Waiting For The Perfect Snowflake

photo taken January 2010 • title thanks to Meg

one year ago: El Trio
two years ago: Neckin’

Thankyou, one and all……..
Howling wind is really coyotes up  on top of  clouds. There are pictures to prove it.

Starting an Avalanche
Perfect Pitch(ture)
Singing the World into Existence
“Charlie, you don’t have to take such a deep breath, you only have to blow out 3 candles!”
Snownata in C Sharp
Noble Fur
O Solo Meo!
Howl Great Thou Art
Calling All Angels
Vocal Range
Soul man
American Idol
You make my heart sing.
Happy Birthday dear Shreeeeeeeeeeeve….Happy Birthday to you!
and all from Joanne’s 6th grade class!

• • • Oh, howling coyote.
Oh, creative crazies out there in internetland.
I can’t wait to see what you do with this one!

Please leave your title, caption, or Charlie-commentary in the comment section of this post and you will instantly be in the running to WIN!  This week’s prize is an 11×12 print of Inside Joke (click here to see it) which is the result of some sort of inside joke my beloved printer-man played on me last week because I did not order it!  But found it in my large envelope of prints when I got back home.  And on my receipt.  So now one of you gets to win it!

289 Responses to “Waiting For The Perfect Snowflake”

  1. Barbara R Says:

    “Scuse me while I kiss the sky”

  2. Mandy Jordan Says:


  3. Sue Says:

    I sing because I’m happy!

  4. Paul B Says:

    Can you hear me now?

  5. montanasmama Says:

    It’s my party and I’ll howl if I want to.

  6. Chelsey C. Says:

    Howlin’ you home

    or maybe

    To greet the sun.

  7. Scott Says:

    All Points Bulletin!

  8. mlaiuppa Says:

    Making a joyous noise.

  9. Kirby Says:

    Vocal Range

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Between worlds.

  11. Bernice Says:

    “Silver white winters that melt into spring.
    These are a few of my favorite things.”

    Coyote Ice and Snow Blues

  12. Suzzanne Says:

    (A tiny shout out to Warren Zevon)

    I saw a Coyote with elk leg in his jaw
    walkin through the streets of Wyoming in the rain.
    He was lookin for the place called Eli & Shreve’s, gonna get a big dish of gluten free chow mein.
    Aaahoo, Coyote of Wyoming

  13. Pat D. Says:

    One more: “Cry of the West”

    (Seriously, what’s up with all these Ricola posts, folks? Do you all work for the company or something??)

  14. Cassandra Says:

    Fish gotta swim…
    Birds gotta fly,
    Coyotes gotta howl…
    but they don’t know why.

  15. Mimi Says:

    Winter Revelry

  16. MaggieMNM Says:

    He doesn’t know why
    He howls to the sky.
    He only knows that he must.
    And that no other feeling
    or release can compare
    to a soleful call
    that cuts
    through the cold winter air.

  17. Mimi Says:

    Shreve, I send you and your boy the warmest of birthday greetings! Thank you for sharing your life, talent and remarkable sojourn into the heart of Wyoming and quite frankly into ours as well.

  18. Steve H Says:

    Nothing clever — I just know that that is one sweet song. I love listening to, and occasionally getting to watch, the songfests around here (East Bay hills of CA) of Charlie’s cousins.

  19. Jamie Says:

    Awaiting Fluffy Water Snacks

  20. Isa Says:

    My feet are coooold!

  21. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Two-Toned Trickster

    Sepia Serenade

    Eli, It’s Cold Outside

    Ode To A Night In (A) Gale

    Wind Whistling

    A Howling Good Time

    Moon Melody

    Ten Sleep Tune-In

    Ode To Joy

    (Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Charlie and Shreve)

  22. B Menzies Says:

    When I’m calling you-ouuuuuuuuu

    Soul howl

  23. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Make Way for The Snow Bawl Express

    OR just plain … Snow Bawl

    The Snow Bawl Express

    The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

    (It’s a three-way tie! LOL)

  24. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    It’s MY Party!

    I Feel Good! … I Knew That I Would

    Good Morning, Starshine!

    Prairie Paws

  25. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Paws and Reflect

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    Howl-o, Y’all

    Riders, UP!

    Wagons, HO! OR should it be … Waggings, HO!

    (On a roll – must be lack of sleep. LOL)

  26. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    I PROMISE these are the last two … today

    (Since I’m a big fan of motor sports – NASCAR, IRL, etc. )
    Drivers, START … YOUR… ENGINES !!

    Snow Wonder, I Like It

  27. Kathryn H Says:

    “O Holy Niiiiiiiiight”

  28. mjk Says:

    A howl in one

  29. mjk Says:

    sorry, didn’t see the prev post.

    A symphony for one

  30. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    ((Wow, wonderful picture!))

    Howlin’ to the Moon

    Phantom Call

    Wolf Resemblance

    Howlin’ for the Sake of Howlin’

    “So Much SNOOOOW!”

    Place Elf Leg Here

  31. Cindy Says:

    I submitted my entry Monday morning. After awhile I did not see it in the list, so I tried to resubmitt it. A screen message said that I had submitted a duplicate entry.

    Figuring that there was a large backlog, I kept checking the list, but I still don’t see it.

    It was from Cindy and the entry was “Half-tone.”

  32. Holly Says:

    Just because I can!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    High on a hill stood a lonely goat (yodel-lay-hee-yodel-lay-hee-yodel-ay hee ho!)
    I’m gonna track him and chase him and that is no joke (yodel-lay-hee-yodel-lay-hee-yodel-ooooh!)

  34. kelly planer Says:

    OH – sorry – the yodelling was from me…

  35. Jen Says:

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

  36. Ann Says:

    Essence of the Wild

    Essence of the Wilderness

    Quintessential Coyote

    Song to the Great Spirit

    Coyote Prayer

  37. ax Says:

    Sometimes Charlie and your pictures say things best expessed in more universal languages that human words. I think this is one of those times.

    Nor could I title the sound of a litter of coyote pups trying out their voices around the den on a summer evening. Its a language of the heart.

    But what a happy birthday song!

  38. Marguerite Says:

    I am listening to an opera on NPR and it seems like the male voice is coming from Charlie!

  39. immobilier Says:

    hi tout le monde j’aime bien cette facon de penser ce commentaire mais l’ immobilier est mon choix avant tout.

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