“I Gave Her A Foot And She Took Four.”

photo taken May 2008 • title thanks to E.Jolie

Apologies for the delay in posting the winner today ~ I had to go to the grocery store and the hardware store, which means if I leave before 9am, I’m back around noon…. that’s how it goes living in the country!

Add to that a very difficult decision here, as usual.  Such fun seeing the diversity of captions!  In the end, E. Jolie, yours sums up exactly what I interpret Charlie’s expression to be.  Congrats!

“This doesn’t taste like an elf leg…”
She had me at howl-o.
Wyoming Twister
“Chloe got your tounge?”
Who’s your puppy!!!
Chloe’s first toy
“Puppy Chow”
Love at first bite.
Yin and Yaannggghhhff!
Pirates! AAAR!
Coyote Snack-down
She’s got him under her tum…
The Lady is the Champ!

• • • Here’s another classic from the archives ~
Charlie and Chloe during her first week with us.

The juxtaposition of these two cracks me up.  It’s for you to name ~ leave your title, caption or commentary in the comment section of this post and you’re in the race for an antelope horn (click here for a past description) and a lucky horseshoe (I checked, it’s chock full of luck).

Good luck & Godspeed!

356 Responses to ““I Gave Her A Foot And She Took Four.””

  1. Claudia Says:

    No, not really. But she thinks she has me pinned.

  2. Fabia Says:

    Love – Fur Real

  3. Barbara Says:

    It WILL be love!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Gnaws & Paws

  5. Cindy Says:


  6. Charlotte Says:

    Canine Twister – Right paw blue? I’ve gotcha this time Charlie!

  7. Ida Says:

    A “nelson” hold

  8. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    (Charlie looks rather panicked…)

    Puppy Paw-er!

    Mom! She’s Touching Me!

    Pin-down Pinup


  9. Ida Says:

    The baby is the boss

  10. dlperry Says:

    First Kiss


    Puppy Love

    Wow! Puppy Breath!

  11. Steven Swanson Says:

    Charlie, “Honestly, I didn’t start it!”

  12. Melissa Says:

    Smothered with puppy love

  13. Nancy Says:

    Gimme back my beggin strip!

  14. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Say “Aunt” NOW!

  15. Pat Says:

    “What the world!?!?!”

  16. Mary Says:

    Mommmmm send her back!

  17. Laieanna Says:

    Puppy Dominance!

  18. Melanie Says:

    “Mom, this toy keeps moving!”

  19. Sandy Says:

    OMG…It taste like chicken!

  20. Dana Says:

    Girl Power

    Sister Retaliates

  21. Dianne Says:

    Girls Rule; Boys Drool!

  22. Elaine in the UK Says:

    “Mark my words, one of these days that puppy’s gonna eat your coyote!” ;-D

  23. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    “Handsome and the Pea”

    “Paw-fect Smack Down”

    “Look, Ma, No Teeth!”

  24. dawn Says:

    Pinned Ya!

  25. Bean Says:

    “I will get you, Big Brother, and then I will EAT you!”

    (The look on Chloe’s face so reminds me of my pupper, and that’s what I imagine she’s saying when she plays..)

  26. Kristi Says:

    What?! I’m letting her win, honest!

  27. Aisha Says:


    “What, this isn’t a new toy?”

    “You aren’t going to tell Eli, right?”

    “It won’t stop jumping me!”

    This is so adorable. Charlie’s face just makes me laugh and laugh. :) Thank you Shreve.

  28. Courtney Says:

    Sister’s Keeper

  29. Guadalupe Says:

    Charlie: “Oh, yeah, yeah, she’s nice …uhm… sharp puppy teeth…ouch!
    Charlie: (continues) Is she staying?”

  30. CassP Says:

    “Every dog is allowed one bite.” – US Proverb

  31. Becky Says:

    Eli – HELP!!!!! (Charlie)

  32. saxon Says:

    salt, pepper and cayenne

  33. Jan Says:

    Chloe: I told you I was going to KISS you.

  34. Patr Says:


    Great photograph….. Charlie’s eyes look like he is either needing help or like he is caught in the act……

  35. Danielle Says:

    Girls Rule & Boys Drool
    7 Paws
    Ma’, I Never Agreed to THIS!
    Carpet Burn

  36. Tina Says:

    Chloe: Hold still Charlie, I’ve almost got it.

  37. Barbara S. Says:

    Mouth Wrestling

  38. jarerocks Says:

    World Wide Canine Wrestling Federation

  39. Tinare Says:

    Can we keep her?

  40. Anna Grace Says:

    Oh, this one is simple. The caption should be, “Underdog.”

  41. Deidre Says:

    This is how to do mouth-to-mouth resusitation!!!

  42. Kristan Says:

    Say Uncle

    (Also, Charlie is TOTALLY “Letting Her Win”!)

  43. Kristan Says:

    Ooo, I do love Anna Grace’s “Underdog”!

  44. jennifer Says:

    Tap Out coyote, puppies rule!

  45. Jackie Brown Says:

    Charlie ” What! Mom I can explain this is not what it looks like!!!”

  46. Tess Says:

    This is how to teach confidence.

  47. Holly Says:

    Just the right size

    Oooh, I love her Mom.

    Hugs and Kisses.

  48. kelly planer Says:

    CPR: Coyotes Play Rough!

  49. beth Says:

    Caught in the Act

    &*&%$@ Paparazzi!

    or, if you like
    &*&%$@ Puparazzi!

  50. pam Says:

    MAAAAAAA help me!!! I’m being attacked by a.. a.. a.. a.. I don’t know what this thing is…

  51. schatze Says:

    The Pushover

  52. Heidi Littler Says:

    “But I thought it was my new chew toy!”

  53. belle Says:

    Kiss me you fool!!

  54. danielle b Says:

    “This doesn’t taste like an elf leg…”

  55. Bethrusso Says:

    I’m the boss, applesauce.

  56. Linda D. Says:

    “I wuv you, Charlie. When I grow up, I’m gonna marry you!”


    Interactive chew toys.

  57. J. Bo Says:

    “Coyotes are yummy… who knew?”

  58. Bethrusso Says:

    New chew toy

  59. Lisa W. Says:

    She had me at howl-o.

  60. aerome Says:

    Assume the position Coyboy

  61. Bethrusso Says:

    The agony of de-feet

  62. Jennifer Camplin Says:

    {I got ya down!}

  63. TMcG Says:

    “You took the words right outta my mouth…it must’ve been while you were kissing me”

  64. Joe Says:

    “Umm, are you going to do something about this, Mom?”

  65. Suzy Says:

    Thanks for letting me pin you and looking scared while mom
    takes a picture.

  66. Alice Says:

    Mom, i swear I didn’t start it. See? She’s got ME pinned.

  67. Chiriohs Says:

    Caught in the play-act.

  68. patty Says:

    say, “unckle”

  69. Lindsay Says:

    “Tastes like chicken…”

  70. Kim Philpot Says:

    Say “Uncle” er, I mean “Aunt”

    Wyoming Twister

    Twister – coyote style

    The crowd rises to their feet as the referee gives the count, “1…2…3… (no movement from Charlie the Superstar) and Chloe-Girl is the winner of this round of the Coyote Wrestling Championship!!!”

  71. Lindsay Says:

    “Mom…this toy doesn’t squeek like my other ones.”

  72. Lori Says:

    Chloe: “What mom?” “Left foot on red?” “Right foot on yellow? ”

    Charlie: “I demand a re-spin!”

  73. Rachel Says:

    Jaw wrestling

  74. Feral Boy Says:

    Who’s the BIG DAWG !

  75. Feral Boy Says:

    C.W.F. — Coyote Wrestling Federation

  76. lynn Says:

    “And they called it puppy love”

  77. Kira Says:

    Now Charlie, play nice… one of these days she’s going to be bigger than you!

  78. Patti Says:

    “Pinned ya again” (from the Lion King when Nala pins Simba over and over)

  79. Kat Says:


  80. Heather Says:

    coyote rug

  81. Betsy Says:

    “These paws were made for walkin’…”

    “Charlie – where’djya go?”

    Chloe is walkin’ on the wild side!

    “Wait a sec, I think I hear my cell phone!”

  82. Heather Says:

    Down for the Count

  83. Heather Says:

    opposites attract

    may I have this dance?

    animal magnetism

  84. Karen Says:

    Girl Power!

  85. Heather Says:

    Get Ready to Rumble……….

  86. ryan Says:

    Monday Night Rawhide

  87. Heather Says:

    A “tail” of two siblings

  88. Shannon H. Says:

    Finding her voice.


  89. LHays Says:

    WWE Coyote Smackdown!

  90. Heather Says:

    Practicing Snout to Snout Resuscitation

  91. Audra Says:

    Rough n’ Tumble

  92. Heather Says:


  93. Heather Says:

    My main Squeeze

  94. Bess Says:

    I’ll Tumble for Ya (Culture Club song now in my head)

    Submission of love

    Love Submit (play on Love Summit)

  95. Eija Says:

    Overtaken by “puppy’s innocence”

    Oblivious to the who she playing with…!

    Just so happy to find a playmate!

    Love and understanding

  96. Juliene Says:

    “Chloe got your tounge?”

  97. Juliene Says:

    Er..I meant “Chloe got your tongue?” of course! Oops!

  98. Liz Says:

    LADIES FIRST! *tackle*

  99. Anonymous Says:

    The Wrong Paw in Mouth

    Hokey Pokey Lessons Go Awry

    …you put your right paw in…No! Not my mouth!

    Chloe Tries to Help After Misunderstanding the Expression “Cat Got Your Tongue”

    Charlie Confirms That “Pup Got Your Tongue” Is Worse

  100. Courtney C. Says:

    The above was mine! Didn’t mean to be Anonymous.

  101. Eve Says:

    Love, exciting & new. Come aboard ……

    (“Love Boat” theme song)

  102. astro-horse Says:

    Attacked by Fuzzy

    Brought Down by Cutie

    Puppy on the Loose!


  103. Anonymous Says:

    oh wait, i just thought of one!-

    Charlie-”Mmmm, I think we should have hound-burgers tonight! It tastes like chicken!

  104. Heather Says:

    Charley Horse

    In Your Face

    New Kid on the Block

    Over the Top

  105. astro-horse Says:

    oh above,
    anynymous was me!!

  106. Heather Says:

    Hug on a Rug


    Snug as a Hug on a Rug

  107. Kate Says:

    “Whose the boss”?

  108. Angela Says:

    This picture is so so so adorable!!

    “Playing Hand and Foot-in-the-Mouth”

  109. Lyn Says:

    Under Dog
    Petite Pouncer
    Over and Under
    A Leg Up

  110. Lucy Says:

    “Puppy Upper”
    “Alpha Pup”

  111. Jo Davis Says:

    “Oy! I’ve got such a sweet tooth!”

  112. Sarah Says:

    Chloe Conquers Coyote (Heart & Body)

  113. E.Jolie Says:

    Charlie lets Chloe walk all over him!

  114. Paul Says:

    Best. Toy. Ever.

    Not sure if it would be Charlie or Chloe saying that…perhaps both. : )

  115. Kathy F. Says:

    A Game of “Coyote Twister”

  116. Kathleen Says:

    “Once, when I was a puppy…”

    Big and little

    “Thanks mom, this is the bestest toy ever!”

  117. Alisa Says:

    Queen of the Mountain

  118. Kris Says:

    “Charlie’s not a nom?”
    “Ma, can I chew on this?”
    “I has a you”
    “Sibling Rivalry”
    “A Sister’s Slimey Love”

  119. Kate Says:

    “Wait… this ISN’T a chew toy?”
    “Do we really have to keep her?”
    “And Charlie’s resentment of his baby sister begins…. now”

  120. Lydia G Says:

    Love! = Life’s Playhouse

  121. Sandy Says:

    Ultimate FUN!

  122. Heather Says:

    Whom captured Whom?

  123. Cynthia Says:

    Fast Friends

  124. Keri Says:


    Early Dominance

    Willingly Owned

    Puppy Ownage

    Western Wrestlin’

    A Wyoming Owning

    Pwnd By Puppy

    The Masked Avenger Strikes Again!

    Pin for the Win

  125. domenico Says:

    ruff love

  126. Rhonda P Says:

    Meant fur each other…

  127. domenico Says:

    Chloe, Charlie and kisses

  128. Anonymous Says:


  129. Mary Says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be anonymous. I think Charlie is being very chivalrous.

  130. Anonymous Says:

    The Wee Dominatrix

  131. Nicole Says:

    Whoops, forgot to leave my information in the above ‘dominatrix’ comment.

  132. Sue Says:

    Puppys Rule!

  133. Martha 3782 Says:

    Mmmmmmm, yummy puppy paw!

  134. Lisa Says:

    Can I keep her?

  135. stuck@work Says:

    Ruff and tumble

  136. Jon Says:

    Supine with canine.

  137. Janice Says:

    Chloe: Top dawg!

    Charlie: Uhm. Yeah, right.

  138. Sara Says:

    His heart grew three sizes that day.

  139. Mimi Says:

    Sissy took me down and then she kissed me!

  140. Heather Says:

    Chomp & Romp

  141. Caroline Says:

    Charlie: ” I got got!”

  142. Caroline Says:

    Chloe: ” Can I keep it?”

  143. Justin Says:

    Grrl Power!

  144. Teresa Says:

    Yuck! Girls do have cooties!

  145. Barbie Says:


  146. Tanja Says:

    Mite conquers Might


    Mite over Might

  147. Karen Says:


  148. Susan Says:

    Letting baby sister win.

  149. surfsup Says:


  150. Catherine Says:

    Yikes! Puppy Drool!

  151. Jayne Z Says:

    WWOC – (Worldwide Wrestling Organization of Canines)

    “Got you just where I want you! ” (Charlie or Chloe?)

  152. bonnie Says:

    Hey Eli! I got him down, now what do i do?

  153. Corinna Says:

    Yin and Yang


    Ground and Hound (this is a play on UFC Ground and Pound)

  154. JE Says:

    “1, 2, 3.. and Chloe wins!”

    “My.. What big mouth you have”

  155. Jenny H Says:

    Puppy-love bites.

  156. Tracy Says:

    “My, what BIG teeth you have!!!”

  157. cloak Says:

    Charlie – “What Puppy?”

  158. Deeann Says:

    Puppy floss.

    Girls just wanna have fun!

  159. b Says:

    Right where she wants him

  160. Barbara R Says:

    A Serious Case of Foot-in-Mouth

  161. Bruce Says:

    “Puppy Breath”

  162. Bruce Says:

    “How much did you say this babysitting job pays?”


    “You’re not as tuff as you look”

  163. Nancy Says:

    “There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.”
    -Booker T. Washington

  164. Stephanie K Says:

    Knock out!

  165. hpmama Says:

    Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.
    ~Vietnamese Proverb

  166. Angie Says:

    Say Uncle

  167. Diana Says:

    Charlie – Hey I’m the one who is supposed to be higher on the food chain – not you!

  168. Lucy Says:

    “Puppy Upper, Doggie Downer”

  169. Artemisia Says:

    This new chew-toy moves too much.

  170. Erica Says:

    Charlie: “I let her win! Really! Why are you laughing?”

  171. cookie Says:

    Who’s your puppy!!!

  172. Alison Says:

    Succulent smiles, success, surrender

    Docking clamps engaged

    canine continuum
    from wee to wily

  173. Debi Says:

    The eyes have it!

  174. Marva Felchlin Says:

    Chole’s first toy!

  175. Marva Felchlin Says:

    Oops…in a hurry…

    Chloe’s first toy

  176. Sara Shoys Says:

    Tickle Fight!

  177. hawkfur Says:

    “no french kissing!”


    chole: your mouth tasts good!

    charlie: i was forced into doing this…….

  178. Rhonda P Says:

    (music notes)

    So Happy Togetherrrr ~~ (music notes)

    (music notes)

  179. Bruce Evans Says:

    Humble and roll

  180. Mark Gustafson Says:

    I Give! Let Me Up!

  181. Mark Gustafson Says:

    I’ll show you who’s boss.

  182. Meghan Says:

    Napoleon Complex
    (but I’d like to cast my vote for Anna Grace’s entry!)

  183. Dawn Says:

    “Little help here…..”

  184. Sue Says:

    Need help! Get her away! No, not the puppy, the one with the camera. Oh how embarassing – this moment captured forever.

  185. Victoria Says:

    She’s got him under her tum…

  186. Trisha Says:

    What do you mean play nice!! Look who has who pinned!!


    Chole you had better not wee on me!

  187. Julia Says:

    Cute wins over age and guile.

  188. Steph Says:

    Did you just hear someone open a bag?

  189. mmgood Says:


  190. Bob K Says:

    “Puppy Chow”
    “Snarly Charlie”

  191. Marquand Says:

    WWF – Wyoming Wrestling Federation presents the Masked Marauder vs. the Crazed Coyote!

  192. Sarah from Denver Says:

    When we play rough with our dog, like yours are doing here, we call it “Bitey Hand”. Obviously, it’s when they bite (or mouth) our hands.

    Here, in your pic, I would say they’re playing “Bitey Face”, so that would be my title!

    Big fan, BTW. :-)

  193. Emily Says:


  194. carolh Says:

    If you wanna know
    If he loves you so
    Its in his kiss!
    (It’s in His Kiss – Aretha Franklin)

    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! (Casablanca)

  195. hello haha narf Says:

    my what big teeth you have

  196. Laurie Says:

    Who’s Top Dog Now?

  197. Kristie Says:

    “pint over matter”

  198. Karen Says:

    Canis & Able

  199. Debby Ziegler Says:

    No fair, you’re smaller than I am and you’re a dog!!

  200. Kristie Says:

    Charlie: “YOU got meeeee…”


    “…a little sister, Mom, just what I always wanted…”

  201. Nancy Says:

    Layin’ Down the Paw (love Puppy Floss!)

  202. Kerry Says:

    Whaddya mean she’s staying?!?

  203. Caroline Says:

    Wild Kingdom

    or The Nature of the Beast

    or Puppy Attack!

  204. Sherri Says:

    Gnawing her way to the top

  205. Alexia Says:

    Muzzle to muzzle resuscitation: works every time

    I hope I finally pass CPR class

    is it 2 breaths, 10 compressions, or 15 breaths, 2 compressions?

  206. Sybann Says:


    *I’m fine Mom – think she’s buying it?*

  207. Rick's Cafe Says:

    Ya got me, Chloe!

  208. Laurie C Says:

    The Elk Leg stops here

  209. Laurie C Says:

    There’s a new Sheriff in town, and rules with the power of cute.

  210. Anonymous Says:

    Mom said be nice…mom said be nice….mom said be nice…….can I stop now mom?

  211. Mackenzie Says:

    I can’t help but go with the pop culture reference…

    This! Is! Sparta!


  212. Evan Says:

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  213. Deeann Says:

    Love Bites

  214. Jeanne Says:

    hold still! you’ve got something in your teeth!

  215. Kathy Says:

    Down, but not out.

  216. kallimao Says:

    “I Got You Babe” (song title from Sonny & Cher!)

  217. Tanya Slaughter Says:

    Love at first bite. :o)

  218. tigeron Says:

    You didn’t tell me this gig included PUPPY-SITTING!!

  219. Erika Says:

    Just look deeper, there is a surprise for you in there

  220. Lary Says:

    pinned by a puppy but patient

  221. Jean Says:

    Yin and Yaannggghhhff!

  222. Erika Says:

    When I get in a fight, I go all crazy, and I’m a raging ball of White and Black fur! (Brother Bear?revised)

  223. Karen B Says:

    Puppy Smitten

  224. Melissa Says:

    Seriously? It’s not food? Dang…

  225. erika Says:

    Big brother-ly love

  226. Isobel Says:

    You gotta understand Charlie, we women wear the pants around here.

  227. Jeanette Says:

    But she’s snack-sized!

  228. E.Jolie Says:

    “I gave her a foot & she took four.”

  229. Dave Cox Says:

    She’s not heavy Mom, she’s my new sister.

  230. Stacy Says:


  231. Andrea (noricum) Says:

    I wanna be a dentist when I grow up! See? I already know how to examine your canines!

  232. ms martyr Says:

    Overtaken by love

  233. E.Jolie Says:

    Are you sure she isn’t dangerious?

  234. Helioprogenus Says:

    Once more into the Breach dear friends

  235. Darryl Says:

    Lookit! I caught a whole coyote! (Um, what do I do with it now?)

  236. Bess Says:

    Not sure if anyone already said this but…

    Ruff – n – tumble

  237. Jenna Says:


  238. PJackson Says:

    “Foot in Mouth”

  239. Mary Says:

    Black, White and Tread All Over

  240. Lizard Says:

    Nontraditional Dentistry

    Open Mouth, insert Pup

    Kissin Cousins

    My opinon of her is right on the tip of my tongue.

    Passing the invisible baton

  241. Maryanne Says:

    “You mean she’s staying?!” (just what my then 9-year-old sister said when she found out my “real” parents weren’t coming back to get me).

  242. Stephanie Says:

    Mom can you do something, PLEASE!!!

  243. Liza Lundell Says:

    puppy love!

    Patricia McConnell has a post up on her blog about dogs handicapping themselves when playing with puppies, and a video of her bc doing it. Now the bc is old, and puppy (now an adult) is handicapping himself to play with her. Awwwwwwww.

  244. Roxie Says:

    Pirates! AAAR!

    Let’s Play Pirates! AAAR!

  245. Karen Hanson Says:

    Oh! Come on mom, it won’t ruin my dinner, she’s just a snack size…

  246. Kate Says:

    OK, he’s down……NOW what do I do with him?

  247. Penny Says:

    rattle and hum

  248. Andrew Says:

    Piranha teeth! (From a person who knows the joys of a litter of malamute teeth)

  249. allison Says:

    Thanks, Mom! This is the best chew toy EVER!!

  250. Lindsay K. Says:

    Caught Losing to a Girl

  251. Deeann Says:

    Snorgle snorgle snorgle nom nom nom

  252. Deborah Says:

    Is Momma looking?

  253. CarolG. Says:

    And I say I’m GOING TO NURSE!

  254. Jordan Says:

    Top Dog

    Never Felt So Good to Be On Top

    (That last one’s from my high school’s senior girls’ t-shirt for the class of ’06 :P)

  255. Randi Says:

    Twisted Sister, and Brother

  256. Deeann Says:

    From the very begining, Charlie knew he was “in” way over his head…

  257. Terran Says:

    “It’s fun being a big brother!”

  258. Sherry Says:

    Puppies rule. Coyotes drool.

  259. mjk Says:

    Coyote stuffed

  260. Meg Says:

    look into my eyes little one….

  261. Tina Says:

    Snips of snails
    and coyote tails
    THAT’S what little hounds are made of

  262. John Callicotte Says:

    Cuddle Puddle!

  263. Kathy F. Says:

    A Canine Relationship

  264. Payton Says:

    First Jaw Spar


  265. Suzette Says:

    LOVE the comment: “SHE’S GOT HIM UNDER HER TUM…” It gets my vote – not that anyone asked. : )

    Charlie looks so embarassed to be caught letting the puppy “win.”

  266. Diana Says:

    Thanks for the Oreo cookie Mum – where’s my glass of milk?

  267. Dave Z. Says:



    “I got chew, Babe”

  268. Cheryl Says:

    Give me that treat back or I’ll tell Mom on you…

  269. Yvonne Says:

    kawazugake! its a sumo move where one topples their over and lands on them.

  270. emdot Says:

    This twister game is a lot harder than it looks.

  271. emdot Says:

    they tried partner yoga but got a little mixed up on the down dog.

  272. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Where is the Ruff Re when ya need him.

  273. Fiona M Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth

  274. Wehaf Says:

    Love bites.

    (I can’t decide whether I like this better when I parse “bites” as a noun or a verb…)

  275. Suzy Says:

    Ruff ~N~Tumble

  276. Wehaf Says:

    Cripes; I am way late on that suggestion! How about…

    CPR training


    mouth to mouth


    learning mouth to mouth.

  277. CheyTownGal Says:

    Charlie: “How did I get beat by her???”

  278. dave Says:

    Don’t make me hurt you!

  279. June Says:

    I gotta let ‘er win once in a while!
    She’s too little to know how to win right!

  280. phyllis Says:

    such fun to look back at coyote indulging pup–i have no real title, but it always seemed that they were saying something to the effect of ‘Yyou said she’d grow up. Soon i hope’.

  281. dave Says:

    Work with me!

  282. Dave Says:


  283. Lesley Says:

    Help! I’m being kissed by a GIRL!

  284. Kelly Lewis Says:

    Wrestle Mania!

  285. Lesley Says:


  286. Dorothy Says:

    Wrapped around her little paw!

  287. Sophie Says:

    “There’s a New Man in Town!”

  288. Carley Says:

    Two Bugs On A Rug

  289. pansypoo Says:

    you are mine, boy.

  290. Annie Says:

    “nom nom nom”

  291. Debra Says:

    “Oi, I said i gave up!!”

    “you’re not seeing things…really… I planned for it to be this way. Some help would be nice though.”

  292. Kim Klugh Says:

    A “paws” in the action!

  293. Cynthia Says:

    Letting her have the upper paw . . . for now

  294. Lizzie Says:

    “Young man, dental health is linked to heart health.”

  295. Meredith Bogen Says:

    Puppy Smitten

    Puppy wins for now.

  296. Cher Says:

    The Lady is the Champ!

    Dainty paws, Charlie’s jaws

    No sibling rivalry here, nope! I love the contrast of the two- and Chloe looks so calm and self-assured, where Charlie looks pretty wired. Great shot!


  297. V Says:

    “Sister… the other ‘white’ meat!”

    Charlie’s expression kind of looks like he’s saying, “What? Am I doing something wrong?”

  298. Richard Says:


  299. Cyndi W Says:

    Chloe did a nice job keepin’ that play to just a two yard gain.

    (Go Bills!)

  300. N Latimer Says:

    Dont just stand there….GET HER OFF OF ME!

  301. mlaiuppa Says:

    Knick knack, Charlie’s on his back. Give the dog a bone.

  302. mlaiuppa Says:

    Forearm wrestling.

  303. Elizabeth Says:

    Down for the Count!

  304. Kris Says:

    Pup Tent.

  305. Chelsia Wiggleston Says:

    But it doesn’t squeek!!!! Why won’t the toy squeek?!

  306. janine Says:

    smooches for pooches

  307. Suzy Says:

    The masked avenger pins her rival once again!

  308. Penny Says:

    C C rider

  309. jessie Says:



    Coyote Contortionist

  310. Anonymous Says:


  311. ursula Says:

    Don`t tell her I am faking….


    big pretender…

  312. Denise D Says:

    Ok Chloe, Uncle, uncle already

  313. Lydia Says:

    Grrrrrrrrrlll Power

  314. heather em Says:

    Pallin’ around.

  315. Yvonne Says:

    Grrrrl power hour

  316. Kara Says:


  317. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Germans have decorated their cows for the annual cattle drive in Bavaria.

    I immediately thought of your Daisy wearing a crown of daisies.


  318. RaisingRiver Says:

    Oh my, what big teeth you have!

  319. Janet Says:

    9 . . .10 . . . Down for the Count!

  320. Mellissa Says:

    I can only imagine what Eli must have been thinking…


  321. JMS Says:

    Ten Sleep Trickster

  322. Jonathan Says:


  323. Connie Says:

    Tough Enough

  324. rachel c. Says:

    “I’m not cheating on Eli. Really!”

    “Let me get that spinach out of your teeth…”

    “The pure joy a new family member brings.”

    “Get her off of me before someone sees!”

  325. Arthurus Says:

    She is not heavy, she’s my sister

  326. Maggie Says:

    1…2…3! Pinned by a pup.

  327. Sweazy Says:

    Awww, Mom….are you SURE paper covers rock???

  328. Jammie J. Says:

    This ain’t your mother’s Velveteen Rabbit! :)

  329. patty Says:


  330. Isobel Says:

    Roll over and play….Puppy!

  331. Erryn Says:

    It’s a dog eat dog world and I am wearing a milkbone collar!

  332. Erryn Says:

    Om nom nom….

  333. Janet Fate Says:

    I’m not touching you

  334. Elizabeth Says:

    Cheek by Jowl

  335. Deborah Says:

    … and they call it… “Puppy Love!”

  336. mhpr Says:

    The Innocence of Naivete

  337. Jayne Z Says:

    Uncle! Just say it and I’ll let you up!

  338. Steph Says:


  339. Eija Says:

    Submitted to canine “puppyhood”

    Bewildered and enchanted

    “Does she know who I am?” (Charlie)

    P.S. I just love this photo: it has all the elements of the animal qualities we humans have forgotten: love of your own kind and acceptance the ones that are not quite like you, understanding towards the ones that are smaller and weaker than you…….

  340. Liz Says:

    One more submission: She likes it ruff.

    This is such an amazing photo! Is it possible to get a print of this?

  341. mlaiuppa Says:

    Boy, it must be a really tough decision.

  342. Farmer Lady Says:

    Coyote Lessons

    Boosting Her Confidence

    Playing Fair

    Playing with her Big Brother

    (am I too late? I don’t see a caption, so I thought I’d try…)

  343. Flora Says:

    “If anyone asks, I let you win.”

  344. Kathy F. Says:

    “She’s a sista from “another” mista”

  345. April Says:

    Coyote Snack-down

  346. tigeron Says:

    I’ve already left a caption for this weeks picture, but I have a question I would like for MC to comment on. I see that they have opened hunting on the grey wolf in several western states. Was this necessary and for what reason?

  347. Jamie Watson Says:

    Ruff and Tumble

  348. Eija Says:

    The assault of a little bandit

    “My new black and white collar”

  349. sha Says:

    Ruff tough cream puff!

  350. jackie Says:

    Top Dog!

  351. jackie Says:

    (who’s the) Top Dog

  352. Caroline Says:

    I guess I’d vote for

    Black & White & Tread All Over (She just walked on top of him!) :)

    or maybe even better


  353. Nancy Says:


  354. Brianna Says:


  355. Pam Irish Says:

    “Toyote”. OMG I love it!! That is the greatest play on words I’ve seen in a long time! I appreciate your sense of humor.

  356. miri Says:

    Looking at the latest pics, I’m just struck by what amazing perfect companions they are; fully matched in size, gusty against wily – what luck you had when that hound came to you!

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