photo taken November 2019

one year ago: Puff Daddy
two years ago: Rerun: Heartwarmer
three years ago: Confetti Eyes
four years ago: Dollop
five years ago: Call Of The Wild
six years ago: A Boy And His Tumbleweed
seven years ago: Sun Dumpling
eight years ago: Chillin’ In The Cow Camp Cabin
nine years ago: Treasure Hunt
ten years ago: Her Favorite Move
eleven years ago: Field Of Dreams
twelve years ago: Five Weeks -from the archives-

3 Responses to “Windswept”

  1. Steph in Oregon Says:

    I am especially drawn to the photos of Charlie that have that beautiful fence and the rock wall in the background.
    This one is superb!

  2. Vanessa H Says:

    Love pictures with the fence you hand built so many years ago…so cool it has stood the test of time – my dad was a carpenter, he’d be astonished. As always Charlie is beautiful in blending in with his surroundings

  3. torre Says:

    such a vivid blue sky! WY is such a beautiful place

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