Quick book update:
We reached my $15K goal yesterday!
Watch the book trailer and find out more HERE.
thanks & love!

photo taken March 2017

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18 Responses to “Supermodel”

  1. Torre Says:

    yay! so glad the goal was met so fast! I’ll be putting my order in too :)

  2. Sheri Nugent Says:

    It’s so FUN how fast your extended family responds! Like the trailer, right? I hope you feel the love and support. One day! WOW!

  3. shreve Says:

    S ~ it’s totally amazing – I am boggled! Just blown away!!

  4. Karen Says:

    ~incroyable~!!! One day. Well, that’s what happens when you offer new and un-seen professional photos of the Super Model Canine-Style…

  5. Anna Says:

    Echoing the congrats on reaching your minimum order in just one day! Hope the orders keep rolling in at a fast clip. Happy to support you. HAPPY to be getting this incredible treasure!!

  6. CAtherine Says:

    10 years!!!!! I can trace my life trough Charlie, checking in everyday, from Mr Ricardo to Elie , to all my friends on the farm. Would you consider hosting a pig soon ? I love pigs and they are so badly treated….Congrats on the cook, cannot wait to get my signed copy in November !!!!!!

  7. dailycoyote Says:

    C ~ I would LOVELOVELOVELOOOOOOOOVE to get a couple of pet pigs!!! We need to get some new fencing set up first (pig-proof is very different from cow- and coyote-proof), but one of these days, there will be Farmily pigs!

  8. Julie Says:

    Whoooow, super that your goal was already made!!
    I so wanted to pre-order, had started to, but then noticed shipping was almost as much as the book. Of course I get that shipment to Europe is more costly than in the states but 60$ is just too much for me. :-( I dearly hope that it will someday be available with shipping costs a bit less.

    Good luck with the book though, the pictures look very promising! :-))

  9. bonnie Says:

    congratulations! and thank you once again — this time you have given us the opportunity to support the creation of something that we will all appreciate — so in supporting you , we also have the opportunity to support each other !! yes!!

  10. shreve Says:

    J ~ Unfortunately, the shipping costs are something I have no control over. It’s truly insane how much it costs to ship internationally – I posted the expensive option, if you can believe it! Grrr :(

  11. Karen Says:

    Yes, pigs!! I love pigs!!

  12. Sarah Says:

    Where is Julie in Europe? My daughter lives in Paris, so I visit once or twice each year. Perhaps Julie could have her book shipped to someone stateside, like me, who visits or plans to visit near where she lives, and could transport the book to her.
    BTW I am happy but not surprised that your goal was met, Shreve! And I’m very excited for my Christmas present to myself…in addition to the calendar!
    Happy Birthday to you and Charlie—you provide a daily gift to so many—I hope you feel celebrated and blessed this birthday season!

  13. Marg Says:

    Great News !! This has been a journey for you and I’m so happy that your efforts have been rewarded. I’m planning to order the digital copy but first want to know if the printing will show better than in your posted sample? It looked blurry on my computer and I had a hard time reading it, should it be better in the PDF form? Sorry to sound so needy but I needy that book !!

  14. shreve Says:

    M ~ Yep! The sample is tiny and low-resolution (on purpose). Final will be larger size and larger resolution so you can enlarge without the text blurring out.

    S ~ That is so kind of you to offer. And yes, transporting the book via suitcase rather than mail would be much more economical, if people are able to make that happen – I have a whole blurb about that in the shop listings! I will let you know privately if I hear from anyone in France!

  15. julie Says:

    @Shreve: I don’t blame you, figured it must have been the system. Although I ordered your book The Daily Coyote a couple of years ago and I wasn’t nearly half those shipment costs. Guess fuel prices must have doubled or something..

    @Sarah: Very nice offer. :-) I live in Belgium, still a 4 hour drive from Paris so that’s a bit too far. Would love to be able to receive the book that way because a digital version is just not my thing and I’m not really in a place right now where I can pay that much just for shipping.
    But I seemed to understand that the book can be ordered later as well (or am I wrong, Shreve?) so hopefully it’ll get to me some day. :-)

  16. mlaiuppa Says:


    I’ll bet mailing the book from Paris to Belgium is cheaper than from the U.S. to Belgium. You might still make it work.

  17. Julie Says:

    @mlaiuppa: That will definitely be the case but I wouldn’t want to give Sarah/someone any extra work! :-)

  18. TomT Says:

    Hey Shreve, can’t wait for the book! Congrats on getting the minimum orders. I’ve been quiet for a while but I still check in on what yer up to from time to time.

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