video taken January 2011

one year ago: Moose Parade
two years ago: A Thorough Investigation
three years ago: A Druid In My Ceiling

Some backstory: I always feed Charlie his dinner by hand, piece by piece, every night. One evening this winter I felt so sick and tired I just couldn’t bear to get out of bed, so, I stayed in bed and threw Charlie’s meat over the edge of the loft, from my bed. To my great surprise and amusement, he caught the pieces in midair! So now we do this once in a while.

Apologies for the video quality, as always ~ it’s not my forte. And apparently I did not have enough lights on to make my video camera happy; it’s a bit dark and pixellated. My floor looks really dirty because of it. It is not that dirty! And it was hard to hold the video camera steady in one hand and throw accurately with the other. But, even with all the flaws, I know you’ll enjoy Charlie!

music: Ween

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