Spring Song

photo taken March 2017

one year ago: Lay-Z-Boy
two years ago: Stripes
three years ago: Rawr
four years ago: Springtime Baby
five years ago: Sunset Stalk
six years ago: All Smiles
seven years ago: Lovable Trouble
eight years ago: Meditation
nine years ago: Peekaboo

3 Responses to “Spring Song”

  1. Karen Says:

    April Aria…

  2. mlaiuppa Says:

    I don’t do Facebook, but I did make posts on my three blogs about your book and a link to your Facebook.

    I can’t say many people pay attention to my blogs at all, but I am of the philosophy that every little bit helps.

  3. Stella Says:

    I would So Love to hear Charlie’s song. Can you make a recording like you did for the cranes?
    Think about it. Thanks – S.

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