Prince Charming

photo taken October 2017

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7 Responses to “Prince Charming”

  1. m.v. Says:

    Re Twitter.
    Absolutely luv the husky through the baby gate.
    When I was a child we had a husky that was an escape artist and loved to go visit the wolves (they never harmed him). Dad had to put a 12 ft industrial fence around his house and play area. 3ft below ground and 9ft above.

  2. Torre Says:

    So regal – love the colors; WY is a beautiful area!

  3. Jenny C Says:

    A feast of color, texture and lighting, and Charlie is the star of it all. The caption is perfect: Prince Charming indeed. What a shot, Shreve.

  4. Vanessa Says:

    First thing I notice – the fence you put up how many years ago?? Still standing strong!
    Love the magnificent color of the earth in the far background, and the roof of the cabin…caught my eye before Charlie. So love his colors, rustic and wild all in one – he blends with everything <3

  5. bonnie Says:

    well, he sure has charmed all of us !

  6. Kristan Says:

    What a stunning photo. I mean, I always enjoy pictures of Charlie, but this one is really beautifully composed. The colors in the background are so stunning.

  7. Lou Says:

    He is so beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving, I am so thankful you were able to save Charlie, think of all the joy he has brought to so many people over the years. Each morning I check my granddaughter’s website & then Charlie’s, great way to start each day with a smile.

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