Springtime Baby

photo taken April 2007

one year ago: So Dear
two years ago: Snow Deep
three years ago: Finally, The Floor!
four years ago: Tiny Tapered Butt, Towering Tapered Ears
five years ago: Watching Snowflakes Fall

3 Responses to “Springtime Baby”

  1. Marg Says:

    Sure wish I was smelling some grass about now. I’M SICK OF WINTER!!!

    Gee, that sounds like I was ‘smoking’ some grass doesn’t it lol.

  2. Woman on Wild Mountain Says:

    O, just so darn precious! I have loved the Charlie adventures for so long. Still look forward to see his ever changing ways.


  3. SuthernJazzmyn Says:

    Ahhhhh baby pictures, takes us so far back to the beginning ^_^

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