photo taken July 2010 • title thanks to Lisa

one year ago: Untamed Melody
two years ago: What Shedding Looks Like
three years ago: Love Me?

Fantabulous, as usual!
Tied for second:
Touching Base
Hay-ng Ten
The rogue vogues.
Bale Racing
Run Amuck Chuck
Hay day play day
Rounding third and headed home!
Charlie found the catnip AGAIN!
Insane Clown Posse
Later, Chloe-gator!!!
Bail of Fun!
Balin’ and Wailin’

• • • Goofy happy Charlie.  Y’all know what to do!
I have an awesome prize this week.  An 8×10 print of THIS photo (click here to see it) signed by myself and, even more exciting, signed by the cowboy!  (this cowboy is M.B., not to be confused with MC!)  After reading your comments, I really should rename that photo “Heartthrob.”

197 Responses to “GOTTA BOUNCE!”

  1. Janus Says:


  2. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    “Trick or Treat! Uh oh…TRICK RUNNNN!!!’

    Charlie Wants to be a Missile for Halloween

  3. Susan (Puck's Mom) Says:

    Umpire Chloe says…. SAFE!

  4. Kelly B Says:

    It’s just a JUMP to the left!

  5. Janet Says:

    Pinball Coyote

  6. Megan Says:

    Happy Feet

    Silly Puppy!

    Trying to be cubist in an impressionistic world…

    Exuberance embodied

  7. Kim Says:

    Home Stretch

  8. Meredith Bogen Says:

    Coyote on a crazy!

  9. Keitha Says:

    Jackrabbit Charlie

  10. Lydia G Says:

    Bail of Fun!

  11. Rachel Says:

    Stop the world

  12. Margaret C Says:

    Of flying wings and soaring leap!

    ^That’s lyric to a fantastic song called Sleep by Eric Whitacre. Not that the song is itself fitting for the image, because sleep seems the last thing on Charlie’s mind here! But flying wings and soaring leap seemed perfect :)

  13. V Says:

    Caption Contest? I think Charlie just won the Monkey Contest.

    “Monkey Contest”

  14. Lynn S, Says:

    Ha Ha can’t catch me, I am Wylie Coyote

  15. carmel Says:

    Hey, let’s run for the hills !!

  16. carmel Says:

    silly billy happy

    hey hey good luckin’

  17. Craig Says:

    Chloe! Can you dance like me with just one ear up, tongue hanging out, and sideways on a bale of hay? *laffin*

  18. Barbara in California Says:

    Haystack Hoedown

    Hee-Haw Honeys

  19. bonnie Says:

    Let’s get CRRAAAZY!!

  20. bonnie Says:

    Full Tilt Boogie

  21. Cheryl Says:

    See Chloe, I could to pinch run in the World Series.

  22. Lucky Says:

    barnyard twister
    ….Chloe secretly hoped when she spun left paw haybale that Charlie would topple :)

  23. Jete Says:

    Did you see that!?

  24. BRONCO77 Says:

    Charlie found the catnip AGAIN!

  25. Kit.e Says:

    Coyote Steeplechase.


    HAY, Chloe! Come play!

    “They see me runnin’, they haytin’.” (Done in the style of “Riding Dirty”)

    (Arrrrgh, so many good captions to be had Shreve! What a great break from work, the photo alone makes me laugh but so does reading all these funny and inventive thoughts everyone is having!)

  26. Tom Mannon Says:

    Fart time!

  27. tiger Says:

    One too many elktinis at the Hay Bale Bar

  28. Barbie Says:

    “Pop goes the Coyote”

  29. Lesley Says:

    So you think YOU can dance!

  30. E.J. Says:

    “Do you like me?”

  31. Adrienne Says:

    Catch me if you can!


  32. Crystal Says:

    As soon as I saw this photo, the first thing that came to mind was Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” video, where they are doing that amazing leaning move. So, that’s my title, “Smooth Criminal”…

  33. Suzy Says:

    The pinball bounces off the bumpers

  34. Janet Fate Says:

    “Banking” on a good life

  35. kathy Says:



    Fullspeed Baleout !


  36. lisas Says:

    YIKES Did I hear the ice cream truck ?????

  37. April Says:


  38. Lyn Says:

    Sorry, he’s not indoors, so:

    Coyote Barrel Racer

  39. Di Says:

    Just being a Wylie Coyote.

  40. Jenn Says:

    “A little bit sideways!”

  41. TEA Says:


  42. Sandra Says:

    Trouble in Turn Two

  43. Sandra Says:

    Wide Open

  44. lisa s Says:


  45. Ann Says:

    Rocky Mountain High !!

    High on Life !!

    Flyin’ !!

    Zoom Zoom !!

  46. taffy Says:

    Love your choices! here are a few late ones:


    A little hip-hop on the hay-top.

    sea legs he ain’t got

  47. Anonymous Says:

    …It’s been 3 years already?

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