Queen Kong!

photo taken September 2009 • title thanks to June

one year ago: Tasty Puppy Snout
two years ago: Five Weeks

Who knew there were so many possible Kong puns!  I keep going back to June’s (others entered this too, but June was first, and this is as fair as I can figure at the moment ~ my mind is still disproportionately focused on Daisy and the new calf (who is doing fab! I’ll have pictures up soon! That contest winner is directly below the runner-up list!).  And I bow to:

Red Rubber Robber
Tricking the Trickster
Kong Queen Conquering
Kong Fu-ey! How’d she get that from me?
Come on Eli, get in the Kong-a line!
Easy Kong Easy Go
Wile E. Chloe
Wonky Kong
Kong Gone
“Go Play with the Moose”

“Go Play with the Moose” – you slay me!

ALSO, I’ve finally found the winner of the “What’s Daisy’s calf going to be” contest ~ I used this random number generator and the first correct answer was Sara!  I’ll be emailing you, Sara.  Thanks to everyone who participated; on such an intense day, it was a lovely release to read all the entries and laugh and wonder along with you all.

• • • I’m sure there’s a football term for the move Chloe pulled here ~
she grabbed that kong right out of Charlie’s mouth.  He likes to think of himself as infallible, so he was rather irked.  But the game went on, and ultimately, that’s all that matters to them.

The caption contest is back after a one week hiatus!
Leave your title, caption, or commentary for this photo in the comment section of this post and you’re in the running to win one of Mike’s extraordinary (and legal) eagle feather antler necklaces, to keep you light and strong in the new year.
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184 Responses to “Queen Kong!”

  1. Therese Says:

    Dog-ged Determination Pays Off

  2. Hannah Jane Says:

    Chloe: Here, i’ll take that off your paws!
    Charlie: You have learned well, grasshopper. But seriously, give it back.
    Chloe: not a chance, brother
    Charlie: BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!

  3. shannon s. Says:

    That’s Ms. Kong to you!

  4. Derrick Says:


  5. Sara Says:

    Release the hound

  6. Lindsay Says:

    No longer King of the Kong…

  7. Mimi Says:

    She Stoops to Conquer


    She Swoops to Conquer

  8. Donna D. Says:

    Superb Steal!

  9. Jayne Z Says:

    Open wide . . . this won’t hurt a bit!

    Konga line

  10. Kim M Says:

    Kong on baby make it hurt so good

    (apologies to JCMellencamp)

  11. Birdy Says:

    “Personal foul: Chloe. She was givin’ him the business!”

    As seen in: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/957552/giving_him_the_business/

  12. Darrell Says:


  13. Lana Says:

    Charlie: “You have your own!”
    Chloe: “But yours is better!”

  14. LN Says:

    The torch has been passed

  15. Suzanne Says:

    Kong Long Gone

  16. Devin Says:

    Charlie: The Kong Dispenser

    My birthday is New Years Eve, and I put both your book and one of your antler necklaces on my wish list : )

  17. meadow Says:

    we’ll travel along, stealing the kong, side by side

  18. pansypoo Says:


  19. E.Jolie Says:

    She Didn’t Even Ask

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Two Heads Eating As One

  21. Danielle Says:

    Last one published before I got my info on there…

    Two Heads Eating As One

  22. Paul S Says:

    Bitch Stripped!

  23. mlaiuppa Says:

    Pass completion.

  24. Deidre Says:

    Chloe Stripping The Kong From Charlie

  25. Dave Z. Says:

    Going, going, Gone…

  26. Steph Stewart Says:


  27. Di Says:

    Enough is enough, I’ll get the kong back, mark my words.

  28. Cyn Says:

    Sleight of Mouth

  29. John (Old NH Farmer) Says:

    Konga Bunga ! It’s Gone !!

  30. zack Says:

    aw they make a great couple but just in case {charlie}bite bite bite bite ouch my teeth!{chole}your going down fat panda!

  31. Janie Says:

    Hi everyone, would someone be kind & explain the kong reference? Thanks so much!

  32. Daily Coyote Says:

    janie ~ “kong” is the name of the red rubber toy in the pic! must be a dog thing….

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Shreve! I missed that. :)Happy New Year to you and your farmily!

  34. Marili Says:

    I Love Charlie!!! XD Happy New Year!!

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