  7. scotty Says:

    Everyone seems to know that when you work with animals especially as a farmer/rancher that in dealing with the birth and deaths of so many beloved critters…in that context what is your fondest memory and also your most saddest loss?

  8. Ellen Says:

    What is a normal day with Charlie like? How much do the two of you interact? Do you bring him inside with you each night, and is that his preference? Do you ever need to search for him–that is, does he roam over large distances and/or frequently so that you have to go find him, or worry that something has happened to him? How do you handle things when you are away, say on a Star Brand Beef delivery run, or making a trip into a bigger town? I’m just curious, now that he is 10, and seems fairly settled, about what his day-to-day life involves…

  9. Julie Says:

    No Q for you, but hopefully for one of your many readers. Anyone from the US travelling to Belgium or some country close to Belgium in Western Europe? I could preorder the book and have it shipped to your address and you could get it closer to me, so I could reduce the ridiculously high shipping costs (by no means Shreve’s fault!).

  10. Karen Says:

    I don’t have a question for your book but would you please let me know the music that you used for Charlie’s video? I love it!

  11. shreve Says:

    K ~ ohhhh, I found & bought it from a music licensing site – I will see if I can re-find the name/artist for you!

  12. shreve Says:

    J ~ emailing you right now about your book – an angel has swooped in to help!

  13. Dave Wallace Says:

    For the book – Packing Heat image. Mandatory.

  14. Phyllis Says:

    Early on you had a few episodes or challenges from Charlie. Do you see aggression now? Is he dog-like in his demeanor — less coyote?

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