Beneath The Butte

photo taken June 2012

one year ago: Sculptural
two years ago: Stuffie Symmetry
three years ago: Q-T
four years ago: Kinda Tired

4 Responses to “Beneath The Butte”

  1. Catsquatch Says:

    Its a BEAUT alright!

  2. Suz Says:

    A big YEAH for you and Mushy!! Sometime, can we get specifics about what you tried/what seemed to work? I’m always looking for useful tips for the furry kids — never know when they’ll need help.

  3. wright1 Says:

    Two beings, serene in their small place in the land, under the great sky.

    Classic composition: the eye is led from them, to the green fields sweeping towards the red flanks of the butte, from its outline to the rainshadow twilight under the clouds.

    Glad that Mushy is recovering.

  4. Jenny C Says:

    Love this pic of Chloe…

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