Hide And Go Sepia

photo taken November 2009 • title thanks to Karen

one year ago: Protector
two years ago: Baby With Boot

You guys are hilarious. And clever. And amazing!  But we knew that….
Wise-Eyed and Bushy Tailed
Rough and Tumbleweed
Gettin’ twiggy with it
Sticking Around
Sticks and Tones
Hokey Pokey Coyote
Shady Character
Hide and Go Sneak
Okay smile, turn, work it!
Shake Your Tail Feathers
Searching The Prairie For Sarah Frary
“Walk This Way”……..Charlie Hopes to Replace Steven Tyler

• • • Good Monday, Everyone!  You know what that means.  It’s time to title this photo!  It’s a tricky one, to get that brain workin’…. Please leave your caption, title, or commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll automatically be in the running for an Artemis Necklace which Mike has adorned with a trail of coyote tracks.  And if you’ve not seen the post below, please do scroll down for an update and a pic of Daisy & Frisco that is so darling I actually feel myself melting when I look at it.  Then come back here and give this photo a name!

238 Responses to “Hide And Go Sepia”

  1. patty Says:

    Comfortable in his own skin

  2. CheyTownGal Says:

    From a camouflage t-shirt of my husband’s…. “Ha! Now you can’t see me!”

  3. Lindsay P. Says:

    “Making heads or tails of it.”

  4. Lesley Says:

    Quivers down my backbone ,
    I got the shakes in the knee bones,
    Shivers down my thigh bones,
    Like I’m Shakin’ all over

  5. Susan Says:

    The Trickster ‘Twigs(xt) and Between

  6. Lesley Says:

    By the way, the above lyrics were written by The Who. The song seemed a perfect fit.

  7. mlaiuppa Says:

    Wyoming Hula.

  8. Sandra Says:

    Prance on the Ground, Prance on the Ground

  9. Sandra Says:

    Sticks & Stance

  10. Becky Says:

    Helloooooo Beautiful

  11. Mel Says:

    Wayward Son

  12. Sandra Says:

    About Face, With Smile

  13. Sandra Says:

    Did You Say a ‘Sarah’ is to Join the Pack? ;-)

  14. Sara S. Says:

    Twist & Shout! :)

  15. V Says:

    I call this one, “Magnum”

  16. Debby Ziegler Says:

    “Do you see what I see?”

  17. Sophie Says:

    Did someone say PRAM?
    (Sorry but too close to dingo)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    “Man, this whole camouflage thing worked a lot better in the summer time.”

    And the coolness of your smile…
    (a nod to e.e. cummings)

    and maybe it’s too obvious but in northern california we have a native plant…

    Coyote Bush.

  19. mmgood Says:

    ooops, that was me up there ^

  20. Serena Says:

    Little Coyote on the Prairie

  21. Mellissa Says:

    don’t worry, be happy!

  22. Linda Lu Says:

    Happy to be me

  23. Marquand Says:

    Smile and the world smiles with you.

    Smilin’ Lad

  24. Maegan Says:

    Watching You Watching Me

    Bold Eyes, Bottle Brush Tail

  25. Eve Says:

    Ears Lookin’ At You, Kid

  26. Nikki Says:

    The art of hiding in the open: attempt #54

  27. Cathy Says:

    Smiley Coyote

  28. James Says:

    I want to go…but I will stay for her.

  29. Emily Says:

    Did You Hear That?

  30. Hans-J Says:

    nature rejoices in the meaning that my presence gives to the things

  31. Anonymous Says:

    “I’m a model you know what I mean,and I shake my little tush on the catwalk” is what it looks like to me from Too sexy by Fred said.

  32. Angela Says:

    Where the Deer and the Coyote Play

  33. falnfenix Says:

    he went *that* way!

  34. Farmer John Says:

    Charlie The Chameleote .

  35. Cheryl Didrickson Says:

    I’d like to name this photo:

    ….I KNOW I just saw a plump rabbit a second ago…

  36. fdean Says:

    i’d like to name the photo

    I walk the walk

  37. Cliffe W Pickering Says:

    Two Steps Forward….Then Turn Left!

  38. Debbie Kip Says:

    “The Two Step”

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